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Mid City Islamabad

Mid City Islamabad is a new housing venture by Apex Group to enable local and overseas Pakistanis to reserve their properties at an affordable payment schedule. MidCity Housing Scheme is located close to Thalian Interchange to enable flexible access for customers. The commercial and residential properties are part of the master plan.

Mid City Islamabad: Introduction

Mid City Islamabad is a new addition to the capital city of Pakistan that promises high living standards for residents. Moreover, the investors are able to make a profitable investment by investing in this housing project by Apex Group. This housing society is easily accessible from the premises of twin cities.

Mid City in Islamabad has become the hot cake for potential customers because of its premium location and excellent town planning. The use of modern AI technology ensures a peaceful living experience and high ROI. Every amenity has been crafted in the master plan to ensure the ultimate comfort for the customers.

MidCity Islamabad Launching Date

The developers decided to launch MidCity Islamabad after the success of MidCity Lahore. Therefore, a lot of investors have shown their interest in this new housing project by Apex Group. The developers are focused on utilizing the latest AI technology in the urban planning of this society to ensure the modern infrastructure with the fabulous allocation of resources.

Mid City Islamabad launch date has been announced by the officials of the housing project. However, the developers contacted the property dealers to become a part of this upcoming housing project near the New Islamabad International Airport. This project started on 14th May 2023 to offer the best lifestyle to the customers. However, MidCity Islamabad launching date will be shared soon.

Mid City Islamabad Location

Location of Mid City Islamabad is in the vicinity of the Thalian Interchange, close to the M2 Motorway. The local and overseas Pakistanis are taking keen interest because the MidCity Islamabad location is just a few kilometers away from the International Airport of Islamabad. Therefore, you can easily move to society after landing at this world-class airport in Islamabad. 

It has become easy to access the society from the nearby landmarks and other parts of the country. The people of joint cities can use the route of Rawalpindi Ring Road to reach the housing scheme within a few minutes of driving. You can also travel to Zero Point and Blue Area Islamabad from this housing society, as Mid City is located in the heart of Islamabad.

Nearby Landmarks

Access Points 

  • 3 minutes away from M2 Motorway
  • 5 minutes away from Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • 7 minutes away from Airport Avenue
  • 9 minutes away from Girja Road
  • 12 minutes away from CBR Phase 2 
  • 14 minutes away from New Islamabad Airport
  • 23 minutes away from GT Road 
  • 25 minutes away from Srinagar Highway
  • 42 minutes away from Zero Point
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Mid City Islamabad Map

You can view the MidCity Islamabad location on Google Maps.

mid city islamabad map location

Mid City Islamabad Owner & Developers

The owners and developers of Mid City Islamabad have a great vision of facilitating the customers within the premises of this phenomenal residential project. Apex Group has initiated this project to facilitate people with world-class facilities at affordable plot rates. This group was started in 2005 to transform the real estate industry for reliable and profitable investment opportunities. 

The owners of MidCity Islamabad have a fundamental focus on fast and smooth development to ensure a vibrant option for investment and residency. Apex Group has a track record of 18 years of facilitating customers with high standards of professionalism and excellence. Therefore, potential investors and end-users believe in the exceptional skills of Apex Group.  

Previous Projects By Apex Group

The previous projects by MidCity Islamabad developers ensure the success of this upcoming project. The previous projects of Apex Group include:

  • Al Razi Heights 
  • Avari Hotel Gujranwala
  • MidCity Lahore
  • Oshun by Eiwan Beachfront Resort Style Housing
  • Star Mall Gujranwala
  • Urban Enclave Lahore

Other Services by Apex Group

The experienced team of Apex Group is also facilitate with the best services in these areas:

  • Apex Developers
  • Apex Construction 
  • Apex Media & Marketing
  • Apex Realtors
mid city islamabad developers 6490609558d26

Mid City Islamabad Master Plan

Master plan of Mid City Islamabad is in the process as the designers are working to design the phenomenal masterplan. The developers have shared information on the MidCity Islamabad master plan that shows society will consist of state-of-the-art infrastructure. Therefore, this residential project near New Islamabad International Airport ensures the ultimate sustainability for the eco-friendly environment. 

Layout plan of MidCity Islamabad indicates that developers are aimed to provide different modern services and amenities to the users within the society. This housing scheme in Islamabad empowers every individual to avail everything within the boundary walls. Therefore, you will be able to utilize the facilities in this society.

