Avalon City Islamabad

Avalon City Islamabad offers world-class living standards with the use of effective solutions at the most affordable prices. The project is considered a safe and low-budget investment option among investors. The housing project has an ideal location, perfectly master-planned, easy installment plan, and world-class amenities.

Avalon City Islamabad Introduction

Avalon City Islamabad the first technological city in Pakistan, newly launched housing project with a bunch of residential benefits. The only society in Islamabad that is offering technical smart solutions to their residents in daily routine problems, keeping the citizens entertained with the use of advanced technology services.

The management has issued a pre-launched payment plan for residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, which have the most affordable prices, by which the owner wants to facilitate the citizens of Pakistan with luxurious living standards in green surroundings with the provision of technological services.

The citizens of Avalon City will have access to 3D theaters, virtual theaters, electric bikes with charging stations, Wi-Fi trees, and much more. The Avalon City Islamabad provides affordable world-class living standards.

Those who are interested in growing financially and want to invest in safe and secure investment ways, have now the option to invest in Avalon City, the NOC-approved housing project of the well-known and reputed developers of the Real Estate Sector in Pakistan.

Owner and Developers

Avalon City Islamabad owners and developers are famous personalities in the real estate industry in Pakistan. Imran Ismail, Ex-Sindh Governor, is part of the society management who has contributed a lot in the real estate sector of Pakistan along with Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

The developers of Avalon City Islamabad, ZKB Developers, are the leaders in the Real Estate and Construction Sector of Pakistan 2022. They have already established a track record of success with a number of well-known and profitable projects across Pakistan.

Avalon City Islamabad Location

Avalon City location is actually situated on Chakri Road Rawalpindi, which is the nearest location to the Islamabad International Airport. On the other, the location of the society is considered a prime spot due to the close proximity to the Chakri Motorway Interchange. In addition, the Rawalpindi Ring Road makes the location more perfect, while mega housing projects are under construction nearby.

Avalon City Access Point

The Avalon City is located on Chakri Road in Rawalpindi, and Chakri Road provides direct access to the housing project. Chakri Interchange connected the Chakri road with the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The access points from which society can be easily reached are as follows:

  • Direct access from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • From Chakri Interchange 10 Minutes Drive
  • From Islamabad International Airport 20 Minutes Drive
  • Blue Area Islamabad 25 Minutes Drive
  • Zero Point Islamabad 20-Minute Drive

Nearby Locations

Following are the Housing Projects near Avalon City.

All of the above Housing Projects of Rawalpindi Islamabad are located near Avalon City. The location is also a benefit for the business community that they would have easy access to the above society if they are willing to invest in them.

avalon city Islamabad Location

Total Land

The developers and Management of the society will extend to the total area of 10,000 Kanals. On the other hand, the Management also purchased the land about 2000 Kanals of a housing project Abdullah City Islamabad which was under construction on Chakri Road Rawalpindi near Blue World City.

Avalon City Islamabad NOC Status

Avalon City Islamabad has its NOC and is approved by Tehsil Municipal Administration Phata. Before launching, the legal authorities submitted all necessary documentation and requested approval from the relevant authority.  Before allowing and providing any investor with access to invest in the community, the developers have begun construction. The developers and owners of the society are specialized in providing risk-free and secure investment opportunities to both the business community and residential investors.

Avalon City Islamabad Master Plan

Avalon City Islamabad is a well-planned and master planned housing project that provides its residents with all of the most recent technological advancements, as implemented by the society’s developers. Moreover, the implementation of these cutting-edge technologies will make life easier for the citizens of Avalon City.

In addition to these technological features, the housing project has automated traffic control, street lights, power supply, technology for object and facial recognition, virtual hubs, and a great deal of other advanced technology.

The developers and Management, as discussed above, are the expert and have lots of experience in the real estate industry; while making the master plan for Avalon City, they keep the following factors in mind.

  • Goals and policies.
  • Land use.
  • Housing.
  • Economic development.
  • Natural and cultural resources – historic, environmental.
  • Open space and recreation.
  • Public services and facilities – schools, library, water, sewer, waste, Police, Fire.

These are the considerations that ought to comply in order to achieve and accomplish the goals set for the residential and commercial areas.

Avalon City Layout Plan

Avalon City Residential Plots are available in different sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal, whereas the Avalon City Commercial Plots have not yet been announced by the Management and developers. As soon as the commercial plots are announced, Makaan Solutions will update the information on the sizes of the commercial plots.

  • Avalon City Residential Plots

Avalon City Islamabad residential plots are for those who are looking to purchase a home in a location that is ideal. The housing project is situated in an ideal location, complete with cutting-edge infrastructure, high-quality construction, first-rate conveniences, and a great deal of technology.  

