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Islamabad International Airport is located in the beautiful capital of Pakistan. The capital of Pakistan is the 2nd most beautiful capital in the world. Pakistan is blessed with countless natural resources and a spot of beautiful destinations. It is crucial for a country like Pakistan to have an airport with modern technology and facilities. 

Let us take you on a beautiful journey in which we are going to tell you about the Islamabad International Airport and its surroundings. The airport is a modern architectural structure designed and constructed by a well-known developer of French and National Engineering Services Pakistan.

We will also discuss the housing projects near Islamabad airport and how the societies near the airport will assist the passengers in their stay near the airport. We will discuss the history, construction, and when the airport was ready for its operations.

Islamabad International Airport Construction History

The project of Islamabad International Airport was announced by the government of Pakistan in 2005. At that time, the estimated time for the completion of the airport was 2013, but the government failed to make the airport operational in 2013. Because the construction of the airport was started in 2008, delayed due to some political issues.

When the construction started on the airport in 2008, the prime minister of Pakistan, Yousaf Raza Gillani, changed the name of the airport from New Islamabad International Airport to Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

According to Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA), Four hundred million dollars were spent on construction, which is equivalent to thirty-seven billion Pakistani rupees. The construction started in 2008 and took ten years to complete the project; in 2018, the airport was fully operational.

After announcing the new airport for operations officially, the new airport replaced International Islamabad Airport Chaklala, located in Rawalpindi. 

Development and Design

The Islamabad International Airport infrastructure was designed by the French company (Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie). ADPI Aéroports de Paris Ingénierie is a French company that is an airport expert in consulting, engineering and design. ADPI designed a number of airports around the world. Whereas the terminal was designed by the well-known and reputable Singaporean corporation CPG Corporation.

When the French company was working on the design and infrastructure of the Islamabad International Airport, they worked together with Acorp, Mushtaq, and Bilal Mehboob associates. And the National Engineering Services Pakistan worked together in terminal design with the Singaporean corporation.

 The national and international developers worked together to make the airport environment friendly. Making the airport an ideal location that produces reliable results Sun shading technology and a water conservation system has been installed in the airport. 

Islamabad International Airport Developer

Islamabad International Airport Features and Facilities

There are a number of different duty-free shops inside the Islamabad international airport. The airport also has a four-star hotel for the passengers who want to stay inside the airport. For people coming to the airport to drop off or pick up passengers, there is a parking facility for 2200 vehicles. 

Instrument Landing System (ILC) technology is used in the airport, this technology helps the pilot to land safely, and this technology further helps the pilot guide in bad weather conditions in landing.

In Pakistan, before the Islamabad airport, only Lahore Airport had the ILC technology.

To help the pilot with visibility Islamabad International Airport has an LED airfield lighting system that assists pilots in visibility at night and in harsh weather. 

Islamabad International Airport Capacity

 Islamabad International Airport is the only international airport in Pakistan that handles large plans for emergency landings. In total there are 42 immigration counters in the airport. The airport has the capacity to handle 15 million passengers yearly.  

The airport has two runways; an emergency landing of a big airplane like an A380 will never cause a delay in scheduled plane landing and take-off. The airport also has a secondary runway that can handle the emergency landing of the B777 plan.

Before Traveling to Islamabad International Airport

Keep the following in mind before heading to Islamabad International Airport for your flight.

●      Security Checking

There is security personnel at every entrance point. You must present your CNIC, passport, and a valid ticket in order to enter the airport. The Airport Security Force (ASF) and security personnel are aimed to collaborate with all passengers.

●      Arrival time for your flight

It is recommended that international passengers arrive 4 hours prior to take-off. Domestic travelers at Islamabad International Airport are advised to reach one or two hours before take-off.

Islamabad International Airport Facilities

There is no doubt that no other airport in Pakistan offers the amenities like Islamabad airport. The government of Pakistan, designers, and developers put in a lot of effort to make the airport among Asia’s best airports.

– Car Parking Facility

More than 2000 vehicles have access to parking at the airport. But you should take the CAA sticker. Because if the CAA sticker is not taken, the airport parking management will not be liable for any damage to or theft of the car. 

The airport has space for both short and long parking vehicles. The rating for the various cars and vehicles is listed below.

  • Motorcycle entry is only Rs. 20.
  • Rs. 100 for personal and business vehicles (Cars, Jeeps and wagons, etc.).
  • Rs. 4500 per month for hotel shuttles and public transport.

– Passenger Facilitation Services (PFS)

Staff is available to assist passengers with their luggage at Islamabad International Airport. The airport operates the airport 24/7. Particularly for passengers with excess baggage and weight, the service is very helpful. 

From the airport’s entrance to the terminal building and the check-in desk for departing passengers, the service will be accessible to passengers. Passengers could take the service directly from the porter service desk.