MidCity in Islamabad is going to become the best housing society because of the excellent urban development and world-class features. The layout plan ensures that developers will make sure of a sustainable and evergreen approach towards energy consumption. There will be trees on the main boulevard and green spaces throughout the whole society to ensure an eco-friendly environment.

Residential Plots:

The developers are focused on offering the best living experience by introducing MidCity Islamabad residential plots. The purpose of residential plots in society is to ensure a phenomenal environment for residents. There are residential plots for sale in Mid City Islamabad, which are surrounded by educational institutes, sports facilities, mosques, parks, clubs, and commercial spaces.  

The developers have a mission of creating a well-organized community to fulfill the residents’ diverse requirements. There are several facilities and amenities in the society to bring the ultimate convenience for the residents. Moreover, the residential plots are available in various sizes to enable the customers to purchase their plots in accordance with their needs. 

  • 5 Marla 
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 15 Marla

Commercial Plots:

The commercial plots have become part of the master plan to fulfill investors’ requirements for the highest profitability ratio. The location of MidCity Islamabad commercial plots ensures a high ROI because it is close to M2 Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport. MidCity Islamabad location map reveals that commercial plots are available in the premium spots.

There are commercial plots for sale in Mid City Islamabad, which enable potential investors to make profitable investments. These commercial properties ensure that investors get the maximum profit within a few months of investment. The presence of different business districts like Business Park, Hospitality Park, Media Park, and IT Park ensure the best profit ratio.

Mid City Islamabad NOC Status

NOC status of Mid City Islamabad shows that the management of the society has submitted all the required documents to RDA. Currently, Rawalpindi Development Authority is verifying the submitted documents. MidCity NOC approval status will be released soon by the relevant government authority. Therefore, MidCity will become the ideal society because of its legal status. 

MidCity Islamabad NOC status reveals that people always like to purchase properties in legal housing projects. Therefore, management is trying to get NOC approval as a first priority to engage potential customers. The legal status is crucial to make a safe and secure investment in society. 

Mid City Islamabad Payment Plan 

Payment plan of Mid City Islamabad is still in the process, and developers are working to launch an affordable payment schedule. MidCity Islamabad plot prices have been very reasonable to enable every Pakistani to own valuable property. The management of MidCity is aware of the high inflation rate in Pakistan and is trying to offer the plots at affordable prices.

MidCity Islamabad payment plan has caught middle-class people’s attention who are looking to live in the affordable housing society. Therefore, investors and end-users have started to purchase the plots in Mid City Islamabad at the most affordable rates. The affordable price enables everyone, including people with limited budgets, to own their plots.

You can purchase a plot in this upcoming housing scheme by paying a minimal booking payment. Then, you need to confirm your plot by making a confirmation payment. The management is also offering an installment plan, which enables the customers to pay the remaining amount easily. Therefore, it has brought convenience for customers who are searching for plots on installments in Islamabad.

How to Book a Plot in Mid City Islamabad?

MidCity Islamabad plot booking process has been very smooth for every client who is looking to buy a property. The management has decided to ensure a simple booking procedure for Mid City Islamabad to allow local and overseas Pakistanis to own their properties. Every customer needs to follow these easiest steps to purchase a plot:

  • Download the Mid City Islamabad application form 
  • Fill out the form with the required details 
  • Attach the necessary documents 
  • Pay the down payment in favor of society’s official bank account 
  • Attach the payment receipt 
  • Submit the application form to the management 

Do these steps still seem to be difficult, or do you not have time to go through the process? Don’t worry; the experienced team at Makaan Solutions is always ready to handle the entire process of MidCity Islamabad plot booking on your behalf. So, you just need to sit back and enjoy yourself when our team is handling your plot booking process.

Required Documents

You can own a plot in MidCity Housing Society Islamabad by the submission of the required documents. Therefore, it is compulsory for you to bring up the important documents to reserve a property. Our team is always looking forward to guiding our customers at every single phase. We have listed the essential documents which are required to confirm a plot in this housing scheme.  

  • Client’s 2 photocopies of CNIC
  • Client’s 2 images in the passport-size format
  • Next to Kin’s 2 photocopies of CNIC
  • NICOP for the overseas clients 
booking step

Benefits of Investment in Mid City Islamabad

The ultimate goal of every investment in any sector is to get the highest profit within a short period of time. Therefore, investors always consider short-term and long-term investments in the real estate industry. You can also make a profit by investing in Mid City Islamabad. It’s your choice to make either a long-term or short-term investment. There are different reasons to invest in MidCity Islamabad

High ROI

Every real estate investor is well aware of ROI. The real estate industry is the only industry which offers the highest ROI as compared to other industries in Pakistan. You can also get the maximum ROI by purchasing your plot in MidCity Society Islamabad. Commercial plots always offer more ROI as compared to residential plots.  