The Management and developers are offering the ideal sizes of residential plots that satisfies the buyer and end-user desires. Unquestionably, the housing project is a modern and magnificent real estate development in twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

  • Avalon City Residential Plot Sizes

Following are the different modest size of plots that the Management of Avalon City is offering:

  • 05 Marla Residential Plot
  • 10 Marla Residential Plot
  • 1 Kanal Residential Plot

Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

Avalon City Islamabad provides the most cost-effective payment plan for its residential plots, and investors can reserve these plots with a budget-friendly down payment. Below we are sharing with you the payment schedule for Avalon residential plots that will help you understand the prices and monthly payments. 

Residential Plots Payment Plan 

We are going through the detailed payment plan of Avalon City Residential Plots, and then, to make it easy for your understanding, we will draw a table that will show you the different plot sizes, payment plan, booking, and Avalon City Residential Plots Installment Plan.

Avalon City Islamabad 5 Marla Residential Plot:

  • The Total Price is: PKR (1,350,000)
  • With the Down Payment of PKR (270,000)
  • Semi-Annual Installments: PKR (54,000)
  • 36 Months Installments: PKR (21,000)
  • Membership Fee: PKR (3,000)

Avalon City Islamabad 10 Marla Residential Plot:

  • The Total Price is: PKR (2,490,000)
  • With the Down Payment of PKR (498,000)
  • Semi Annual Installment: PKR (104,000)
  • 36 Months Installments: PKR (38,000)
  • Membership Fee: PKR (5,000)

Avalon City Islamabad 1 Kanal Residential Plot

  • The Total Price is: PKR (4,690,000)
  • With the Down Payment of PKR (938,000)
  • Semi-Annual Installment: PKR (157,000)
  • 36 Months Installments: PKR (78,000)
  • Membership Fee: PKR (10,000)
Avalon City Islamabad Payment Plan

Why Invest in Avalon City Islamabad?

Avalon City will provide you with everything about smart living with technology that you have ever dreamed of, including fully carpeted streets, bigger technology theaters, Wi-Fi trees, electric bikes, and much more. In the near future, Avalon City will provide a lifestyle that everyone will want to have.

The housing project is also an excellent and risk-free investment opportunity due to its reputable, well-known, and trustworthy Developers in Pakistan real estate industry. The developers and management strategies are not only beneficial for society but also help investors to grow financially by investing in Avalon City Islamabad.

The housing society provides a culture to its residents to experience life, like the western countries, where people can enjoy the modern level of living along with cutting-edge technology.

 Avalon City will make all of your goals a reality because the vision and strategy of the developers will lead you to live smartly with the use of modern technology in a green and sustainable environment.

Booking in Avalon City Islamabad

We encourage all of the clients and customers towards their success and lead them to achieve their goals. You can book a plot in Avalon City housing society by contacting us or visiting our office. Following are the steps that will be involved in the reservation process.

  • Fill out your booking form
  • Provide the CINC Copy
  • Pay your down payment in cash or check

Make sure you have submitted all necessary documents with the reservation 

  • Required Documents in the reservation process
  • CINC Copies front and back both sides
  • Down payment receipts copies
  • 2 Passport size recent photographs
booking step

Facilities and Amenities

Avalon City Islamabad is home to many modern conveniences and services. By providing residents with cutting-edge amenities, the developers have improved the overall quality of life for the community’s residents. This modern housing project includes everything from scientific research and technological advancements to better serve the residents.

The residents will have access to all of life’s amenities, some of them are:

Water, Electricity, and Gas

In Avalon City, Islamabad residents will have a continuous supply of clean water, electricity, and gas. Inside the society, electricity, gas, and water have an underground network. On the other hand, there are electricity backups and power generators to ensure electric supply in case of power breakdown. 

In addition, the developers will offer these amenities 24/7 at reasonable prices. 

Health Care Facilities

The owner of Avalon City Islamabad does not compromise on the health of the residents. There will be top health care centers inside the residential area with highly qualified staff. The residents will have easy access to different clinics and hospitals in the area. The clinics are staffed with qualified medical professionals, and the pharmacies are stocked with local and imported medications.

– Educational Facilities

One of the most important goals of the management is to ensure that the residents have access to high-caliber education. To achieve that purpose, there are different educational institutions in Avalon City Islamabad that will be built inside the residential area, including schools and colleges.

The educational institutions inside the residential area of Avalon City Islamabad will provide top-class educational services that will meet international standards.

– Secured Gated Community

In Avalon City Islamabad, the use of the latest and modern technology will help residents to live safely and securely, which will help residents attain long-term living standards. The aim of the housing project is to provide safe, peaceful, and green surroundings to their residents with the help of CCTV cameras, which will monitor each and every happening in society.

