Oasis Farms Islamabad

Oasis Farms Islamabad is a new residential project by Oasis Marking and Developers in the premium location of Zone IV near the Margalla Hills to offer different categories of farmhouses at an affordable payment plan. Local and overseas clients can book their farms with the help of Makaan Solutions.

Oasis Farms – Where Family Matters

Oasis Farms Islamabad has become the most prominent project in the capital city of Pakistan to embrace natural beauty. These Oasis Farms are located in the iconic location of Islamabad to offer a beautiful view of the majestic mountains of Murree and Margalla green hills. Therefore, Oasis Farms in Islamabad have become a beautiful destination for end-users.

The developers have collaborated with renowned designers to design the Oasis Farms Islamabad. They blend the natural hilly landscape to offer large plots in beautiful surroundings. Therefore, nature plays its role in ensuring a peaceful environment for a luxurious lifestyle in the presence of serenity and charm.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Location

The location of Oasis Farms Islamabad is in the vicinity of Zone IV Islamabad. It is situated in an elegant location in the surroundings of beautiful Margalla hills. Oasis Farms Society is in a location where nature offers excellent facilities. Therefore, every resident in society will be able to enjoy a hustle-free lifestyle.

The Oasis Farms project is located in the heart of Islamabad to offer smooth accessibility to the various places of the twin cities. The location of this farmhouse society in Islamabad allows the residents to wake up to the slow lake flow, fresh air, and birds chirping. It is located in the surroundings of beautiful green mountains to ensure a worthwhile living experience.

Nearby Places & Landmarks:


  • Green Botanical Garden is only 2 minutes away 
  • Bahria Enclave Zoo is only 7 minutes away
  • Quaid-e-Azam University is just 14 minutes away
  • Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences is 15 minutes away 
  • Serena Hotel Islamabad is 16 minutes away
  • Main Islamabad city is just 18 minutes away
  • China Friendship Center is 30 minutes away
  • Faizabad and Rawal Dam are 35 minutes away
oasis farms islamabad location

Oasis Farms Islamabad Payment Plan

The affordable payment plan of Oasis Farms Islamabad allows potential clients to purchase farmhouses in different sizes. The fundamental purpose of launching residential plots at reasonable prices is to allow overseas and local Pakistanis to buy the desired properties easily. Therefore, you can buy your plot easily as the management offers the plots at the pre-launch rates.

There are farmhouses for sale in Oasis Farms Islamabad at the most reasonable payment schedule for the customers’ flexibility. You can reserve a farmhouse by making a 10% booking payment and confirming it with only a 10% confirmation payment. There are also 30% possession charges for the available plots in this society. The management also offers a 1.5 years payment plan to allow the customers to pay 6 quarterly installments.

It is crucial to follow the terms and conditions of this society before reservation of the available plots for sale in Oasis Farms Islamabad. The purpose of a transparent procedure for paying the payments ensures that customers can pay installments easily without facing any challenges. 

2 Kanal Farm Payment Schedule

2 Kanal plots for sale in Oasis Farms with the below payment details.

  • The total price of a 2 Kanal plot is 26,000,000.
  • You can book your plot by paying 2,600,000, which is a 10% booking payment.
  • You must pay 2,600,000 as a 10% confirmation payment.
  • There are 6 quarterly installments to pay 2,166,667 per quarter.
  • There are 30% possession charges of 7,800,000.

4 Kanal Farm Payment Schedule

There are 4 Kanal plots for sale in Oasis Farms with the following payment information.

  • The total payment of a 4 Kanal plot is 52,000,000.
  • You can book your farm by paying 5,200,000 as a 10% booking payment.
  • You must send 5,200,000 as a 10% confirmation amount.
  • There are 6 quarterly installments, and you have to pay 4,333,333 per quarter.
  • There are only 30% possession charges of 15,600,000.

8 Kanal Farm Payment Schedule

There are 8 Kanal plots for sale in Oasis Farms with an affordable payment plan.

  • The full price of an 8 Kanal plot is 104,000,000.
  • You can book your farm by paying a 10% booking payment, which is 10,400,000.
  • A 10% confirmation payment of 10,400,000 is payable to confirm a plot.
  • There are 6 quarterly installments which are payable as 8,666,667 per quarter.
  • There are only 30% possession charges of 31,200,000.
oasis farms payment plan

How to Book a Plot in Oasis Farms Islamabad?

