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Countryside Farms Rawalpindi

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi is the most innovative farms of 4 Kanal, 5 Kanal, and 10 Kanal. The residential and commercial plots are also part of this beautiful farmhouse community. The availability of world-class facilities and easier booking procedures make it the perfect choice for investors and residents.

Countryside Farms Overview

Countryside farms in Rawalpindi are the largest and most elegant farmhouses in Pakistan. Rawalpindi, the third-largest city in Pakistan, has boundary links to Islamabad and includes Armed General Headquarters (GHQ). Therefore, you must buy your favorite farmhouse in the countryside Rawalpindi to enjoy an elegant lifestyle. There are five blocks in Countryside farm houses Rawalpindi.

The owners and developers have the vision to develop an innovative and magnificent real estate community. These beautiful countryside farmhouses in Rawalpindi include the best and most stylish homes for residents looking to upgrade their lifestyle in a high-profile community. The farmhouses range from 4 Kanal to 10 Kanal to ensure the magnificent space for a luxurious lifestyle.

The owners of country side farm are trying to give the latest designs to homes for a beautiful life. Everyone wants to get a property in nature’s beautiful calmness because most people face different problems such as air pollution in their societies. Therefore, they always look to move towards a society that provides an eco-friendly environment for a healthy life. 

You can imagine living in your best country farmhouse in Rawalpindi with the beautiful view of green gardens. Clean air for breathing to maintain your health status. So, these Islamabad farm houses are a glance of heaven in Rawalpindi.

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Owners And Developers

Sim Builders are owners of these top farms in Rawalpindi to enable the local and overseas Pakistanis to buy property in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi of the beautiful location In Pakistan’s real estate, Sim Builders is the most reliable and leading group working dedicatedly on this fantastic project. They have been in real for over ten years delivering magnificent real estate projects across Pakistan. 

Countryside Farms Owners And Developers

Zee Brothers Private Limited is the official developers’ partner of Sim Builders in developing a magnificent farmhouse community in Pakistan. This company has an excellent experience in infrastructure development, construction, and architecture design. 

The owners and developers of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi are known for their brilliant work; that is a reason for their top position among other real estate marketing firms. They are introducing the modern aspect of the real estate business rather than traditional business methodology. Their essential purpose is to bring innovation to the real estate industry. 

Countryside farms will be the innovative farmhouses in the heart of Rawalpindi to bring innovation to the lifestyle. They know their customers’ needs for a modern lifestyle according to international living standards. Moreover, they have built trust through the exceptional results of delivering world-class projects in Pakistan.

Countryside Farms NOC Status

No Objection Certificate (NOC) decides whether a society is legal or illegal. Therefore, residents and investors prefer societies with NOC approval for financial security and satisfaction. Therefore, you must know the NOC status before buying a property. The NOC of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi will be approved soon by the government regulatory authority.

Countryside Farms Location

The location is an essential consideration when you are purchasing a farmhouse. For an elegant and eco-friendly environment, the best location should be peaceful and accessible from the city. The location of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi is neither too far away nor too close to Rawalpindi. 

This farmhouse society has a magnificent location on the Chakbeli Road of Rawalpindi near the first interchange of Ring Road. Therefore, these farms are peaceful for living in a peaceful environment with modern facilities. Farm house for sale in Rawalpindi offer the best experience living in a peaceful and econ-friendlt environment.

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Nearby Places:

The adjacent places also have a magnificent role in the value of a real estate housing society. These housing societies are nearby Countryside Farms:

  • Bahria Town
  • DHA Phases 2, 3, and 5 
  • PAEC Housing Society 
  • Zara Housing Society


The points help customers understand how they can access their farmhouses in Countryside Rawalpindi. Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Map provides you with great accessibility The access points for this society are given below:

countryside location

Countryside Farms Map

The map of countryside is given below:

Countryside Farms Map

Countryside Farms Master Plan

The final master plan of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi was released on 18th February 2022. The master plan explores farmhouses of different sizes to facilitate according to their budget. Moreover, owners and developers have collaborated on the best way to design a fantastic master plan that attracts investors and residents. 

