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Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi is the newest residential project by Black Hawk Builders and Developers to facilitate you with phenomenal facilities and amenities. The housing project is situated on the main Chakbeli Road. There are commercial and residential plots for sale in society at a reasonable payment schedule.

Hawk Melbourne City: Your Gateway to a Great Lifestyle

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi is an innovative housing scheme that is started after getting inspiration from Melbourne City. Therefore, this society is going to provide the facilities people are enjoying in Australia. The people of twin cities will be able to experience the fantastic lifestyle within Hawks Melbourne Rawalpindi.

This housing society is being constructed in the presence of great infrastructure to facilitate you in an improved way. The management is working to develop the first-ever hybrid energy housing scheme in Pakistan to offer a phenomenal living experience. Therefore, you will get a lot of benefits along with the feeling texture of Melbourne city.

Hawk Melbourne City: Owner & Developers

Every housing society is owned by an individual or company that takes full responsibility for developing and constructing the land for the respective customers. The owner and developers of Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi are the Black Hawk Builders and Developers. They are focused on ensuring a stylish lifestyle with all facilities for you.

hawks melbourne city developer

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi NOC Status

Legal status has the ultimate role for every housing society in Pakistan because it ensures that your investment must not be drowned. The management of this residential society is very familiar with the factor of NOC status. Therefore, they have applied for the NOC of Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi. Currently, the LOP is in the process, which will be approved in the upcoming days.

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Location: Chakbeli Road

The location has the primary role of every residential project in Pakistan because people don’t want to live in jungles or deserts. Therefore, housing societies always started within the premises of cities to offer flexible access to the residents. You must consider the location of this housing society for buying a valuable property for yourself. 

The location of Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi is on the main Chakbeli Road in the vicinity of Rawat. You can easily access this society from Rawat. Moreover, the people of twin cities can easily reach this society because of its easy-to-access location.   

GT Road is also a few minutes away, which enables you to reach society easily without facing any travelling challenges. Moreover, N-5 Interchange and Ring Road also provide flexible access to you. You can easily visit the society from the access point of Losar Mor.

Nearby Places 

The nearby landmarks for this housing scheme are listed below:

Access Points

The accessibility for this housing society is mentioned below:

  • Chakbeli Road is estimated 2 minutes away 
  • Rawat is estimated 4 minutes away
  • Giga Mall is estimated to be 12 minutes away
  • GT Road is estimated to be 13 minutes away
  • Imtiaz Mega Mall is estimated to be 15 minutes away
  • T-Chowk is estimated to be 17 minutes away 
  • Islamabad Expressway is estimated to be 28 minutes away
  • New International Airport is estimated to be 47 minutes away
hawks melbourne location
hawks melbourne location

Hawks Melbourne City Map

The map for this phenomenal residential project is as follows:

hawks melbourne city map

Hawks Melbourne City Master Plan

It is a master-planned housing society that includes various plot sizes in residential and commercial areas. The master plan of Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi is a fantastic approach by experienced designers to include a 200 feet main boulevard for a 2500 Kanal area.

The experienced team has divided the total area of Hawks Melbourne City Islamabad into commercial and residential plots along with the apartments. Moreover, the layout plan of this society also consists of open and public spaces. 

Hawks Melbourne City Blocks 

The blocks in society enable you to reach a specific plot easily without facing any problems. Therefore, the developers have made a mind to include the various blocks in this society. Hawks Melbourne City blocks are as follows:

  • Central Suburb 
  • Fawkner Suburb 
  • Fitzroy Suburb 
  • Glenroy Suburb
  • North Suburb 
  • South Suburb  

Residential Plots

You are looking for a residential plot to build the home of your dreams. The management of these residential plots offers different residential plots to enable people who want to buy the residential plots at a pocket-friendly price. 

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla 
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots 

Commercial plots are the essential part of this housing scheme that makes sure that residents don’t need to go outside to fulfil their commercial needs. The management has announced the following commercial plots.

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
hawks melbourne master map
hawks melbourne master map

Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

The payment plan of Hawks Melbourne Housing Scheme is a valuable factor to know when you’re interested in buying your property. The payment schedule is divided into the down payment and affordable installments.

The plot prices of commercial and residential plots enable potential customers to own their valuable properties without facing any problems with finances. It’s a fact that the Hawk Melbourne City payment schedule is a great initiative by the management to facilitate the respective customers.  

