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Aqib Garden Lahore

Aqib Garden Lahore is a master-planned residential project by Union Developers. This housing society has a premium location on Raiwind Road to enable you to easily access your plot. There are commercial and residential plots for sale at an affordable payment schedule with the availability of installments.

Aqib Garden Lahore: A High-Standard Lifestyle

Aqib Garden Lahore is a new residential project that is started with a vision of offering residential and commercial plots at a reasonable price. The purpose of starting this housing society is to enable the lower and middle-class communities to start living in the luxurious housing society.

Aqib Garden in Lahore is going to renovate the housing society development with advanced infrastructure. Local and overseas have eyes on this project because the developers are committed to ensuring exceptional ROI. You have an opportunity to earn a massive profit within a short period.

Aqib Garden Lahore Owner & Developers

The management has a great role in the development of a housing society because people want to buy their plots because of the developers’ reliability. The owners and developers collaborate together to facilitate the customers in a magnificent way. You must know about the management of society before purchasing a property. 

The owners and developers of Aqib Garden Lahore are Union Developers who have been in the business for several years. They have already delivered world-class housing projects such as Etihad Town and Union Livings. The management is on the same page to ensure 100% satisfaction. 

Union Developers are famous in the Lahore estate industry because of delivering excellent services to their customers in the presence of modern facilities. They’re working to do excellent development to bring convenient and lavish living standards for the residents.

Projects By Union Developers 

The developers’ reliability is always checked by their other successful projects. Therefore, you need to know about the projects of Union Developers. 

aqib garden lahore developers

Aqib Garden Lahore NOC Status

Every housing society is required to get the No Objection Certificate from the concerned authorities to avoid legal challenges in the future. Therefore, it is recommended that you check the NOC status of a housing society before buying a real estate property. The NOC of Aqib Garden Lahore will be approved by LDA in the coming days. The legal status guarantees the safety of reserving plots in this housing scheme.

Aqib Garden Lahore Location: Main Raiwind Road

Lahore is the second largest populated city in Pakistan, where people live with their families. It becomes hard for a person to find out the plot in the urban areas of Lahore. 

The plot prices will be high even if you find a plot in this city because of the high demand for real estate properties. Therefore, you need to buy a plot at a location that is a little bit away from the city to consider your affordability and eco-friendly environment. 

The location of Aqib Garden Lahore is on the main Raiwind Road to ensure flexible access to the various famous landmarks. This housing society is located near Lahore Ring Road, which offers a smooth route to you to reach your plot easily.

You can also access Aqib Garden Housing Scheme from the Fazaia Interchange. Therefore, this housing society has become worthwhile because of its premium location in the city.

Nearby Places 

It is also essential to know about the nearby places of housing schemes because the famous places also add value to the properties. Therefore, you also consider the factor of nearby landmarks before making an investment. The nearby places for this housing society are mentioned below:


It is also a matter of location importance for housing societies to include different flexible access points that enable the customers to reach their properties without facing any traveling challenges. The access points for this society are listed below:

  • Estimated 2 minutes away from Sharif Medical City Road
  • Estimated 3 minutes away from Lahore Ring Road
  • Estimated 5 minutes away from Defense Road
  • Estimated 16 minutes away from Canal Bank Road
  • Estimated 17 minutes away from Multan Road
  • Estimated 25 minutes away from Allama Iqbal International Airport
aqib garden lahore location

Aqib Garden Lahore Map

The map for this phenomenal housing society is mentioned below:

aqib garden lahore map image

Aqib Garden Lahore Master Plan

A housing society is always recognized by its infrastructure. Therefore, the master plan for a housing scheme showcases the different sectors and plot categories. The master plan of Aqib Garden Lahore is a great work of experienced designers and architects. This layout plan enables you to view the different plots and amenities easily.  

The layout plan for Aqib Garden includes the amenities, basic utilities, boulevards, blocks, and parks. The wide roads and streets ensure a peaceful living experience because of the smooth traffic flow. Moreover, the availability of entertainment areas also optimizes the healthy lifestyle for the residents.    

