Sialkot Motorway City

Maz Developers in a collaboration with 5G Group of Companies are owners and developers of Sialkot Motorway City that provides an affordable payment plan and master plan. This is a NOC-approved housing society and has a location at M-11 Motorway. Residential and commercial plots are available at a reasonable price with modern-day facilities. 


Sialkot Motorway City is a recent real estate project added to the real estate market in Sialkot City, Pakistan. This city is famous for its trade and is the largest trading hub of sports goods in Pakistan.

This newly launched housing project could be a golden opportunity for investors to invest in one of the fast-growing cities of Pakistan, Sialkot. It is a NOC Approved society in the city that is famous because of sports goods.

This housing project aims to change the living standard of the people in Sialkot and surrounding areas with its best-living facilities and features. It has very interesting features, like giving possessions within six months, 120ft wide access from Lahore-Wazirbad Motorway, and so on. This society has become very famous among investors in a very short time.

Owners and Developers

The owners and developers are Maz Developers, a Techno Engineering Services subsidiary. Techno Engineering Services is a famous engineering company in Pakistan that has been working for decades in developing the oil and gas sectors. This company created Maz Developers decades ago to develop its infrastructure projects.

This society’s marketing and sales partner is the 5G Group of Companies. It is a prominent organization in the sales network of Pakistan. Mr. Usman Khan is the owner.

Until now, 5G Group of Companies has accomplished above 100 projects in different cities of Pakistan. Meanwhile, this company is providing its real estate solutions and marketing services in more than 20 cities in Pakistan.

For the development of Sialkot Motorway City, Techno Engineering Services Company has purchased a piece of land in Sialkot City. Since it is largely an engineering company, for Motorway City’s development, the company has created Maz Developers and handled its development.

The fast development compared to other housing projects. It was launched very recently, but the development work of its first phase has started.

The developers have started ground leveling and are doing the development work of the boundary wall and the main boulevard road. It shows that the developers are committed to the fast development of this project, and if this speed continues, it is expected that the project will be completed soon.

NOC Approved

It is an approved housing society. Tehsil Municipal Sialkot approved its NOC under registration No. TC/SMB/21/217. One of the main problems of every housing project is its NOC approval, but this housing project has its NOC in a very short time.

The investment in such projects is safe and secure, and due to the approval of NOC, the rates of such projects also increase very soon. Lastly, when the NOC of a housing society is approved, such societies get the attention of real estate investors, and they easily trust such projects.

Sialkot Motorway City Location

The location at the Sialkot-Lahore Motorway junction is prime for different reasons. On its northern side, it is attached to the Wazirabad Road, and the M11 Motorway is located on its western side. Its access is very easy from both these locations within a few minutes of drive.

It is located near other housing projects and residential areas, including Jalal Town, Nasheman City, Canal City Housing Society, Gulberg Town Sialkot, Chenab Garden Housing Scheme, Nishat Garden, Sahowala, and Dogranwala. Furthermore, some of the important landmarks that are near to it are listed under:

Sialkot Motorway City Total Area

The owners of this brilliant society in Sialkot have acquired a total land of 3500-4000 Kanals for Phase-I which includes residential areas, commercial areas, villas, and apartments with modern facilities such as parks and a golf course.

Accessibility Points

This modern housing society in Sialkot is accessible through these flexible access points:

  • One minute drive from the M-11 motorway
  • One minute drive from Wazirabad Road
  • Seven minutes drive from the airport
  • Fifteen minutes drive from Daska Road
  • Eighteen minutes drive from Defense Road
  • Thirty minutes drive from Sialkot

Sialkot Motorway City Master Plan

It is one of the fast-growing housing societies. Its master plan has been designed by a group of professional and expert teams and developed by Maz Developers, one of Pakistan’s leading real estate firms. There are four hundred twenty-seven residential plots available for sale.

Sialkot Motorway City master plan includes some modern facilities and features that can provide a modern-day living for its residents. The features include a gated community, water theme park, commercial areas, wide streets and street lights, 120ft main boulevard road, 24 hours security, community club, hospital, and many other facilities.

The total land of this society is about 3500-4000 Kanal land, which will offer plots for residential and commercial purposes.

society Layout Plan

The society has divided 3500-4000 Kanals area into residential plots, commercial plots, luxury villas, and apartments. Moreover, the society initially launched a total of 427 plots in the categories. Phase-I is already launched and Phase II will be launched very soon.

The residential plots include 5 Marla with an area of 125 square yards, 8 Marla with an area of 200 square yards, 10 Marla with 250 square yards, and 1 Kanal with an area of 500 square yards.

The commercial plots include 3 Marla, 5 Marla, and 7 Marla which are providing a great opportunity for investment. 

– Resident Plots

The developers have announced the plot sizes for those who are looking to build their beautiful homes. At present, these plots are available at a reasonable price to give an opportunity to those who don’t own their homes to have homes with modern facilities in this elegant society. Plots sizes are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

– Commercial Plots

Owners and developers also offer commercial plots for the convenience of its residents and provide every facility. It aims to provide the real estate sector with an opportunity to invest in the commercial sector.

Maz Developers’ mission is to facilitate the community with a magnificent commercial area within the society. These commercial plots are encouraging the big real estate investors to invest in these plots to get a huge return on investment.

Sialkot Motorway City Blocks

Society is going to introduce the various blocks in this modern housing scheme in the sports goods city of Sialkot. Every block will represent new innovations in terms of construction and design in Pakistan.