Sim Builders have acquired land in Rawalpindi to deliver a masterpiece of real estate projects to continue their legacy of exceptional real estate work in Pakistan. Zee Brothers is a well-known development company in Pakistan that serves real estate with exceptional development services. Therefore, Countryside Farms Rawalpindi master plan has a mind-blowing infrastructure to become a world-class place of attraction for several potential customers. 

Both developers and owners know the competition in housing projects, and they have smartly analyzed the master plans of their competitors’ farms and come up with attractive master plans. They are working on the Countryside Farms Masterplan to complete the development work within the deadline. 

Layout Plan

The layout plan for Countryside Farms Rawalpindi describes the available sizes for farmhouses and facilities. You can analyze the layout plan according to your viewpoint. Therefore, the layout plan has a fantastic role in the master plan of this farmhouse society.  Countryside Farms Residential Plots for sale with a distinctive layout plan.

This layout plan also shows the streets and roads available in different blocks of farmhouse countryside in Rawalpindi. So, you can make decisions quickly after going through the layout plan.

farmhouse Blocks

When deciding to change your house, your priority should be moving to a farmhouse community with outstanding facilities for residents. A farmhouse society’s residential block helps you proceed with your life in a more rich and elegant environment. There are five residential blocks in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi that are given below:

Farms Sizes

Every housing project includes different plot sizes to fulfill the customers’ needs with different buying capacities. In a housing society that includes over 3500 Kanals land size, the plot size starts from 3 Marla or 5 Marla for residential purposes. However, the residential plot sizes in a farmhouse normally start from 2 Kanal or 4 Kanal. In these countryside farms in Rawalpindi-Islamabad, the residential farm sizes are given below:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Every residential society needs a commercial area to enable people to have an amazing shopping experience in their comfort. So, it is unnecessary to go outside society to buy anything. The commercial area in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi will be launched soon. 

Residential Plots

The owners have a plan to launch residential plots in this farmhouse society to provide more affordable plots to the ordinary people who can’t afford to buy the farmhouse. 

Total Area

A housing society always purchases the maximum area to facilitate the customers better. Country Farms society has bought around 10,000 Kanal areas to divide the residential and commercial areas into different blocks with distinctive farm sizes. 

Blocks of Countryside Farms

A housing society specifies blocks or sectors to help residents and investors understand a master plan that isn’t easy to understand for an ordinary person. The blocks of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi are categorized as residential and commercial blocks in this farmhouse community.

– Countryside Farms Amazon Block:

You will enjoy the magnificent experience of the great safari and wildlife. Therefore, it will be a new adventure addition to your life. This fantastic Amazon block of Countryside Farms brings enjoyable moments to relax and amaze yourself through the thrill of discovery. 

– Countryside Farms Polo Block:

Kings, Emperors, Rulers, Commoners, and Princesses always play the polo game. Therefore, it is a top-rated game due to its great legacy. Countryside management has specified this Polo Block of Countryside Farms for the lovers of a polo game who want a dynamic and exciting experience. In this block, you can live a healthy and high-standard life by playing polo in your free time.

– Countryside Farms Royal Block:

This fantastic block has a magnificent green golf course where you can play golf with your friends and other players. You can bring up your family to enjoy the game and discuss the beautiful Royal block of Countryside Farms. Therefore, this block has become a paradise for golfers in Pakistan. This golf course has impressive golfing and visual standards for residents.

– Countryside Farms Winchester Block:

This block is a hub for archery and shooting. Therefore, you and your family can enjoy an excellent shooting experience in your residential area. In this block, you will have access to games that help you to become the best hunter. So, you will become focused and fresh-minded in the Winchester Block of Countryside Farms.

