Capital Smart City New Master Plan 2021

Capital Smart City Master plan

Capital Smart City master plan 2021 has been launched! Capital Smart ISB map has also been disclosed to the public. Yes, the moment we were waiting for has come. Owners and developers of Capital Smart city have launched a complete plan of 100,000 Kanal on the ground. This blog will get to know all the locations and prime features of each district step by step. 

We had already forecasted the new location of the new Capital smart city interchange in past blogs; that new Interchange would be beside nodes 332 & 333 on M-2 Motorway. In capital Smart City Master plan 2021, that location has been fixed for the new Interchange. 

Let’s move to every block clockwise so we can cover each District in more depth. Exactly on the left side of Interchange into the society, the First District is Aviation District.

This is the commercial’s most important District because this is the closest District to Airport Islamabad. Society will establish Air academy in the Aviation District. This District has been reserved for airports staff accommodation and business activities.

Overseas Central (old name was overseas 2) is opposite NUTECH University, Health & Care district, GIKI & NDU. Its location is also prime because on the south of it is a Golf course, on the backside of it is University, on the left side is the commercial area and on the right side, its place will be extended more. The main road beside it is 400 ft, making its location quite accessible to many parts of society. 

By the sides of the road, there are plots of 8 marlas and 1 Kanal in the capital smart city Islamabad. In the center of the block, there will be 10f marlas,12 marlas, five marlas, and seven marlas. Due to its prime location, this block will be in high demand in the market. Next, there is Silicon Valley.

Next to Aviation District, there is a district reserved for NCAF (Strategic Plan & division) apartments, retired officers of the atomic energy commission of Pakistan. Further next on the opposite side of the road of 400 ft, there is Forest Residence. Plots in it have not been launched yetNear to it is the old Interchange of the smart capital city, which has been moved to near node 332 & 333 on motorway (just a difference of 2,3 km).

Next, there is a reserved area opposite oversees east E and F block, which seems to be a commercial area, but no official details have been launched about it. Then, right beside it, there is Harmony Park overseas, which is the closest one to the chain dam and Lake View Terrace. Harmony Park Overseas balloting will be done by the first week of February 2022. Then, there is Overseas East (Old name was Overseas 1) on the opposite side of Harmony Park overseas It has residential & commercial plots of 5 marla, 7 marla, 10 marla, 12 marla and 1 kanal.

On the opposite side of Harmony Park overseas, there is Lake View Terrace.In which shopping markets will be established shortly. The society aims to run Lake View Terrace by big developers. 

Further next, there is LA Mer, which has exactly been established according to the structure of Dubai one. The main purpose is to add beauty essence to the social network because a water body (chahan dam) beside it.

Next, Capital hills Lake view Community will be launched with model villas of Golf Course. On the east side of Capital Hills Lakeview, there is chahan dam, on the backside, their Golf Course, and next to it is Overseas Prime, which makes its location quite premium. It will contain residential & commercial plots of 5 marlas, 7 marlas, 10 marlas, 12 marlas and 1,2 Kanal.

Capital Smart City Golf course is quite important because it’s located in the center of some very important districts. In addition, it is directly accessible from overseas central, capital hills Lakeview community, overseas prime, and executive District.

Next is the executive block, which has been as Block H also been launched with this Capital smart City Master plan 2021. Executive Properties is expected to be more expensive yet profitable as it’s surrounded by Sill River, Golf course, and Financial Square.

If we start from the right side of Interchange into the society, there will be the main campus of NUTECH University with student hostels. This is the most distinctive initiative launched through Capital Smart City Master plan. This area has been reserved especially for education and students on a very large site. Then, right beside Utech University, there will be Health & Care District. In which it is expected that Agha khan Hospital will be established. Furthermore, next to Health & Care District, there will be GIKI & NDU, which will lead to the next District’s Education center and Hills View height.

Right next to it is Capital theme park, which it is expected to build CPEC Business Park, in which all the activities related to China-peak business will have happened here. Next to it is Crystal Lake, and on the left to it is a Cultural residence.

We all know the smart capital city is the only project which has entirely changed the nature of housing developments in Pakistan. The journey when the owners, Habib Rafique and FDHL, decided to create this masterpiece and up till this moment of launching the full Capital Smart City Master plan must have been marvelous. Society’s tremendous efforts also resulted in getting NOC early. The market has always responded positively whenever Capital Smart city  launched its commercial or residential plots and installment/payment plans. 

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The Capital Smart City, Islamabad

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