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Arizon City Islamabad

Arizon City is a residential housing project that is located on Gali Jagir Road with a distinctive master plan to offer commercial and residential plots at a reasonable price. The management has launched a payment plan that is affordable in the installments.

Arizon City Islamabad: Discover a Better LifeStyle

Arizon City Islamabad is a luxury lifestyle destination in the bustling city of Islamabad. And has quickly become one of the most highly sought-after projects, with investors drawn to its competitive prices, as well as its goal of providing the best business and residential opportunities. Its prime location and infrastructure have also helped to attract attention.

This residential housing society is located near Capital Smart City. A well-known fact is that individuals flock to major cities like Islamabad and Rawalpindi for access to the advanced amenities and facilities that may be lacking in their current cities. The management team has made it their mission to provide affordable plot rates to the national and international clients.

Arizon City Location 

Location of Arizon City offers direct access to major roadways, highways, and expressways. This residential housing society is situated on the Motorway M-2, conveniently located near the Capital Smart City Interchange and beside DHA phase 9 on Gali Jagir Road when traveling towards Lahore from Islamabad.

The residents here will enjoy the convenience of being close to all necessary amenities and services while being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Additionally, the short distance from the twin cities makes it a prime location for both short-term and long-term investment, given its easy accessibility from the New International Airport Islamabad, and Rawalpindi.

Nearby Landmarks of Arizon city 

The nearby places of Arizon City Islamabad are given below: 

Arizon City Islamabad Access Points 

Everyone can easily reach this extension of Aarizon City:

arizon city islamabad location

Google Map of Arizon City Islamabad 

The Arizon City Islamabad google map is given below:

Arizon City Islamabad Google Map Image

Arizon City Islamabad NOC Status 

Before investing in a housing society, it is important for customers to know the society’s legal status. The NOC for Arizon City is currently being processed and is expected to be approved soon by the relevant Development Authority. The management has also begun working with the Rawalpindi Development Authority to get the legal status of Arizon City Islamabad.

As a result, the NOC of this society is expected to be granted in the near future. Properties in legally recognized societies hold significant value in the real estate market, so the developers have made significant efforts for NOC approval.

Obtaining NOC is a priority for society in order for the project to be officially recognized as a legal housing development.

Arizon City Islamabad Payment Plan 

Plots for sale in Arizon City offer a cost-effective housing option for those who often struggle to find reasonably priced plots. The management has kept the plot prices low to assist the middle class in constructing their desired homes in this society. It is essential to review the payment plan for Arizon City Islamabad.

Payment is crucial when buying real estate, which is why it’s important to be familiar with the payment plan for commercial and residential plots. Finance team of the society has designed the plan to assist the middle-class population in Pakistan in obtaining the desired amenities at the lowest possible prices for plots.

Arizon City Residential Plot Payment Plan

The residential plots are very valuable, and offer residents access to top-notch living conditions. In order to accommodate lower-class people’s flexibility, management has given the residential area priority. The payment plan for residential plots is as follows:

5 Marla Plot

5 marla residential plot for sale in Arizon City:

  • The total price is 1,000,000 rupees
  • The downpayment is 120,000 rupees
  • The confirmation fee is 80,000 rupees
  • Forty Eight monthly installments is 10,000 rupees
  • 8 Half Yearly payment is 27,500 rupees
  • The Balloting payment is 100,000 rupees
  • The Processing fee is 2,000 rupees

10 Marla Plot

10 marla residential plots for sale in Arizon City:

  • The total price is 1,850,000 rupees
  • The downpayment is 222,000 rupees
  • The confirmation fee is 149,400 rupees
  • Forty Eight monthly installments is 18,500 rupees
  • 8 Half Yearly payment is 50,700 rupees
  • The Balloting payment is 1185,000 rupees
  • The Processing fee is 3,000 rupees

1 Kanal Plot

1 Kanal residential plot for sale in Arizon City:

  • The total price is 3,550,000 rupees
  • The downpayment is 426,000 rupees
  • The confirmation fee is 284,000 rupees
  • Forty Eight monthly installments is 35,500 rupees
  • 8 Half Yearly payment is 98,250 rupees
  • The Balloting payment is 350,000 rupees
  • The Processing fee is 5,000 rupees
arizon city islamabad payment plan

Arizon City Commercial Plot Payment Plan

The commercial plots for sale in Arizon City will launch soon. The goal of the commercial sector has always been to play a spectacular role in society by allowing investors to make incredible profits.

