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Saffron City


Saffron City Islamabad is a new residential project by Saadullah Khan & Brothers Engineering and Construction. Saffron City is located on the main GT Road near Nawat to offer an affordable payment plan for commercial and residential plots. The booking process is very simple to enable you to smoothly book a plot in this master-planned housing society.

Saffron City Islamabad

Saffron City Islamabad is going to become a game changer in the real estate industry. This new housing society is aimed at facilitating the people of twin cities. The modern infrastructure of this residential project enables the residents to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the presence of top-notch services.

Saffron City in Islamabad is a phenomenal society that will upscale investment opportunities for investors. You will be able to grow your business because of its premium location in Islamabad. Moreover, the society includes 45% land only for the greeny to ensure an eco-friendly environment. This housing society is also known as Saffron City Rawalpindi.

Saffron City Islamabad Owner & Developers

The owners and developers of Saffron City Islamabad are Saadullah Khan & Brothers (SKB), a famous engineering and construction company. The developers have a magnificent portfolio with a lot of projects across the world. They delivered successful projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United States of Emirates (UAE), and Turkmenistan.

Owners of Saffron City Rawalpindi is a familiar name in the Pakistan real estate industry because of bringing modern facilities for customers. They started this project with a mission of providing opportunities for middle-class people to reserve residential plots at the most economical payment plan.

Projects by SKB:

The developers’ portfolio includes the following successful projects:

  • Faisal Avenue 
  • Quaid-e-Azam Avenue
  • Kashmir Highway 
  • Murree Municipal Roads
  • Gulshan-e-Johar Road (Karachi)
  • Shah Faisal Flyover (Karachi)
  • NADRA Headquarters (Peshawar)
  • King Abdullah Financial District (Saudi Arabia)
  • World Trade Complex (Turkmenistan)
  • Multan International Airport
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Saffron City Islamabad NOC Status

NOC of Saffron City Islamabad is in the process as society is in the initial phase. The management of the society has applied for a No Objection Certificate by submitting the required documents. It is expected that the legal status of Saffron City Rawalpindi will be approved soon by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Saffron City Islamabad Location: Main GT Road

location of Saffron City Islamabad is on the main GT Road in the vicinity of Dhoke Shokat. Saffron City is located near Radio Station to enable you to access your property in society easily. You can easily reach this society from Blue Area and Zero as it is situated in an easy-to-access location.

Saffron City Islamabad location map shows that the society is just a few minutes away from Murree Expressway and Rawalpindi Ring Road. You can also access this housing society from Rawat-Chakbeli Road. This premium location enables people of twin cities to access society without facing any travelling problems. It is also easily accessible from Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.

Nearby Places 

The nearby landmarks are listed below:

Access Points

This housing society can be accessed easily:

  • Islamabad-Lahore Motorway is almost 1 minute away
  • Rawalpindi Radio Station is almost 2 minutes away
  • Rawat is almost 3 minutes away
  • Gigia Mall is almost 5 minutes away
  • T-Chowk is almost 8 minutes away
  • Islamabad International Airport is almost 30 minutes away
  • Zero Point is almost 35 minutes away
saffron city rawat location, saffron city islamabad location, saffron city rawalpindi location

Saffron City Map

You can view the location of Saffron City on google map.

Saffron City Rawat Map image

Saffron City Islamabad Master Plan

Master plan of Saffron City Islamabad consists of the necessary facilities and distinctive features. The commercial and residential plots have been included in the layout plan of this modern housing society. High-quality infrastructure is part of this master plan to ensure luxurious living standards for the residents. 

Layout plan of Saffron City Rawalpindi shows that the society is situated in the premium premises of Rawalpindi. Moreover, the housing society is near the Islamabad Capital Territory to offer the best accessibility to the residents. The recreational places in this housing scheme ensure a healthy lifestyle for the residents. 