Residential Plots 

Every Pakistani wants to live in a new society that offers affordable residential plots. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to know about the available Aqib Garden residential plot categories.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Commercial Plots 

Investors always keep their eyes on commercial plots because of the high profitability of their investments. Aqib Garden commercial plot sizes are listed below:

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
aqib garden lahore masterplan

Aqib Garden Lahore Payment Plan

When you’re satisfied with the location of the society, the next step is to know the payment plan of Aqib Garden Lahore to finalize your decision according to your budget. The payment schedule always has the ultimate effect on your decision to purchase a plot in this housing society. It’s good news for middle-class people to buy their plots in this society because of the easy installment plan.

Residential Payment Schedule

It’s a fact that people are paying a high rental value for houses and apartments in the era of inflation. Therefore, they’re also searching for a premium location to own their houses at an affordable payment plan. There are residential plots for sale in Aqib Garden Lahore that can easily be booked with a minimal amount, and the remaining amount is payable in installments. Aqib Garden residential plots payment plan is given below:

3 Marla

There are 3 marla plots for sale in Aqib Garden:

  • The total price is 5,995,000
  • The down payment is 2,390,000
  • 6 quarterly installments of 350,000
  • 2 annual installments of 752,500

5 Marla

There are 5 marla plots for sale in Aqib Garden:

  • The total price is 7,995,000
  • The down payment is 3,090,000
  • 6 quarterly installments of 450,000
  • 2 annual installments of 1,102,500

8 Marla

There are 8 marla plots for sale in Aqib Garden:

  • The total price is 11,995,000
  • The down payment is 4,254,000
  • 6 quarterly installments of 700,000
  • 2 annual installments of 1,752,500

10 Marla

 There are 10 marla plots for sale in Aqib Garden:

  • The total price is 15,995,000
  • The down payment is 6,290,000
  • 6 quarterly installments of 900,000
  • 2 annual installments of 2,152,500
aqib garden lahore payment plan

Commercial Payment Schedule

Commercial properties have great value in every housing society because of ensuring the highest ROI. There are commercial plots for sale in Aqib Garden Lahore that enable you to reserve your commercial property in the presence of a flexible installment plan.

How to Book a Plot in Aqib Garden Lahore?

The next step after checking the payment plan is knowing about the Aqib Garden booking procedure that is based on the easy steps to enable you to buy a plot easily. Moreover, Makaan Solutions also helps the respective customers through the Aqib Garden booking process

  • Fill out Aqib Garden Lahore application form
  • Provide the customer’s CNIC copies and photographs 
  • Pay the down payment 
  • Submit the required documents with the booking form 

Required Documents

When you’re ready to book your plot in this housing scheme, you need to know about the necessary documents. These necessary documents help you to reserve a property easily without any challenges. 

  •  2 passport-size images of the buyer 
  • 2 CNIC copies of the buyer
  • 2 CNIC copies of Next to Kin
booking step

Benefits of Investment in Aqib Garden Lahore

Everyone always looks for benefits through investment. These benefits motivate potential investors to invest in Aqib Garden Lahore. The benefits of making an investment are the fundamental needs for everyone who is purchasing a property in society.  

Financial Security 

Financial security is the most appealing benefit for every person who is going to buy a plot in this society. You can easily become financially independent by making an investment in this housing scheme. 

Stable Income 

Everyone wants to earn continuously but is unable to do it in the present era. You’re also searching for a stable income and making efforts for it. Aqib Garden enables you to earn a stable income through your investment. 

High ROI 

Investors always want to get the profitability  within a short time. Therefore, the premium location makes sure that you get a prominent capital gain by investing in Aqib Garden Lahore.

Facilities & Amenities

The main difference between a housing society and an urban area is the availability of modern amenities and facilities by the management of the residents. Therefore, most people prefer to live in a housing scheme because of the available facilities for them. These facilities bring convenience and comfort to the residents within society.  