– Countryside Farms Venus Block:

At present, most people have a hobby of fishing. In this Venus Block of Countryside Farms, you can go fishing to taste the best fish. This fishing area also helps you relax and calm your mind from different problems. 

countryside farms Maps

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Payment Plan

Payment plans inform the customers about the value of properties in a housing society. The affordable payment plan always attracts potential customers for investment in various plots. In Countryside Farms Rawalpindi, there are 3 general types of blocks Farmhouse Blocks, Residential Blocks, and Commercial Blocks.

Residential and commercial blocks have different payment plans. Therefore, the countryside farms payment plan and installment plan for both blocks is given below:

Farmhouse Block Payment Plan in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi

The Countryside Farms Residential Plots are designed to facilitate the residents with exceptional residential service. The countryside farms’ master plan includes world-class residential facilities to the residents. Therefore, they also have introduced an affordable payment plan for potential customers rather than commercial blocks. The payment plan for Countryside Farms Rawalpindi for the residential area is given below:

4 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Countryside Farms

The 4 Kanal farm houses for sale:

  • The total price for 4 Kanal countryside farms is 18,600,000 rupees.
  • The booking payment is 2,790,000 rupees.
  • The confirmation payment is 1,860,000 rupees
  • Quarterly installments of 2,170,000 rupees
  • 18 monthly payments of 723,333 rupees
  • The possession charges are 930,000 rupees.

– 5 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Countryside Farms

The 5 Kanal farm houses for sale:

  • The total price for 5 Kanal countryside farms is 23,250,000 rupees.
  • The booking payment is 3,487,500 rupees.
  • The confirmation payment is 2,325,000 rupees
  • Quarterly installments of 2,712,500 rupees
  • 18 monthly payments of 904,167 rupees
  • The possession charges are 1,162,500 rupees.

10 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Countryside Farms

The 10 Kanal farm houses for sale:

  • The total price for 10 Kanal countryside farms is 46,500,000 rupees.
  • The booking payment is 6,975,000 rupees.
  • The confirmation payment is 4,650,000 rupees
  • Quarterly installments of 5,425,000 rupees
  • 18 monthly payments of 1,808,333 rupees
  • The possession charges are 2,325,000 rupees.
Countryside Farms Payment Plan, Rate List

Commercial Plots Payment Plan in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi

Commercial blocks in society have great value because of enabling residents to facilitate the residents with best business opportunities. Therefore, Countryside Farms commercial plots are more expensive than residential blocks in society. The payment plan for Commercial blocks in Countryside Farms payment plan will be launched soon.

Residential Plots Payment Plan in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi

The payment plan for residential plots will be launched after the launching of residential plots in this farmhouse society. It is true that the payment plan will be affordable for everyone.

Why should I book a farm in the countryside farms?

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi is a modern and magnificent farmhouse community in Rawalpindi with an elegant architectural design and modern facilities for residents of residential and commercial blocks. Therefore, you must book your farmhouse in this community. 

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Booking Procedure:

The farmhouse booking procedure in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi is simpler for everyone. You must go through these steps for booking your farm:

  • Download and fill Farmhouse booking application
  • Attach 2 photographs and copies of CNIC
  • Submit the Countryside Farms Rawalpindi application form with a down payment

If you book your farmhouse, you will get the possession within 90 days. Makaan Solutions can help you through the booking procedure with incredible advice regarding these country farms.

booking step

Guideline for Buying/Selling

When you are new in real estate or don’t know the complete procedure for buying or selling your farmhouse, you need to follow these guidelines: 

Document Verification:

The document verification procedure is to verify whether a society is legal or illegal. Therefore, you need to check the NOC status of society before buying property. The NOC of this farmhouse is in process and will be approved soon. So, you must invest in this farmhouse society. 

Financial Security:

The second step is to make sure that the payment plan is affordable or not for you. Therefore, you need to consider financial security before buying a farmhouse in this society. Farmhouse Visit: When you have verified and checked the financial security for your farmhouse in the Countryside Farms Rawalpindi, you need to visit your farmhouse to ensure that you are comfortable with your farmhouse location.