Valuable Asset

You can invest in Mid City Islamabad to build a valuable asset. The value of your property in society will be boosted over time to ensure more benefits. You can reserve a plot to have a valuable asset in society, which will be very helpful for you in times of financial crisis. 

Financial Independence 

You can become financially independent by buying your lot in MidCity Housing Scheme Islamabad. A real estate property always brings up financial independence for customers who are looking to book their plots in this society. Moreover, financial security is necessary for you through the reservation of a plot in this housing scheme.

Passive Income

The source of passive income is the first concern of every Pakistani in the country. You can also make passive income by purchasing a commercial or residential plot in society. Mid City Islamabad properties offer monthly and yearly rental incomes to potential investors. Moreover, rental value always increases by some percentage every year.

Mid City Islamabad Development Status

Development status of Mid City Islamabad shows that development works in the initial phase. The management has reserved the land near Thalian Interchange, and heavy machinery has been moved to the site. The movement of heavy machinery on the site ensures fast development work on the plots. 

The developers have started to prune and level the land to speed up the development work in accordance with the master plan. Moreover, developers’ dedication towards fast development work ensures that society will be ready for balloting and possession in the near future. The development work on the main boulevard and boundary walls ensures the ultimate safety for the residents. 

Mid City Islamabad Latest News

MidCity Islamabad latest updates show that management has submitted the required documents for NOC approval. Moreover, the management is going to launch the payment plan for the available plots in the society. The latest news also indicates that developers have started the development work on this residential project.

Facilities & Amenities

The management is focused on facilitating the users with impressive services. There are modern amenities and facilities in this housing scheme. These facilities enable customers to enjoy phenomenal living standards with the highest growth of the business. Therefore, you must check the available amenities and facilities in this top-notch residential project.

Sustainable Environment:

At present, every person is looking to live very close to nature. Therefore, developers have considered an ideal location to ensure an eco-friendly environment for the residents within the society. Therefore, the residents are able to enjoy a sustainable environment away from the busy life of the city.

Integration of Smart Technology:

The owners of the society have collaborated with the developers to use smart technology in the town planning for this housing society. They are utilizing modern Artificial Intelligence Technology to ensure tech-based facilities for the residents. Therefore, this society has become an intelligent urban housing development in Islamabad.

Healthcare Services:

The management offers phenomenal healthcare facilities to the residents within the society. A world-class hospital is also part of developers’ initiative for the best healthcare services. This hospital will consist of an experienced medical staff with modern equipment to cater the medical emergencies.

Education Facilities: 

The developers have plans to construct different educational institutes to provide international-standard education to residents within the society. The experienced staff at the educational institutes ensure the best education for students.  

Gated Community:

This is a gated community with the presence of controlled entry points and experienced security staff. The installation of CCTV cameras in society will enable the security staff to monitor the residents’ safety.

Electricity, Water & Gas:

The developers have made sure to provide water, gas, and electricity in a smooth and secure way to facilitate the customers with the basic amenities.

mid city islamabad facilities 64906098039e1

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of purchasing properties in Mid City Islamabad are mentioned below:

Reliable developersNOC in Process
Ideal location
Affordable payment schedule
Excellent master plan
Modern infrastructure
Easy booking process


Mid City Islamabad is a new affordable housing complex like New Paradise City and Aiwa City Attock. You can reserve your plot with the powerful consultation of Makaan Solutions. Our team is aimed to facilitate the customers with the flexible booking process for Lahore Smart City and Eighteen Islamabad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MidCity located in Islamabad?

This new housing society is located close to Thalian Interchange.

When will the MidCity Islamabad payment be launched?

The payment plan will be launched soon.

What is the legal status of MidCity Islamabad?

NOC status of MidCity is not yet approved by the RDA.

How to invest in Mid City Islamabad?

You can invest in society with the help of Makaan Solutions.

Are plots available at installments in MidCity Islamabad?

Yes, plots are available at reasonable installments.

Who is the developer of Mid City Islamabad?

Apex Group is the developer of MidCity Islamabad.

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