Residential Plots

The residential plots are being offered in these categories:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots 

The commercial plots are being offered in these sizes:

  • 3 Marla 
  • 4 Marla 
saffron city rawat master, saffron city islamabad master, saffron city rawalpindi master

Saffron City Islamabad Payment Plan

Payment plan of Saffron City Islamabad is released by the management, which is very affordable for people who want to reserve their properties. The economic rates of properties enable middle-class people to purchase their plots in the ideally located housing society near Rawat.

You need to pay 10% of the total plot price in Saffron City Islamabad as a booking payment and submit the receipt with the booking form to reserve the plot. After the booking, you need to pay the confirmation payment to confirm your property in this society. The flexible monthly and bi-annually installments are announced to facilitate customers with a limited budget.

Residential Plots Payment Schedule     

There are residential plots for sale in Saffron City Islamabad to enable you to build your beautiful home. The prices of residential plots have been kept very economical for middle-class people who can’t afford the high rates of properties in the present era of inflation. Saffron City payment plan for residential plots is mentioned below:

5 Marla

  • 5 marla plots for sale in Saffron City at a total price of 2,550,000
  • 10% booking payment is 255,000
  • 10% confirmation payment is 255,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 29,750
  • 6 bi-annually installments of 148,750
  • The possession payment is 255,000  

10 Marla

  • 10 marla plots for sale in Saffron City at a total price of 4,500,000
  • 10% booking payment is 450,000
  • 10% confirmation payment is 450,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 52,550
  • 6 bi-annually installments of 262,500
  • The possession payment is 450,000  

1 Kanal 

  • 1 Kanal plot for sale in Saffron City at a total price of 8,500,000
  • 10% booking payment is 850,000
  • 10% confirmation payment is 850,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 99,167
  • 6 bi-annually installments of 495,833
  • The possession payment is 850,000  
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Commercial Plots Payment Schedule     

There are commercial plots for sale in Saffron City Islamabad that ensure the best investment opportunities for investors. These commercial properties enable new and experienced investors to earn massive profits. Saffron City payment plan for commercial plots will be announced in the upcoming days.

How to Book a Plot in Saffron City Islamabad?

Saffron City Islamabad booking procedure for the residential and commercial plots enables potential customers to book their desired properties in society in a smooth way. The smooth booking process is a magnificent approach by the management to facilitate the potential customers. 

The experienced team of Makaan Solutions has mentioned the steps for plot booking in the Saffron City society. You can also collaborate with our team of real estate experts to book a plot smoothly. 

  • Download Saffron City Islamabad application form
  • Add the required information
  • Attach the required documents 
  • Pay the booking amount and attach the payment receipt 
  • Submit the booking form with the attached documents

Required Documents

The essential documents for plot reservation are mentioned below:

  • Applicant’s 2 CNIC duplications 
  • Applicant’s 2 passport-size photos
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC duplications
  • NICOP for overseas Pakistanis
booking step

Benefits of Investment in Saffron City Islamabad

The magnificent perks urge potential investors to invest in Saffron City Islamabad. The purpose of every investment is to get the maximum benefits. Moreover, the premium location and payment schedule ensure that every investor must be benefited. 

High ROI

Saffron City is a growing housing project to attract Pakistani investors from Pakistan and foreign countries. Therefore, this residential project confirms a high return on investment because of the premium location and reasonable payment schedule. 

Capital Appreciation 

The value of properties in Saffron City will be appreciated with the passage of time. Capital appreciation is a significant benefit for investors to get a profit over time. The premium location near top-notch societies and business areas guarantee notable capital appreciation. 

Rental Income 

You can earn a magnificent rental income because a lot of tenants are looking to rent properties in this society as it is on the premises of the best housing societies and business complexes. Therefore, a lot of investors are investing in Saffron City Islamabad

Valuable Asset Building 

The available properties in this upcoming housing society have become a great source for investors to build valuable assets. You have a significant opportunity to have a valuable asset in society.

