Mega City Gujar Khan

Mega City Gujar Khan is a new housing project in Gujar Khan that is located on the main Grand Trunk Road. The affordable payment plan and NOC status urge the customers to buy commercial and residential plots for the high potential of profit.


Mega City Gujar Khan is a housing project that is aimed to provide the best residential and business experience to customers. This new residential venture is opposite the New Metro City Gujar Khan to give a luxurious living experience to the people of Gujar Khan. Mega City in Gujar Khan is ready to enable customers for the mega facilities and amenities. 

Mega City is located on the main GT Road in Gujar Khan to offer the best accessibility to the residents and investors. The owners and developers of Mega City Gujar Khan have chosen the ideal place in the city to offer the ideal living standards to the residents. Moreover, it’s a fact that potential investors always invest in a housing society that has a premium location. 

Mega City Gujar Khan Location

The location of Mega City Gujar Khan is on GT Road, close to  Prism Town, which is also a brilliant housing project in Gujar Khan. Therefore, it is the place of most preferred property for customers who know the value of its location.

Mega City is in front of New Metro City, which adds value to the different housing societies of Gujar Khan. Therefore, it is the most desirable residential project for several people in Pakistan. 

The premium location ensures the best benefits for all customers in this project. Therefore, you have access to the best lifestyle within this residential project. 

Nearby Landmarks 

Mega City Gujar Khan nearby landmarks are given below:

  • Mall of Gujar Khan 
  • Railway Line
  • Tehsil Headquarters


You can access this society:

  • One minute away from New Metro City 
  • Six minutes away from Baba Jhanda 
  • Eight minutes away from the city
  • Ten minutes away from Shareef Forest Park
  • Twelve minutes away from Family Spot Park
  • Thirty minutes away from Sangni Fort 
  • Thirty-two minutes away from Bedi Mahal 
  • Sixty minutes away from Fort Pharwala 
mega city location

Mega City Gujar Khan NOC Status

The housing is in the phase of launch to facilitate the people with the high-standards of lifestyle. The NOC of Mega City is in the final phase of approval to gain the trust of people who want to enjoy the mega facilities. The certification of no objection makes sure that the housing society is legal according to the different law enforcement authorities. 

NOC is an essential document that displays the legal status of the housing society to potential customers. Moreover, the availability of NOC for Mega City Gujar Khan will offer profitable investment opportunities to investors. 

Mega City Gujar Khan Owners & Developers

The owners and developers of Mega City are EarthLink and Grande, who is aimed to develop a magnificent residential society within the historical city of Gujar Khan. They have the vision to bring an outstanding infrastructure for new dimensions of the best lifestyle. 

Previous Projects By Mega City Gujar Khan Developers:

The developers of Mega City have done these phenomenal projects in the past: 

  • EarthLink Towers
  • Grande Marina 
  • V8 Mall

The excellent development of these projects has elevated the developers’ credibility in real estate. 

mega city developers

Mega City Gujar Khan Payment Plan

The payment plan for Mega City will be launched very soon, which will enable you to book your plot at a reasonable price. It is decided to introduce a cost-effective payment plan in the presence of economical monthly installments.

The plot prices in Mega City Gujar Khan are very reasonably similar to Prime Valley Islamabad. Therefore, it will be a flexible long-term investment to provide the best value on the properties in this housing scheme.

Why is it suggested to book a plot in Mega City?

It is always suggested to book a plot in Mega City Gujar Khan because it is a new housing project in Gujar with a low cost for plots. Makaan Solutions recommends you purchase your plot as a first priority because plot rates in Mega City Gujar Khan will be increased gradually. 

The essential steps for smooth purchasing are given below:

  • Complete the process of filling Mega City Gujar Khan application form
  • Affix CNIC copies with the application form 
  • Use a cheque or pay the order method for the down payment 
  • Let’s talk with the management about cash payment
  • Submission of documents and payment receipt 
booking step

Benefits of Owning a Plot in Mega City

The awesome news is that plots for sale in Mega City offer international-standards facilities for residents of different backgrounds. 

– Valuable Property

A plot in this housing society is always a great way of having valuable property. The residential plots for sale in Mega City Gujar Khan are a great source for building beautiful homes. Moreover, commercial plots are the most valuable properties in this housing project. 

– High Return on Investment

The commercial plots for sale in Mega City Gujar Khan always return a marvelous profit to the investors. Therefore, potential investors always prefer commercial property for investment. 

– Passive Earning 

A plot in a Mega City is a great source of passive earnings because you can rent it. Therefore, it is the perfect time to invest in Mega City Gujar Khan

Mega City Master Plan

The master plan of Mega City Gujar Khan showcases the different sectors and plots in this residential society. Moreover, it also guides the customers about the width of roads and streets, entrance points, and different amenities. 

The master plan enables the customers to do the proper construction on their plots. Therefore, the developers have hired experienced architects and designers to design Mega City Gujar Khan master plan

Residential Plots

Mega City residential plots for sale for the potential end-users:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Mega City commercial plots for sale to return a higher profit:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Mega City Gujar Khan Facilities & Amenities 

The availability of facilities in Mega City ensures that people enjoy fantastic living standards. 

– Gated Community

It is a secured residential society with entrance gates to provide a safe entry for the people. The presence of surveillance equipment provides safety for every entrance. The visitors have to provide CNIC for verification at the entrance gate before entering this residential project.  

– Education & Health 

The owners are set to provide the best facilities for health and education within the premises of Mega City. The educational institutes consist of experienced staff to provide international standard education. The educational institutions have world-class infrastructure and quality standards to build a well-educated community. 

The health care centers consist of qualified surgeons and doctors to facilitate the residents in case of any medical emergency. Moreover, the residents can get the best medical services for critical health cases. 

– Shuttle Service

The availability of the shuttle helps the residents to have a convenient traveling experience. So, you will enjoy a hassle-free journey. 

– Mega Club 

There is an amazing club that includes swimming pools and a gym to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the residents.

– Safari Park

The good news for customers because Safari Park is part of this housing society to enjoy the natural wildlife view. You will be able to see the various animals and birds that enhance the beauty of this society. 

– Polo Club 

There is a polo club to offer the residents to play the various polo games, including tournaments. 

– MegaPlex

The residents, with their friends and families, can spend their leisure time in the presence of MegaPlex. This facility enables you to have a magnificent entertainment experience of watching movies.  

– Racing Track

The management is focused on keeping the residents healthy by enabling them to use the racing track. 

mega city facilities

Mega City Gujar Khan Development Status

The development work in Mega City Gujar Khan will be started in the residential area in the upcoming days. The developers are trustworthy because of the fast development of previous projects. Therefore, they are ready to deliver a world-class residential project.

Pros & Cons of Mega City Gujar Khan

The pros and cons of Mega City Gujar Khan are as follow:

Developers’ previous successful projectsAway from the center of the city 
Prominent location
Affordable prices
Modern master plan
World-class infrastructure

Final Words

The owners and developers are bringing the best living experience to Gujar Khan by introducing the world-class housing project Mega City Gujar Khan. It is a high-demand residential project in Gujar Khan because of its premium location and reasonable payment plan. 

Makaan Solutions is a giant real estate company that is better known for its excellent services in different housing projects. Therefore, local and overseas Pakistanis believe in the credibility of our team for booking their plots in world-class societies such as Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City.

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