Tab City Rawalpindi

Tab City Rawalpindi offers different commercial and residential plots with an affordable payment plan. This project of Tab Builders is located on the main GT Road to provide great accessibility to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It is a master-planned housing project with an easier booking procedure with the help of Makaan Solutions.


Are you looking to enjoy a marvelous lifestyle in the surroundings of beautiful green hills? Tab City Rawalpindi is a new housing society to serve the people with the best commercial and residential areas in the most eco-friendly environment. Therefore, management is working day and night to bring convenience for investors and residents.

Tab City in Islamabad is the best place for local and overseas people to enjoy the magnificent overview of green hills. It is the modern-day housing project in Rawalpindi with the best available facilities. Therefore, the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi can access the best features of living in a beautiful location. There are equal opportunities for people with an intent of residency and business.

Tab City Rawalpindi Owners and Developers

Tab Builders are the developers of Tab City Rawalpindi. In 2020, Tab Builders started real estate development work. It is a fast-growing real estate company that aims to provide the best benefits to its customers. This building company provides exceptional real estate services for commercial and residential projects.

The owners of Tab City Rawalpindi are Maulana Tariq Jamil and his son, who are trusted and well-known religious personalities across Pakistan. He already owns a lot of businesses, such as perfumes and clothing brands. Now, he is going to facilitate the Pakistani nation with a perfect living standard.

Tab City Islamabad is the first project by Maulana Tariq Jamil and his son that is definitely a remarkable real estate project in joint cities.

Tab City Rawalpindi NOC Status

The NOC approval status of a housing project has a great role in boosting its value. Moreover, the value of commercial and residential plots boosts because of their magnificent legal status. The NOC of Tab City Rawalpindi is in the process and will be approved very soon. You must buy this society because owners and developers are reliable; even Tab City Rawalpindi NOC isn’t approved yet.

Tab City Rawalpindi Location

The location of Tab City Rawalpindi has significant importance for residents and investors. It is a fact that some people want to live away from the noise of the city, and some people want to live within the city. Therefore, Tab City Rawalpindi location is just ten-fifteen minutes away from Rawalpindi and thirty minutes away from Islamabad.  

Tab City is located in a serene place on GT Road near Chak Beli Khan, which is a future business and residential hub. It is next to the Countryside Farms Rawalpindi, which is a brilliant farmhouse society in Rawalpindi. Moreover, Ring Road Interchange is easily accessible and helps you to save your traveling time. 

– Tab City Rawalpindi Total Area

The total area of Tab City Rawalpindi is 10,000 Kanal, which categorizes commercial and residential plots. Therefore, this Tab City housing project provides advanced services to improve living standards in Pakistan. 


Tab City Rawalpindi accessibility is necessary to know for you when you are ready to invest in this housing project. Tab City Rawalpindi access points enable you to access the housing society. The access points are given below:

  • Located on Chak Beli Road
  • Two minutes away from Countryside Farms
  • Six minutes away from DHA Phase III
  • Eight minutes away from GT Road
  • Thirteen minutes away from Kallar Syedan Road
  • Fifteen minutes away from Giga Mall
  • Twenty minutes away from Rawat

Nearby Places

The adjacent places of Tab City Islamabad are boosting the value of this housing project, which is an attractive investment option for overseas Pakistanis who are looking to buy plots in their beloved country. Let’s have a look at Tab City Rawalpindi nearby places:

Tap City Rawalpindi Location

Tab City Rawalpindi Master Plan

The master plan of Tab City Rawalpindi is designed by an experienced team of designers who are known for flexible master plans to enable the common people. Tab City Rawalpindi master plan includes the geographical locations of commercial and residential plots.  

Layout Plan

The layout plan of Tab City Rawalpindi visually showcases the residential and commercial plots in the different blocks. You can view and choose the premium plot location through the analysis of the Tab City Rawalpindi layout plan

Residential Plots

The residential plots of Tab City Rawalpindi have the most significance that attracts the end-users to build their homes in an eco-friendly location that is covered by green hills. It is very important for you to go through TCR residential plots sizes that are given below:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

– Commercial Plots

Tab City Rawalpindi commercial plot sizes are ready to give a magnificent boost to your business. These commercial plots are located in a fantastic location to ensure the best business growth. The commercial plots of Tab City Rawalpindi will be launched very soon. 

Tab City Rawalpindi Payment Plan

When you are aware of plot sizes, you need to know about the payment plan of Tab City Rawalpindi before buying a plot. Therefore, you must check out the prices of different plots according to your affordability and flexibility. Tab City Rawalpindi payment plan helps you to own your plot in the affordable installment plan. 