When hiring a porter, there is an important factor to consider. A porter with a proper uniform, which the airport management provides, should be hired for arriving passengers. Your luggage can be picked up at baggage claim and brought to the exit by the porter. 

For domestic and foreign travelers, there are various rates.

  • Only Rs. 200 for domestic travelers.
  • Only Rs. 400 for travelers from abroad.

– Elderly And Special Needs Services

At Islamabad International Airport, a medical facility is located next to the CAA mosque. If there is a medical emergency, you should notify the airline crew so that they can direct you when you arrive. You can take service from the departures area. 

The quality of the service depends on you; everything from providing wheelchairs to elderly passengers to professionally handling other issues.

– ATM Services And Currency Exchange

There are several currency exchanges located inside the airport where visitors from various countries can easily change their money. However, there are numerous ATMs operated by various banks, so you can contact any bank helpline and use an ATM to withdraw money.

Other Facilities And Amenities

  • Opportunities for shopping and special hotel reservations for VIP hotels.
  • Every departure lounge has a smoking area.
  • Both women and men can pray in separate locations.
  • Facility for raping luggage.
  • Passengers can rent a car from reputable rental car companies.
  • For both domestic and international travelers, register your phone number in order to access the free Wi-Fi 
Islamabad International Airport features

Housing Societies Near Islamabad International Airport

The mega housing projects in Pakistan are under construction near the Islamabad airport. Both commercial and residential areas have a variety of amenities and facilities. 

Their developers and owners have the vision to provide a space where international and national passengers can live, stay and experience a luxurious and safe environment.

Islamabad International Airport Near By Societies

Capital Smart City

The closest housing project to Islamabad International Airport is Capital Smart City. Owners, developers, and the project’s vision for the community making it Pakistan’s first smart city. Owners and developers have set aside a block of Aviation District due to its proximity to the airport, which is close to the M-2 motorway interchange and is only for passengers whose flights have been canceled or delayed. 

However, travelers from other countries are welcome to stay in this area, which is the top commercial district in the community, and they will enjoy the high standards of living. 

Other large-scale societal initiatives include the creation of Business Hubs, Capital Smart City Financial Squares, and CPEC Business Park.

Entrepreneurs from different countries will have the opportunity to live in Capital Smart City, which is located close to the airport.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad, a mega housing project close to the Islamabad International Airport, is a place for different types of investors. The first Pak China Housing Project and developers are from different countries. 

All types of investors have an opportunity for investment. Within the society, a number of well-known building structures will be constructed. The passengers could live in Blue World City if they couldn’t afford other luxury and expensive housing societies.

During their stay, the passengers will enjoy the different architectural structures of different countries. Commercial areas will be kind of cheap with high luxurious living standards and safety.

Prime Valley Islamabad

Prime Valley Islamabad is a housing project under the PHATA that is announcing the NOC and approval from TMA soon. Society is now the best place in Pakistan to live and invest, thanks to the owners, developers, and government. 

The society will be built in a prime location close to Islamabad International Airport, where Pakistanis living abroad could easily access society. 

Without a doubt, the society is a suitable location for foreign investors near Islamabad Airport. The Prime Valley in Islamabad will soon be the most opulent, secure, and recognizable place to live.

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

To give Pakistani a setting with high living standards, the housing society Rudn Enclave is being placed closer to the Islamabad International Airport. The housing society is located on Ring Road Rawalpindi, which has direct access to the M-2 motorway.

The well-known name in the construction industry, RMRSCO (Private) Limited, is behind the project Rudn Enclave. 

The owners and developers want to give Pakistanis and people abroad a better way of life. The society also intends to construct luxury hotels and apartments in commercial areas for the accommodation of both domestic and foreign travelers. 

Passengers will experience all of the societal amenities and facilities that no other society will offer. International travelers won’t need to travel to the capital inside to book a hotel or apartment. Rudn Enclave will offer everything.


Islamabad International Airport is the 2nd largest airport in Pakistan with all the amenities and facilities. And without a doubt, the airport is situated in a location that is convenient for travelers from north and central Pakistan. The airport now has direct access from M-2 Motorway.

Societies close to the airport are growing rapidly. Societies have investment projects for local and overseas investors. Housing societies are working on numerous projects for their commercial area to assist travelers in making investments and staying close to the airport.

You may receive better assistance for your investment in the aforementioned societies from Makaan Solutions, unquestionably the top company in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Islamabad International Airport

If you want to know about the Top 10 Best Investments in Pakistan, contact Makaan Solutions. Our Sales Executive Officer will provide you with all the latest information. Starting from consultation to choosing the property, and from booking to owning your dream property. For further details, please do not hesitate to contact on the below-given information:


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