You can contact Makaan Solutions to reserve a residential plot for a farmhouse in this residential project. Oasis Farms booking procedure has been very easy in the presence of our experienced team. Therefore, you can avail the best real estate services from our qualified team to reserve a plot smoothly without any problems.

The management is doing everything to bring comfort to the customers’ lives. Therefore, the smooth plot booking process for this residential project has been a great blessing for every new client. It is crucial for every potential real estate customer to reserve a desired farmhouse plot in this new housing scheme. 

The steps for purchasing a plot in this farmhouse society are given below:

  • Download the application form for Oasis Farms.
  • Fill out the application form with the required information.
  • Attach the important documents with the application form.
  • Make the down payment to the bank account of this residential project.
  • Submit the application to the management of this farmhouse project to confirm your plot.

Necessary Documents for Booking a Farm:

You are required to submit the necessary documents to reserve your farm in this modern society. Therefore, you must visit the Makaan Solutions office with the necessary documents to buy your property in this housing scheme. The important booking documents are listed below for every customer.

  • Client’sClient’s 2 copies of the original CNIC
  • Client’sClient’s 2 images in the format of passport-size
  • Next to Kin’sKin’s 2 copies of the original CNIC
  • NICOP is necessary for the overseas Pakistanis
booking step

Benefits of Buying a Property in Oasis Farms Islamabad

Every customer in the real estate industry wants to purchase a property to get several benefits. The purpose of buying properties in this modern farmhouse society is to get the maximum advantages. The overseas Pakistanis in this society will be able to enjoy the excellent perks they are enjoying abroad.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Everyone in society wants to maintain a fabulous lifestyle in Pakistan. Therefore, the management of Oasis Islamabad has ensured to develop this residential project for a luxurious lifestyle. Therefore, every resident in this real estate project will be able to access a world-class living standard in the presence of modern facilities and amenities.

Financial Independence 

Financial security is necessary for every person in Pakistan who wants to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle without facing any financial problems. People prefer to purchase real estate properties to have financial independence in times of high inflation. Therefore, you can reserve your residential plot to tackle different financial problems.  

Passive Income

The reservation of a residential plot in this new residential project has become the ultimate source of passive income for potential clients. You can rent your farmhouse to make a significant amount of passive income. Therefore, rental income is a magnificent way of dealing with required finances for daily life. 

Valuable Real Estate Asset

A farm has become a valuable asset in Oasis Farms for the local and overseas Pakistanis who are interested in making the properties profitable for themselves and family. You can also reserve your favorite farm in this project to have a fabulous asset for yourself. Your farmhouse in this real estate project will be a source of help in difficult times such as high inflation rate and the downfall of the country economy.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Master Plan

The master plan of Oasis Farms Islamabad by qualified designers who are familiar with designing exceptional layout plans for real estate projects. Therefore, the developers have decided to get the services of a qualified team to design this residential project to offer phenomenal amenities and facilities. 

The layout plan for these new farms in Islamabad shows the available sizes of farms with the different services to facilitate the residents in an effective way. You can review the Oasis Farms master plan to view the access points, the farms, and available services. Moreover, this master plan includes the modern infrastructure for development.

The residential plots in the society are available in the following sizes:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Oasis Farms Islamabad NOC Status

The NOC status of Oasis Farms Islamabad is under process as it is a new housing society. The management of the relevant authority for approval of NOC is verifying the submitted documents. The management of the society had submitted the required documents to get legal approval for this housing society. It is expected that Oasis Farms will become the NOC-approved residential project in the upcoming days.

Legal approval has immense importance for every housing society in Pakistan. Oasis Farms is a new residential project with legal status in the initial phase. Therefore, the layout plan for this residential project will be approved soon. The Oasis Farms Islamabad NOC approval status will bring more reliability for potential customers.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Owners & Developers

The developers of Oasis Farms Islamabad are Oasis Marketing and Developers who are dedicated to including the modern architecture design and infrastructure for the magnificent development. Therefore, the developers are familiar with sustainable development in the real estate industry. They are focused on developing this residential project to facilitate the customers in a brilliant way.