– Residential Plots Payment Plan 

The residential plots are the most crucial part of every housing project across the world. Therefore, Tab City Rawalpindi residential plots payment plan is essential information for local and overseas Pakistanis who are showing a great interest in the project because of reliable owners and developers. Tab City Islamabad payment plan for residential plots is given below:

Plot SizeTotal PriceDown Payment 20%36 Monthly Installments
5 marla 2,275,000455,00050,555
7 marla3,080,000616,00068,444
10 marla4,250,000850,000 94,444
1 Kanal8,200,0001,640,000182,222
Tab City Rawalpindi Payment Plan Mustafa Block

Commercial Plots Payment Plan

There are a lot of business opportunities knocking on your investment door. It is time to open the door to get a high return on your investment. However, everyone is curious about the Tab City Rawalpindi commercial plots payment plan. The management is still working on the payment plan for Tab City Rawalpindi commercial plots that will be launched soon. 

Tab City Rawalpindi Facilities and Amenities

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial plot, it matters a lot to consider the facilities of Tab City Rawalpindi that are available to facilitate you towards the high living and business standards. These available facilities attract residents and potential investors. Let’s go through Tab City Rawalpindi facilities:

– Sustainable Development 

In Tab City Islamabad, developers are ensuring sustainable development in commercial and residential plots. This development also ensures an eco-friendly environment for business and residency. The owners know the importance of the environment for economic havoc. 

– Water, Gas, and Electricity

In a housing project, gas, electricity, and water are the most important concerns that are basic needs in this modern era. Therefore, the management of Tab City ensures a continuous flow of water, gas, and electricity in residential and commercial areas.  

– Education

Education is essential for every society. Therefore, owners and developers have collaborated to provide the best educational facilities to every resident. The availability of various educational institutes ensures the quality of education in this society. 

– Health Care

Healthy people play a magnificent role in society. Therefore, this society includes world-class medical services for the residents. The residents have access to the dental and medical institutions that are available to help in any emergency.

– Security

The safety of every resident is the priority of management. Therefore, the management has acquired a surveillance system with advanced CCTV cameras at different spots to make this housing project safe for businesses and residents. 

– Recreational Activities

There are a lot of recreational activities to refresh the residents when they get tired of the tough daily routine. Playgrounds, zoos, and parks are part of Tab City to facilitate the people with the best activities within the society. 

– Mosques

The facility of mosques is a priority of owners and developers to make sure that residents can easily offer their religious duties. There are multiple mosques across different locations in this society. 

Tab City Rawalpindi Facilities

How to book a plot in Tab City Rawalpindi?

The plot booking wasn’t always an easy procedure. However, the Tab City plot booking procedure is easier with the help of Makaan Solutions which is a top-rated real estate firm, to facilitate the local and overseas investors along with the end-users. 

Necessary Documents For Plot Booking

The following documents are necessary for plot booking in Tab City Rawalpindi:

  • Copies of CNIC
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Online or manual application submission with a down payment
booking step

Benefits of Investment in Tab City Rawalpindi

There are a lot of benefits for people who want to invest in Tab City Rawalpindi. Let’s have a look at the benefits:

Valuable Asset

Buying a plot in Tab City Rawalpindi is a valuable asset that is going to gain value with time. Therefore, you must buy your plot in this housing society as soon as possible.


When you own a plot in any housing project, you always get some profit with the passage of time. However, Tab City ensures a high return on your investment in no time. Therefore, you can enjoy magnificent profitability in a short interval of time.

– Earning Stream 

You can buy a plot in Tab City Islamabad to make another passive earning stream. Therefore, you can rent your plot to get a monthly rent, which is a way of passive income in real estate.


Tab City Rawalpindi is a trending housing project nowadays. Reliable owners and developers have a mission of facilitating the Pakistani people with the best services. The payment is urging the middle-class to book their plots at affordable rates to enjoy the facilities which they can only dream of. If you want to escape from all the hassle of booking a plot, you can contact Makaan Solutions, where our team is dedicated to assisting you and handling the Tab City plot booking procedure. Moreover, our real estate firm is the official sales partner of several housing projects such as Capital Smart City, Lahore Smart City, Prime Valley, Kingdom Valley, Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi, New Metro City Gujar Khan, and Citi Housing Kharian.

faqs About Tab City Islamabad

Why Should you invest in Tab City Rawalpindi?

It is a new housing project in Rawalpindi that can return a high profit on your investment.

What is the advantage of booking a plot in Tab City Islamabad?

The advantage of booking a plot is the affordability and profit. You can book your plot at pre-launched rates to earn a good profit.

What is the role of Maulana Tariq Jamil in Tab City?

Maulana Tariq Jamil’s son has a partnership in this latest housing project in Rawalpindi. However, Maulana Tariq Jamil has no direct role in this project.

When will society be launched?

Tab City Rawalpindi will be launched in the upcoming days.

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