Eco-Friendly Environment 

The environment matters a lot for everyone because it impacts their lifestyle. Therefore, it is a priority of management to ensure a peaceful environment for residents who have bought plots in Aqib Garden Lahore. You can enjoy your life in the presence of an eco-friendly environment.  

Business Hub

The shopping area has a key role in every housing society because it fulfills the investors’ need for investment and provides an exceptional shopping experience to the residents. Therefore, a business hub is being constructed by the developers to ensure a world-class business hub within society. 


Safety is very important for those who are going to own a plot in this housing society. Therefore, the management has considered security as a main factor in this society. The owners are committed to including a well-experienced security staff with advanced CCTV cameras to ensure a safe environment for the residents. 

Water Resources

Water is the basic need of every person to have a lavish and healthy lifestyle. It is important to get purified water to maintain good health. The management is aimed to provide the resources of filtered water for residents. Therefore, you don’t need to go anywhere for the sake of purified water. 

Electricity & Gas Supply 

Electricity and gas have become a necessary part of everyone’s life. These basic utilities bring convenience for the residents. Therefore, the management is working to supply the gas and electricity without any breakdown. You will be able to use electricity and gas in this society without facing any challenges. 


Education is also a fundamental facility for everyone who wants to become a valuable member of the community. The management of Aqib Garden is also familiar with the importance of education for the residents. Therefore, the developers are working to include world-class educational institutes in this society.


Healthcare is a primary need of every resident within this housing society. It is important that you get the best medical services in case of any health problems. The management includes a hospital in the housing scheme to facilitate the residents with healthcare facilities for 24/7 hours. 


Entertainment has a significant role in refreshing the residents that enables them to live peacefully without facing any mental issues. The management has specified the entertainment areas in society for the residents’ refreshments. Moreover, the availability of parks in Aqib Garden enables you to spend your spare time in the open air to refresh yourself.

aqib garden lahore facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros & cons of Aqib Garden Lahore are given below:

Reliable Union Developershigh Plot Prices
Best Location on Raiwind Road
Well-Designed Master Plan
Modern Infrastructure for Society
Commercial Zone & Grid Station
Hospitals & Educational Institutes
Community Center

Aqib Garden Lahore Development Status

The remarkable development in the housing society is in process, and it has been completed for a land area. Moreover, the developers are working to develop other areas of society as soon as possible. The prioritized developments include a main boulevard, mosques, smart homes, smart villas, linear parks, link roads, plot sizes, and street lights.

Aqib Garden Lahore Latest News

The management of this housing society has released a new payment schedule, according to the Aqib Garden Lahore latest news. Therefore, the customers can easily get a handsome profit. 

Aqib Garden Lahore Balloting Results

The balloting in this housing scheme will take place from time to time with the development update. You can easily inquire about the balloting from the management through Aqib Garden Lahore contact number. You can contact Makaan Solutions to get the required information about this housing society. You can also check out the latest updates on the Aqib Garden Lahore official website

Possession Allotment Updates

Aqib Garden Lahore possession allotment has been shared with the members who have booked their plots in this society.


Aqib Garden Lahore is a housing project by Union Developers to offer world-class facilities to investors and end-users in the presence of a well-designed master plan. The payment plan of this housing society becomes affordable in the presence of quarterly and yearly installments. Do you need help booking your plot? Makaan Solutions helps you to reserve your plot in this society. Moreover, our experienced team also assists customers in reserving their plots in New Metro City Gujar Khan and Sialkot Motorway City.

FAQs of Aqib Garden Lahore

Is Aqib Garden an LDA-approved society?

Aqib Garden isn’t approved by the concerned government authority, but it will get the NOC status very soon.

How can members pay installments of their plots?

The members can pay the installments of their plots through the service of online banking. Moreover, you must inquire the management about the manual payments.

How to track a booking of plots in Aqib Garden?

The members of this residential project can track the status of their booked plots by contacting the management.

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