Residential Plots Payment Schedule 

The end-users always search for the most affordable residential plots in twin cities to experience a peaceful lifestyle. Therefore, the management has made sure to bring a reasonable Hawks Melbourne City payment plan for residential plots in the presence of pocket-friendly installments. 

3 Marla 

3 marla residential plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 1,125,000
  • The down payment is 281,250
  • 48 monthly installments of 11,250
  • 4 yearly installments of 33,750
  • The possession charges are 168,750

5 Marla 

5 marla residential plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 1,875,000
  • The down payment is 468,750
  • 48 monthly installments of 18,750
  • 4 yearly installments of 56,250
  • The possession charges are 281,250

7 Marla 

7 marla residential plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 2,450,000
  • The down payment is 612,500
  • 48 monthly installments of 24,500
  • 4 yearly installments of 73,500
  • The possession charges are 367,500

10 Marla 

10 marla residential plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 3,350,000
  • The down payment is 837,500
  • 48 monthly installments of 33,500
  • 4 yearly installments of 100,500
  • The possession charges are 502,500

1 Kanal 

1 Kanal residential plot for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 6,500,000
  • The down payment is 1,625,000
  • 48 monthly installments of 65,000
  • 4 yearly installments of 195,000
  • The possession charges are 975,000
hawks melbourne payment plan residential

Commercial Plots Payment Schedule 

Commercial properties always offer magnificent profitability to the respective investors, which is the most lucrative benefit for them. These commercial plots in this housing society ensure that every investor can earn a huge profit through their investments. Hawks Melbourne City payment plan for commercial plots is an approach by the management to enable you to reserve commercial properties through flexible installments. 

3 Marla 

3 marla commercial plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 5,250,000
  • The down payment is 1,312,500
  • 48 monthly installments of 52,500
  • 4 yearly installments of 157,500
  • The possession charges are 787,500

4 Marla 

4 marla commercial plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 7,000,000
  • The down payment is 1,750,000
  • 48 monthly installments of 70,000
  • 4 yearly installments of 210,000
  • The possession charges are 1,050,000

5 Marla 

5 marla commercial plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne City:

  • The total price is 8,750,000
  • The down payment is 2,187,500
  • 48 monthly installments of 87,500
  • 4 yearly installments of 262,500
  • The possession charges are 1,312,500
hawks melbourne payment plan commercial

How to Buy a Plot in Hawks Melbourne City?

It is crucial for potential customers to know about the booking procedure for Hawks Melbourne City because it enables them to secure their properties easily without facing any challenges. It becomes more flexible for you to book a plot in Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi with the top-notch assistance of Makaan Solutions

The step-by-step guide for plot booking in this society is as follows:

  • Fill out the Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi application form 
  • Add the customer’s CNIC copies 
  • Make the down payment 
  • Submit the booking form with the necessary documents

Required Documents

The important documents for booking a plot are mentioned below:

  • Customer’s 2 CNIC copies 
  • Customer’s 2 passport-size pictures
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC copies
booking step

Benefits of Property Investment in Hawks Melbourne City

There are several reasons to invest in this potential residential project. These reasons urge potential customers to invest in Hawks Melbourne City. Let’s have a look at the benefits for customers who are going to make an investment in this housing scheme.

Premium Location 

The housing society has a premium location within Rawalpindi that ensures flexible accessibility for investors and end-users. The value of your property boosts because of the prime location.

Exceptional Development 

The exceptional and fast development in this residential project also ensures a high return on your investment in this housing scheme. 

Modern Facilities 

The benefit of buying a plot in this society is that you’ll be able to access modern amenities and facilities within this housing project. These facilities bring ease into the customers’ lives.

High ROI 

Everyone desires the highest ROI on their investment in society. Therefore, the management has made sure to facilitate every investor with magnificent profitability. 

Stable Income 

A stable income is a fundamental benefit of making investments in this fast-growing housing scheme. Therefore, you can become capable of earning a continuous income through your investment in this residential project.

Facilities & Amenities

The residents of every housing society want to live peacefully in the presence of facilities that bring ease to them. Therefore, the management of this housing scheme is also ensuring the required amenities and facilities for the residents. Let’s have a look at the available facilities for this project.