Facilities & Amenities

Saffron City in Rawalpindi is being recognized in the twin cities because of ensuring world-class amenities and facilities to the customers. These international services make sure that residents enjoy a peaceful lifestyle within society. Moreover, these facilities also ensure a magnificent ROI for investors. 

Basic Utilities

Basic facilities like electricity, gas and purified water have been included in the facilities. These utilities will be supplied to every plot in the society so that residents and businessmen don’t need to worry about them.  

Power Backup 

Society ensures the smooth supply of electricity in society. Moreover, the developers have included generators to provide excellent power backup in the case of any power breakup. 


The availability of educational institutes is necessary to enable the residents to get a quality education within society. It is a step towards building a well-educated community to play a significant role in the economic growth of a country.


Hospitals with modern medical equipment are part of this housing scheme to facilitate the residents in any case of a medical emergency. There will be qualified doctors with experienced medical staff to serve the community.

Fitness Center 

Every resident in this housing society deserves a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a world-class fitness center is being included in society to facilitate the residents with the modern equipment of the gym. 

Community Center

The purpose of owners and developers is to enable the residents to interact with each other effectively. Therefore, the presence of a modern community center in society enables the residents to communicate efficiently to become productive members.   

Commercial Area

Saffron City Housing Scheme consists of a commercial area for the exceptional growth of business along with the provision of the best shopping experience to the residents. There will be outlets for famous brands in this housing scheme. 

Parking Area 

The developers are going to build an underground park area to enable the customers to park their vehicles in a safe place. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the safety of your vehicles in this housing society. 

Parks & Playgrounds  

Recreational places such as playgrounds and parks are part of this world-class housing scheme. The development of playgrounds and parks is a forward step to provide the highest level of entertainment and refreshment to the residents. 


Security is the most necessary facility to ensure the safety of residents and their belongings. Therefore, the developers have planned to install CCTV cameras and experienced security staff to make sure that you live in a secure environment.

saffron city rawat facilities, saffron city islamabad facilities, saffron city rawalpindi facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros & cons of Saffron City are listed for you:

Reliable DevelopersHigh Plot Prices
Ideal Location
Best Master Plan
Modern Infrastructure
Commercial Zone & Grid Station
Hospitals & Educational Institutes
Community Center

Saffron City Islamabad Development Status

Development work in Saffron City Islamabad is going to be started by the most experienced developers. The developers have ensured the maintenance of international standards for exceptional development. The main entrance of Saffron City is in the final phase of construction. They’re committed to completing the development work as soon as possible. 

Saffron City Islamabad Latest News

Latest updates of Saffron City Rawalpindi show that the developers are awaiting the approval of legal status. Moreover, the plot rates have been announced by the management of this society. 


Saffron City Islamabad is an upcoming housing scheme that consists of commercial and residential plots in the ideal location. The payment plan for this housing scheme has become very affordable with the availability of installment plans. You can purchase a plot with the collaboration of Makaan Solutions. We always try our best to offer the best services to our respective customers in the best possible way. Our team also helps customers to reserve properties in Mivida City Islamabad and Citi Housing Rawat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Saffron City located in Islamabad?

Saffron City is located on the main GT Road near Rawat.

When will Saffron City Islamabad be approved?

Saffron City will be approved by RDA in the upcoming days.

How can overseas Pakistanis buy plots in Saffron City Islamabad?

Overseas Pakistanis can buy their plots in this housing scheme by submitting the booking form with the assistance of Makaan Solutions.

How to pay installments of Saffron City?

You can pay the installments of Saffron City Rawalpindi manually as well as online methods.

Who is the developer of Saffron City Rawalpindi?

SKB is the developer of this housing society in the premises of Rawalpindi.

What is the range of Saffron City Rawalpindi plot prices?

The plot prices in Saffron City start from 2,500,000.

Should I invest in residential or commercial plots in Saffron City Rawalpindi?

You can invest in both types of plots. However, commercial plots offer the highest ROI.

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