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Soan Garden Farms Islamabad is a new farmhouse society in the capital city with a premium location near New International Airport. The plots are available for sale in Soan Garden Phase 2 at an affordable payment plan with the flexibility of installments.

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad is one of the best farmhouses near the New Islamabad Airport for people who wish to enjoy a calm and secure environment in the farm community. Management has also planned Soan Garden Phase-2 to offer a new style of farmhouse In Pakistan. 

The visitors and residents can use the frame house’s services as a picnic spot or their ideal home. The Soan Garden Farmhouses offer all the amenities to the people. It is a home on a piece of land used for farming, and farming is its primary usage. The Soan Garden Farms Islamabad is conveniently located in a natural setting with rich soil. The lush vegetation around its position demonstrates how fertile the region is for farming.

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad Location

The location of Soan Garden Farms Islamabad is next to the M-14 Motorway and a ring road. Moreover, you can easily access Soan Gardens Phase 2 location from M-2 Motorway. The area is free of the city’s clamorous traffic and pollution and offers a tranquil setting with all the necessities of life. The Soan Garden Farms Location Map is perfect since it offers genuine value for money through the basic necessities of existence.

Access Points:

You can easily access this Soan Garden farmhouse society easily:

  • 5 minutes from the Ring Road
  • 12 minutes from the CPEC Interchange
  • 10 minutes from Thalian Interchange
  • 15 minutes from New Islamabad International Airport

Nearby Places 

The following places are near Soan Garden Farms in Rawalpindi:

soan garden farms location

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad NOC

The CDA is currently processing and will soon grant the NOC for Soan Garden Farms Islamabad. Additionally, the management has started working with the Capital Development Authority to get the Soan Garden Phase 2 NOC as soon as possible.

Individuals always desire to own their properties exclusively in lawful residential projects because NOC approvals are quite valuable in the real estate market. As a result, the developers have worked incredibly hard to get NOC approval. CDA is eager to grant legal status to Soan Garden Rawalpindi.

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad Payment Plan

Investors can now view the payment plan of Soan Garden Farms Rawalpindi. You can reserve a plot in Soan Gardens Islamabad for a deposit of 30% with the availability of 30 monthly installments.

The plot prices in Soan Garden Farms Rawalpindi are subject to an additional 10% increase for the properties of the corner location. In addition, there will be an additional 8% charge for the plots near Main Boulevard.

Soan Garden Islamabad Pre-Launch Payment Plan

The pre-launch payment plan of Soan Gardens Phase 2 is a way of enabling people to purchase their property at an affordable rate. Therefore, management has announced the plot prices in Soan Garden Farms

Soan Garden 4 Kanal Farm Pre-Launch Price

4 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Soan Garden Islamabad

  • The entire price is 12,500,000
  • 30% down payment is 3,750,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 95,000
  • 10 quarterly installments of 450,000
  • The final installment of 1,400,000 

Soan Garden 8 Kanal Farm Pre-Launch Price

8 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Soan Garden Islamabad

  • The entire price is 25,000,000
  • 30% down payment is 7,500,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 190,000
  • 10 quarterly installments of 900,000
  • The final installment of 2,800,000 
soan garden farms payment plan pre launch

Soan Garden Islamabad Launched Payment Plan

It’s a fact that the launched payment plan of Soan Garden Farms will be increased. However, it is ensured that farm prices will be low to help the customers. The Soan Garden payment plan for farms is given below:

Soan Garden 4 Kanal Farm Launched Price

4 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Soan Garden Islamabad

  • The entire price is 15,000,000
  • 30% down payment is 4,500,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 110,000
  • 10 quarterly installments of 550,000
  • The final installment of 1,700,000 

Soan Garden 8 Kanal Farm Launched Price

8 Kanal farmhouse for sale in Soan Garden Islamabad

  • The entire price is 30,000,000
  • 30% down payment is 9,000,000
  • 30 monthly installments of 220,000
  • 10 quarterly installments of 1,100,000
  • The final installment of 3,400,000 
soan garden farms payment plan launch

What Is The Process For Booking A Plot In Soan Green farms?

It is imperative that you are aware of the procedure for booking plots in Soan Garden Farms Islamabad. You can receive help from the knowledgeable staff at Makaan Solutions for a seamless booking process.

These steps make it easy to reserve your plot.

  • Let’s meticulously complete the Soan Garden Farms application form.
  • Submission of copies of CNIC
  • Pay the balance by check or money order.
  • Management approval is required for cash payments.
  • Submitting the required paperwork and a payment receipt

What Are The Required Documents To Book A Plot In Soan Green Farms?

Soan Green Farms is a popular housing development that raised living standards by offering the best amenities at reasonable prices with flexible payback plans. The aforementioned documents are the ones you need to supply.

  • CNIC copies for the client and the next-of-kin
  • Photos of a passport-size
  • NICOP for clients from abroad
Book a Plot

Why should you buy plots In Soan Green Farms?

Having a superb source of revenue in Pakistan is always a great notion. For both domestic and foreign investors, real estate investing in housing projects is currently a lucrative venture. The following astounding advantages come with buying a plot in Soan Green Farms.