– Restaurants and Food Courts

The management of society has embraced a wide range of eating regions and restaurants in Avalon City Islamabad to meet the needs of the residents. In these restaurants, you will enjoy world-class famous and delicious foods. As the society has the vision to keep its residents healthy and safe, restaurants inside the residential area will follow the strategy to keep the residents healthy. 

– Parks and Playground 

There are different parks and playgrounds in the Avalon City residential area to entertain the residents and serve adults and children in different sports activities. Inside the parks, different pathways for elder jogging and for morning walks have been designed. There are Wi-Fi trees in each park to facilitate the resident’s Wi-Fi use.  

– Shopping Centers

In Avalon City Islamabad’s residential area, there are several mini-malls and local marts within a short distance of the residences. These malls provide a peaceful setting for shopping and entertainment for families and residents of all ages. 

Beautiful architecture, first-rate amenities, renowned luxury brands, and top-tier entertainment services abound in these shopping centers, making them a popular destination for shopping lovers.

Sewage and Drainage System 

The housing society is outfitted with modern sewage and drainage systems throughout the entirety of it. Each dwelling unit features main holes and drains to facilitate the free flow of water, as well as an error-free sewage disposal system that operates through an underground duct network to remove waste.

Avalon City Islamabad facilities

Silent Features 

If you are looking for a place to live that can provide you with a contemporary way of life along with all of the contemporary conveniences, Avalon City Islamabad is that place. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of the following desirable qualities if you invest in this housing project:

  • Modern Parks.
  • Swimming Pools in Parks.
  • Energy Saving Electrical system.
  • Environment-Friendly Architecture.
  • Zero Wastage Construction.
  • Modern and Energy Efficient Streetlights.
  • Earthquake Resistant Framework in construction by Developers in Residential area.
  • Wide Roads.
  • Clean Avenues. 
  • Carpeted Streets. 

Pros and Cons

Easy Payment PlanNewly Launched housing society
Affordable Installment PlanDifferent Housing Societies near offering affordable Prices
Grand Mosque
Modern Parks
Mini Malls
Shopping Centers
Wide Roads
Free Wi-Fi
Colleges and University
Medical Center
Small Medical Stores and Pharmacies
Clean and Sustainable Environment
Gated Community

Guideline before investing in buying property in Avalon City islamabad (Investment Guide)

  • Check the NOC, which is issued by TMA Phata
  • Visit a trustworthy Real Estate Firm (Makaan Solutions)
  • Set a meeting with a marketing person inside the firm
  • Collect all the relevant information
  • Examine your financial position
  • Share your thoughts with the real estate firm, and your interest
  • Follow the proper buying process and follow the instruction given by the firm

Development Status

Avalon City Islamabad is undergoing rapid development, and the overall project is progressing in the direction of success. Major construction projects, including roads, mosques, and villas, are near to their completion.

 Most importantly, the plants are planted in the community to give society more tranquility and green surroundings. As we have discussed above, Avalon City Islamabad has a budget-friendly payment plan, and prices are relatively low. After completion of these undergoing projects, the rates will be raised, and investment will be quite tricky because it will require a large amount of equity for investment.


Avalon City Islamabad is experiencing exponential growth and is considered the greatest investment option among investors due to its well-known and renowned owner and developers in the real estate sector in Pakistan. 

The housing society provides opulent living standards with the use of modern technology. The residents will be able to take advantage of high-end residential facilities at rates that are more affordable.

On the other hand, this housing project offers an excellent and budget-friendly payment plan and installment plan for its residential plots. For more details, feel free to contact the top real estate firm in Pakistan, Makaan Solutions, a platinum sale partner of Avalon City Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is Avalon City Islamabad a Good Investment?

Yes, the housing project is worth investment, the society has all the legal documents and NOC, on the other hand, well-known developers and their strong background in the real estate industry in Pakistan.

2. When Will Avalon City Islamabad grant possession of the plots?

The Avalon City Islamabad will soon begin granting possession of plots, it’s expected that the society will begin granting possessions in the final quarter of 2022.

3. Where is the Avalon City Islamabad located?

Avalon City Islamabad is located on Chakri Road Rawalpindi, close to M-2 Motorway. The location of this housing project is the closest location to M-2 Motorway compared to other housing projects on Chakri Road.

4. How to book a plot in Avalon City Islamabad?

For booking a plot in Avalon City Islamabad, contact the leading real estate firm Makaan Solutions. The firm will lead you to a fair and proper procedure for booking a plot.

5. Is Avalon City Islamabad NOC Approved?

Yes, Avalon City Islamabad has a No Objection certificate and is approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration, a safe and secure housing project for investment.

6. How is Avalon City Islamabad different from other housing societies?

This housing project is the first technological society in Pakistan, every resident will be facilitated with advanced technological solutions.

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