Grand Mosque 

Every Muslim in the world wants to offer five times prayers with other religious duties. The housing schemes always consider the essential amenity of a grand mosque with small mosques for different sectors. Therefore, the management of Hawks Melbourne housing society is developing a grand mosque within the society. 

Imam Bargah

This is a magnificent housing society that is aimed to facilitate every entity in Islam. Therefore, the management is constructing an Imam Bargah to preach Islam to the residents.  


Hawks Melbourne society has become most in demand because of considering the minority. Therefore, the developers are focused on constructing a church within the society to facilitate the Christian community. 

Community Center 

It is important to engage with neighbors and other members of the community when you’re living in a society. Therefore, the availability of a community center within the premises of society enables you to keep in touch with your community.  


The literacy rate defines the positive growth of every country. Therefore, everyone considers education as a basic need. It is necessary for housing societies to include educational institutes to ensure high-standard education for the residents. 


There are several people who’re facing health issues and struggling to get improved treatment. It is necessary for patients to be treated by specialist doctors in the presence of modern medical equipment. Therefore, a world-class hospital with 24/7 hours services facilitates the residents within the society.

Horse Riding Club

There are many people who have a passion for riding horses. However, every person can’t access the best horse riding clubs in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You don’t need to worry because the management of this society includes the facility of a phenomenal horse riding club for the residents. 

Water Theme Park 

It is a desire of every Pakistani to live in a society that includes a world-class park with water slides, water playgrounds, and swimming pools. Therefore, the developers are committed to developing a phenomenal water theme park for the residents.  

Open Theatre 

People want to experience open-air theatre in Pakistan to watch their favorite movies and shows. The management is going to upgrade the theatre experience in the presence of world-class architecture. 

Tram Transport System 

There are people who have never experienced traveling on a train but want to travel on a train. It’s good news for you because the management is on a vision to include a world-class tram transport system for you.  


Every person wants to live in a secure environment where they don’t get disturbed due to different events. Therefore, the presence of qualified security staff with advanced security equipment ensures the ultimate safety of the residents.

Basic Utilities 

Electricity, gas, and water are considered the basic utilities for every person living on the earth. It’s a fact that life becomes difficult in the absence of these utilities. Purified water is being provided in this society. Moreover, the developers are also working on the underground supply of gas and electricity for the residents.

hawks melbourne city facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of this housing scheme are mentioned below:

Experienced DevelopersNOC in Process
Perfect Location
Affordable Payment Plan
Exceptional Master Plan
Advanced Facilities & Amenities
Phenomenal Development Work

Development Status

It is crucial for you to know about the current development status of Hawks Melbourne City when you’re going to invest your money in this society. The experienced developers have started the groundwork, which is the initial step for the development. 

Hawks Melbourne City Latest News

You must want to know about the latest updates about this society before making an investment. The management is waiting for the approval of the legal status, according to the latest updates about Hawks Melbourne City.


Every person wants to buy a plot in a society that has a premium location in the city with an affordable payment schedule. Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi is the most flexible option for investment and residency. Therefore, people have already started to invest in this phenomenal project of twin cities.

You can contact Makaan Solutions for proper guidance from an experienced team if you’re new in the real estate industry. However, we’re offering our exceptional services to well-experienced and new people who want to achieve the goal of maximum profitability and excellent residential experience.

People Also Ask:

Why is the NOC of Hawks Melbourne City not approved yet?

The management has submitted the necessary documents for the legal status to the concerned authorities and is waiting for approval.

What is the importance of location for this society?

The location of this housing scheme decides the high ROI with the eco-friendly environment for the residents because the location decides the familiarity of the housing projects.

How is a legal status effective for a housing society?

The legal status is very effective for every housing society because it is required for the private housing societies to get approval from the government authorities.

Who is the owner of Hawks Melbourne City?

The owners of this top-notch residential project are Black Hawk Builders and Developers.

How can first-time buyers reserve a plot in this housing scheme without proper knowledge of real estate?

First-time buyers in the real estate industry don’t have much knowledge and get confused about where and how to invest in society. Therefore, they need to contact Makaan Solutions to reserve a plot smoothly.

Why do experienced investors need the services of a real estate firm to invest in Hawks Melbourne Rawalpindi?

Experienced investors need the services of a real estate firm like Makaan Solutions for a smooth investment process.

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