What are the benefits of booking plots in Arizon City Islamabad?

Investing in Arizon City residential housing society is a wise choice. The developers hold a top position in the market, and its location in the beautiful city of Islamabad makes it a prime option. The project offers not only a luxurious lifestyle, but also provides lucrative investment opportunities. The announcement of the payment schedule for different plots by the management has garnered the attention of the real estate market and overseas investors, who are eager to invest in this affordable housing project.

Steps for Booking a Plot

To book a plot in Arizon City Islamabad, these are the steps to follow:

  • Fill out the booking form 
  • Attach copies of CNIC 
  • Confirm the booking and updated charges  
  • Confirmation of a cash payment
  • Now submit all the documents and get your receipt

Required Documents for Booking a Plot

As mentioned earlier, the management provides an easy booking process for obtaining a plot. To book a plot, please visit the official website of the project. However, these documents are necessary for the booking process:

  • 2 Passport size pictures of the candidate
  • For overseas clients, the NICOP
  • 2 Copies of the CNIC of the Candidate
  • 2 Copies of your next keen ID Card

Arizon City Application Form:

The application for Arizon City can be easily obtained by contacting the Makaan Solutions Team. 

Please attach all necessary documents to the application form.

  • 2 Passport size pictures of the buyer and next kin
  • 2 Copies of CNIC or passport
  • Copy of NICOP
  • Copy of the receipt of payment
  • Screenshot of online payment slip
booking step

Arizon City Membership Form:

To obtain more information, you can request the membership application form through the official administration of the Arizon City residential society.

Arizon City Registration Form:

The Arizon City Registration Form can be obtained by contacting the support center at the residence society.

Arizon City Transfer Procedure:

The steps for the plot transfer procedure in Arizon City Islamabad  are as fellow:

  • CNIC copies of buyer, seller, and Next to Kin
  • Passport-size pictures 
  • Membership letter 
  • Membership form of the buyer
  • No Demand Certificate 
  • General Power of Attorney
  • Affidavit form of seller and buyer 
  • Undertaking by the buyer

You can also learn about the transfer process from the official website of Arizon City.

Arizon City Owners & Developers 

Afzal Investment Company, a UK-based company, is the developer and owner of Arizon City. This housing project is their flagship venture in the twin cities. 

Their goal is to offer luxurious housing options at affordable prices, particularly for overseas Pakistanis who have contributed to the country’s economy through their hard work abroad.

The developers are dedicated to providing modern, affordable dwelling by incorporating all necessary facilities in the society.

arizon city islamabad Developers

Arizon City Master Plan

A team of experienced architects and designers have worked together to create the master plan for Arizon City Islamabad. Their goal is to provide the best infrastructure and experience for both commercial and residential properties. The master plan follows modern construction standards, allowing the developers to carry out their work effectively. The layout plan for Arizon City has been designed to ensure this phase’s highest level of development.

Residential Plot Sizes in Arizon City Islamabad 

The residential plot files in Arizon City are available in the following categories:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes in Arizon City 

The commercial plot files in Arizon City will be available for investors after the launch of the plots.

Arizon City Development Status 

The development work is of utmost concern for customers who are eager to move into society promptly. In response, the management has initiated the development process in Arizon City.

Arizon City Launch Date 

The launch of Arizon City is imminent and has generated excitement among those who trust in the reliability of the project, based on the success of previous projects by the management.

Arizon City Latest News

The management has announced the latest payment plan for residential plots according to the. This plan is designed to provide the highest potential return on investment for you. 

Arizon City Development Charges

We suggest inquiring about the development fees at the Arizon City Islamabad Customer Support Center. However, it is important to note that Arizon City has made the decision to include the development costs in its payment plans.

Arizon City Allotment Certificate  

The allotment certificates for commercial and residential areas will be issued by the management of Arizon City at different times. Thus, you need to wait for the news of the allotment certificate Arizon City Islamabad.