Financial Security

You can make an investment in Soan Garden Farms Islamabad to achieve financial independence. You can also profit significantly from your investing in the desired farm in this society.

Earning Source

A property in Soan Garden Farms has become a significant source of income that enables you to live magnificently.

Realistic Business

Real estate has developed into a fantastic industry that allows investors to make good money. As a result, you have a lot of investment options in this sustainable company.

Passive Income

Soan Garden Farms plots for sale to enable people to have an idea of passive income in the present era. 

Valuable Asset

The available plots in Soan Garden Farms Islamabad have grown to be important investments for a variety of buyers. You must purchase a plot in this civilization because the value of the land will rise quickly.

Soan Green Farms Developers & Owner

The Capital Central Park Developer is working on a project known as Soan Garden Phase-2. The Islamabad-based Capital Central Park Developer is a rising force in Pakistan’s real estate market. The developers of Soan Garden Farms Islamabad are unmatched in their ability to offer comprehensive planning, architectural, and creative services. They have come up with the most current design with international development standards.

Soan Green Farms Master Plan

Master plan of Soan Garden Farms was created for the farmhouse using cutting-edge concepts. The project includes all of the necessities of existence. A sizable area has been set aside for vegetation, which enhances the attractiveness of the surrounding natural environment and serves as an essential supply of healthy oxygen.

Offering a variety of farmhouses are the Soan Garden Farms, also called Soan Garden Phase-2.

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Facilities and Amenities

These facilities are offered in Soan Garden Farms Islamabad:

Basic Utilities

Water, and gas, and electricity are the basic facilities in this residential project for the residents. The whole residential project has an underground sewage and drainage system. 

Educational Institutes

Soan Garden Phase 2 includes several schools within the blocks to ensure the provision of high-quality education. However, the residential development is near to educational institutions.

Hospitals & Clinics

The management ensures that residents can get the required medical care. There are hospitals and clinics.

Climate-friendly Environment

This is an environment-friendly society that includes parks, gardens, and playgrounds to facilitate the residents with the amazing climate.

Roads and Boulevards

The housing society’s streets and avenues will be nicely carpeted and open. Streetlights enhance the beauty of this society.


The developers have chosen an ideal place for the construction of mosques in the blocks. There is also a Grand Jamia Mosque.


Residents of the residential society enjoy a very safe atmosphere. There are different entrances and boundary walls for the society. The security guards have patrol duties throughout this project.

Walk-through gates will be built at the entrances to a housing society to make sure that only people with permission can enter the residential community’s grounds.

CCTV cameras will also be deployed in every nook and cranny to further enhance the security of the occupants.


  • Secure Gated Community
  • Secured with CCTV Cameras
  • Fully maintained with 24-hour security
  • Carpet Roads
  • Sewerage/Drain System
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Underground Electricity
  • Beautiful Mosque
  • Monuments
  • Green Belt
  • Golf Club
  • Parks
soan garden farms amenetie

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad Development Status 

The development work in Soan Garden Phase 2 is a top concern for clients who want to move into society quickly. As a result, management has begun the fantastic Soan Garden Farms Rawalpindi development work.

Soan Gardens Farms Islamabad Launch Date

Soan Garden Phase 2 will officially launch in the coming days, according to the management. As a result, it is breaking news for those who trust management because of its track record of successful initiatives.

Soan Garden Farms Rawalpindi Latest News

The management has published the most recent payment schedule for the residential plots, according to the Soan Garden Farms Islamabad’s latest news. It takes commitment to make sure you obtain the highest ROI.

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad Possession

The management always informs the clients about the terms and conditions of possession. It is a beautiful residential development that consists of a number of farms. The possession of Soan Garden Phase 2 presents many lucrative alternatives for buyers. Additionally, possession will be made available following the extensive development work.

Soan Garden Phase 2 Balloting

A date will be set for Soan Garden Farms Islamabad balloting after plot reservations. It will take place in stages. In addition, you can ask management questions about balloting.

Soan Garden Farms Islamabad Balloting Results

The balloting results of Soan Garden Phase 2 will be made public after the plots in the society have been possessed and balloted.

Pros and cons

Following are the pros & cons of Soan Garden Farms Islamabad:


  • 24/7 water
  • 24/7 gas
  • 24/7 electricity
  • Security system
  • Solid waste disposal mechanism
  • Surveillance systems, CCTV cameras & guards
  • Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
  • Very close to the central locations & other projects


  • Perception of high prices


Everyone aspires to live in an opulent setting, but only a select few are given the opportunity. You are fortunate to own a farmhouse in Soan Garden Farms Islamabad, so. The world of a more luxurious lifestyle is eager to greet you with its cutting-edge facilities, stunning natural settings, and modern architectural style.

Makaan Solutions is the sales partner of several housing projects in Pakistan, including Park View City Islamabad, Capital Smart City, Avalon City Islamabad, and New Metro City Gujar Khan. Therefore, it is a wise choice to get the help of this premium real estate company in Pakistan for a smooth booking procedure of properties.

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