Benefits of Investment in Countryside Farms

When you are investing, you always want to get the maximum benefits on your investment in terms of profit and other facilities.

Valuable Property:

Buying a farmhouse in this society is the best way to have a valuable property that will provide excellent value when facing different financial crises. 

Passive Income:

Real estate property is always a good way to continuous income. However, a farmhouse gives more passive income than a normal real estate property. 

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Facilities

Facilities are distinctive services that improve the residents’ lifestyles. Facilities help the housing project to become successful among other housing projects. Every society has some distinctive facilities from other housing societies. Countryside Farms Rawalpindi salient features are making it the best farmhouse residency in Pakistan.

All basic facilities such as mosques, hospitals, parks, schools, water, electricity, gas, and security are present in this society. Available facilities in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi are given below:

– Royal Business Club

The management of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi is on a mission to provide the residents with magnificent opportunities to grow their businesses. Therefore, this society is going to become the business hub in Rawalpindi.

Organic Shops

The residents always want to buy different original products at a reasonable price within the housing society. This farmhouse management will facilitate the residents through the chain of organic shops. This way, every resident will access these shops to purchase necessary products.

Archery & Shooting

Archery and shooting is the best game that is being played around the world. The Countryside farmhouse society has a dedicated area for shooting and archery to help the residents to become professional gaming shooters.

The Zee Stables Horse Riding Club

Horse riding is also a popular game globally, and people love to ride horses. Therefore, management has introduced The Zee Stables Horse Riding Club in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi. So, you can enjoy exceptional horse riding within the society.

Countryside Club

Clubs are a great way of relaxing after working the whole day without taking any breaks. Moreover, it is essential for the community to have a club to relax their minds. Countryside Club is the best ever club in Rawalpindi to facilitate the residents magnificently.

Open Gym Fitness Area

Fitness is a fundamental factor in a healthy lifestyle. Fitness helps you to maintain health. Therefore, the management of this farmhouse has introduced the open gym fitness area to help the residents to stay fit for a healthy life.

Birds Aviary

The bird’s aviary is also a part of this community to facilitate the residents’ watching out for different birds. The aviary includes different local and international birds for residents to enjoy and refresh.

Lake and Fishing Point

It’s a fact that most people enjoy the view of lakes and fishing points. Therefore, countryside farm management has a plan for a lake and fishing point to help the residents to do fishing and enjoy the tasty dishes at the lake. 

Community Center

A community center is the best place to help the residents to engage with one another to give their suggestions to improve society and community relationships. Therefore, management has a plan to develop a magnificent community center to facilitate the residents.

Countryside Farms Rawalpindi Development Status

The developers have leveled most of the area, and construction of a farmhouse is started. The developers have also started the development of a mosque in the farmhouse area. Therefore development work is going quickly to complete the project within a given deadline to boost the trust of residents and investors in this society. You check out Countryside Farms Rawalpindi latest news about development work.


Everyone dreams of living in a luxurious place, but only a few people get the chance to live in a luxurious place. So, you are lucky to buy a farmhouse in Countryside Farms Rawalpindi. The modern architectural design, beautiful natural surroundings, and modern facilities are waiting to welcome you into the world of a richer lifestyle.  

Makaan Solutions is the premium sales partner of several housing projects in Pakistan, such as Prime Valley Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Rudn Enclave, Nova City Islamabad, and New Metro City Gujar Khan. Therefore, it is a good decision to take the assistance of this world-class real estate firm in Pakistan to buy a plot or farmhouse in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

FAQs About Countryside Farms

What is the purpose of Countryside Farms in Rawalpindi?

The purpose of Countryside Farms Rawalpindi is to provide the best residential experience on agricultural land. 

Are 2 Kanal farmhouses available in this farmhouse society?

No, there are no 2 Kanal farmhouses in this countryside farmhouse society.

How much time is required for possession after booking a farmhouse?

The management promised to give possession within three months after booking a farmhouse.

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