Plot Purchasing Guide 

Investing in Arizon City is simple and straightforward. Whether you are a local or overseas investor, the management has made the plot booking process hassle-free. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t worry, reach out to Makaan Solutions, a reputable and well-known marketing and real estate company in Pakistan. 

They will guide you through your investment and assist you with the booking process. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when buying or selling a plot:

Document Verification:

Before making a property purchase or sale, it is essential to carefully review all the necessary documents to prevent any miscommunication or misunderstandings. For investors, it is crucial to be aware of the society’s approval status and NOC. Investing a significant amount of money into real estate comes with a certain level of risk, and engaging in illegal activities can result in significant losses.

Financial Security:

It is important to ensure that your financial capabilities align with your intended purchase plan before finalizing any property sale or purchase. This will ensure a smooth completion of the transaction.

Property Visit:

Before investing in real estate, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the property’s location. Verify the details on the website and ensure that the documents and physical property match before finalizing any purchase.

Facilities & Amenities of Arizon City

The society management offers a range of attractive amenities and facilities that set it apart from other real estate projects. With reasonable prices, investing in this project is a wise decision that will provide you with a great return on your investment. Some of the top facilities in Arizon City include:


A unique living experience that embraces nature and promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle. With a secluded and natural environment, it offers a one-of-a-kind setting unmatched in Pakistan.

Health Facilities

The administration has made provisions for health facilities for residents within the society. The development plans include state-of-the-art hospitals and international clinics. The emergency room will be accessible 24/7 with medical staff and doctors available round-the-clock.

Educational Complex

Society prioritizes education and has plans to establish world-class schools. The teachers will be highly qualified and knowledgeable to ensure the students receive the best education. The administration places a significant emphasis on developing an exceptional educational complex.

Smart Homes

The developers are striving to provide the best living standards at cost-effective prices with the implementation of intelligent housing communities. The housing community features Smart Homes, Smart Houses, and technologically advanced Villas.

Water Resources

Society has taken into consideration the water needs of its residents and has planned to construct water reservoirs to store a sufficient amount of water for daily usage.


It is an integral aspect of the phase, providing residents with the option to inter their loved ones and seek solace. They can keep watch over the graves of family members within the community.

Grand Mosque

The management of the society has taken into consideration the religious needs of its residents. They plan to build a magnificent mosque with modern technology, providing residents with an exceptional infrastructure for their religious worship.

arizon city amenities

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of investing in the Arizon City:

An astonishing housing projectThe prices of commercial properties are relatively high.
Top residential housing societies and commercial places are located near the project.
The project is legal and approved by the relevant development authorities, a completely safe investment because of its No Objection Certificate.
There will be no Load shedding in society, Because of solar plants and electricity backup.
Top educational institutes are going to be constructed.
A large hospital, different small medical centers, laboratories, and pharmacies are going to be built in the society
Well-designed villas and Houses 
Top shopping malls and Restaurants
Grand Mosque
Gated Community 
Eco-friendly and sustainable environment
Top commercial and residential plots
Properties are available at cost-effective prices and easy installments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Arizon City Office Contact Number?

You can get in touch with the management through their website, but if you want to contact them directly, you can talk to them at 051-2878777.

2. Is Arizon City Islamabad approved by the CDA?

The answer is no because this housing project is not in the territory of CDA. So, the capital development authority (CDA) did not issue the NOC and approval for the project.

3. Is Arizon City approved by the RDA?

The project management applied for approval and submitted all the required documents. It is expected that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will issue the NOC and approval soon.

4. How to find the account number of Arizon City?

There is an official account number, you can get the number by visiting the official website of the project or by contacting the management.


Pakistan’s real estate market boasts a range of housing projects, with Arizon City standing out for its reputable owners and developers, unique master plan, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for investment and residency. With Makaan Solutions secure your plot in other sought-after housing projects like Citi Housing kharian and Faisal Town Phase 2.

This information is provided based on verified sources to assist our readers. If you encounter any issues with your file, you can reach out to the official management at 051-2878777 for resolution.

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