The owners of Oasis Farms Islamabad are also Oasis Marketing and Developers, which is going to become a famous brand in the real estate market. They are on a mission to become a well-recognized firm in real estate by developing Oasis Farms in Islamabad. Oasis Developers have a vision of facilitating the customers with the best services in this residential project.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Development Status

Oasis Farms Islamabad development updates show that the developers are focused on starting the groundwork in society. They have moved the heavy machinery to the site of society to begin the pruning and leveling of land. Moreover, they have prioritized the development of this residential project to offer balloting and possession as soon as possible.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Latest News

Oasis Farms Islamabad latest updates show that the owners and developers have reserved a larger area of land for the development of this society. Moreover, the management of the society submitted the required documents for fast approval of legal status for this upcoming residential project. The management has also released the pre-launch payment plan for the available farmhouses in this new real estate project.

Facilities & Amenities

The developers want to offer world-class services to every customer who is looking to enjoy an international and modern lifestyle. Therefore, they have promised to include phenomenal services to the customers to enhance their living standards in this society. You can buy a plot in this housing scheme to use the advanced facilities for a better lifestyle.

Outdoor Gym 

The dedicated outdoor gym in this residential society has become a paradise for people who are looking to maintain high levels of fitness for them to have an active lifestyle. The presence of excellent crafted equipment with the spaces for functional workouts, excellent training, and cardio in this project ensures the best fitness for every resident in this society. 

Wellness Club

Oasis Farms are designed to offer a mind-blowing wellness club in the presence of beautiful greenery, serene surroundings, and elegant views of the Margalla hills to attract customers. This wellness club in society will bring calmness to your life with the improvement of excellent meditation by well-qualified instructors. 

Horse Riding Club 

A horse riding club in the heart of this new farmhouse society is surrounded by mountains to offer the best riding experience to people of every age. You can imagine the feeling of riding a horse in the presence of panoramic vistas, fresh mountain air, and lush greenery. The experienced instructors are available 24/7 to guide the new and experienced horse riders.   

White Mosque 

The developers are looking forward to developing a white mosque with a sleek Turkish design to offer a phenomenal religious experience to practicing Muslims. The construction of this mosque is based on the pristine white facade, fabulous minarets, and intricate carvings to ensure a feeling of reverence and calmness. This mosque offers a brilliant atmosphere of tranquility for visitors and residents.

Playgrounds & Parks

The management is going to provide elegant parks and playgrounds in this society to allow the residents to enjoy the games and sports in the fantastic environment. These green spaces offer a magnificent experience for residents who are looking to play their favorite games. The ground for different sports like cricket and football enables you to become an active member of this society. 

Education & Healthcare

The developers initiated to construct the large buildings for the hospitals and educational institutes in this residential project. It ensures the best healthcare and education facilities for the residents. Therefore, every resident will be able to get the international standard of education and health within the boundary walls of society.

Electricity, Gas, and Water

Water, gas, and electricity are the basic facilities for everyone in this residential project. Therefore, it is the developers’ priority to offer these facilities in a seamless manner. You will be able to drink and use the purified water. Moreover, you will use gas and electricity without facing any breakdowns.

Top-Notch Security

Security is necessary for every person in Pakistan because of the increasing rates of crimes. Therefore, the developers are going to construct a high boundary wall with the installation of an advanced technology security system. The presence of experienced and well-trained security staff ensures the ultimate safety of every person within the society.

oasis farms islamabad


Oasis Farms Islamabad is a new and trending farmhouse society in Pakistan with a premium location and an affordable payment plan for the residents. The management has also included top-notch facilities to bring comfort in every resident’s life. Therefore, you can buy a farmhouse in this society with the services of Makaan Solutions. Our team also assists customers in booking their plots in Aiwa City Attock, New City Paradise, and Lahore Smart City.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the developer of Oasis Farms?

    Oasis Marketing and Developers are developing this new residential project.

  • Where is Oasis Farms located in Islamabad?

    Oasis Farms Islamabad is located in Zone IV near Park View City and offers a view of Margalla Hills.

  • Which farmhouses are available in Oasis Farms?

    2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal farms are available in this residential project.

  • How to reserve a residential plot in Oasis Farms?

    You can reserve your desired farmhouse with the assistance of Makaan Solutions.

  • Why is purchasing a farmhouse a good investment in Oasis Farms Islamabad?

    The purchasing of a farmhouse has become a good investment because of the ideal location and affordable payment plan with flexible installments.

  • What is the price of a 2 Kanal farmhouse in Oasis Farms?

    The total price of Oasis Farms Islamabad 2 Kanal farm is 26,000,000.

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