The blocks will be adjacent to each other through linked roads and beautiful parks. This society is aiming to provide all modern-day facilities to every resident and investor. Sialkot Motorway City management will launch these blocks in the last quarter of this year.

Sialkot Motorway City Overseas Block

As the name speaks, Overseas Block is designed for the country’s overseas citizens. They are an important asset in the economic development of Pakistan. This society has allocated a separate block for overseas investors with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities in a gated community and modern infrastructure designs.

It is a golden opportunity for them to invest in this futuristic housing project in a city that is the largest producer of sports goods in Pakistan, called Sialkot City. Overseas Citizens have the opportunity to invest here to have a secure living and guarantee the future of their families. Motorway City Overseas Block offers five-marla, seven-marla, ten-marla, and one Kanal plots. 

Sialkot Motorway City Payment plan

Plot rates are affordable due to the flexible payment plan of Sialkot Motorway City if we see its location, facilities, and infrastructural planning. It offers very pocket-friendly pre-launch rates with 35 easy monthly installments.

As per the information, those who pay their total cash will be awarded a 10% discount. Sialkot Motorway City also provides possession of plots within 6 months. It is a golden opportunity for its investors to start the development of their plot within 6 months.

City Residential Plot Payment Plan

Residential plots have a luxurious location. Until now, developers have announced to launch of 427 residential plots for sale in Sialkot Motorway City.

Residential plots are designed and will be developed with basic facilities, smart features, amenities, and modern infrastructure. The residents here will enjoy a secure life in a gated community and an eco-friendly environment.

The residential plot categories include five-Marla, eight-Marla, ten-Marla, and one-Kanal sizes. You have a facility of an affordable installment plan.

– 5 Marla

  • The total price of a 5 Marla plot in Sialkot Motorway City is Rs 4,250,000.
  • Confirmation payment is Rs 850,000. 
  • The possession amount is Rs. 325,000.
  • Six semi-annual payments of Rs. 250,000.
  • 35 months installments of 45,000 rupees monthly.
  • The plot has a 125 square yards area.

– 8 Marla

  • The total price of an 8 Marla plot in Sialkot Motorway City is Rs. 6,800,000.
  • Confirmation payment is Rs. 1,360,000.
  • Possession fee is Rs. 690,000. 
  • Six semi-annual payments of 500,000 rupees. 
  • The installment plan is for 35 months with 50,000 rupees monthly 
  • The plot has a 200 square yards area

– 10 Marla

  • The price of a 10 Marla plot in Sialkot Motorway City is 8,500,000 rupees.
  • Confirmation payment is Rs. 1,700,000.
  • Possession fee is Rs. 700,000.
  • Six semi-annual payments of Rs. 550,000.
  • 35 Monthly installment plan includes 80,000 rupees monthly.
  • The plot has an area of 250 square yards.

– 1 Kanal

  • The price of a 10 Marla plot in Sialkot Motorway City is 17,000,000 rupees.
  • Confirmation payment is Rs. 3,4000,000.
  • Possession fee is Rs. 1,400,000.
  • Six semi-annual payments of Rs. 1,100,000.
  • 35 Monthly installment plan includes 160,000 rupees monthly.
  • The plot has an area of 500 square yards. 
Sialkot Motorway City Payment Plan

-Payment Plan For Villas, Apartments, And Commercial Plots

The payment plan for commercial plots, apartments, and villas is coming soon. So, there is no official payment plan for these properties.  

How to book plots in Sialkot Motorway City?

The booking process of Sialkot Motorway City is very convenient. Makaan Solutions is the authorized dealer of this housing project. You can visit our office any time during the official time, and our Sales Executives will help and book your plot most easily. 

These documents  are necessary for booking:

  • 2 passport size photographs
  • NICOP if the client is overseas 
  • 2 copies of CNIC
  • 2 copies of CNIC of next to kin
booking step

Benefits of investing in Sialkot Motorway City

There are multiple benefits of investing in society that can attract you to invest in society.

First, it has one of the ideal locations near Lahore-Sialkot Motorway and Wazirabad Road and is 9.3 km from Sialkot City.

Second, it has an approved NOC from Tehsil Municipal Sialkot, and the total land of this project is clear and has no legal issues. 

Third, this housing project gives possessions to its investors within 6 months which is a very interesting point about this project. Fourth, it is a society located in a residential area where many housing societies are already developed, and people reside there. Lastly, it has a very affordable payment plan and offers 3 years installment plan. 

Sialkot Motorway City Facilities & Amenities 

Facilities and amenities are explained below:

– Hospital

The developers of this housing project believe in providing its residents with medical facilities. They plan to design a hospital to provide immediate healthcare facilities within the surrounding of this housing society. There are also different hospitals near this society.

– Education

Educational institutes are a necessary part of society. The developers of Sialkot Motorway City plan to provide its residents with an environment of education. Therefore they have designed to develop schools and other educational institutions to provide basic education facilities within the premises of this housing society.

– Commercials

Commercial activities are an important part of living. The developers of this project will provide the residents with commercial activities, including shopping malls and small commercial buildings. They are aimed to facilitate the basic commercial needs within the premises of this project.

– Eco-friendly Environment 

This society has an environment of natural essence with the concept of an eco-friendly and green environment. The developers have allotted certain areas for greenery, where they will develop parks, nurseries, and playgrounds. The owners of this society are on a mission to create a magnificent environment for healthy living. 

– Water, Gas, & Electricity

Water, gas, and electricity are the basic needs of human life. A housing society is incomplete without providing these facilities. Therefore, this housing society has underground water, gas, and an electrical system. It also has a pure drinking water supply system within its premises.

– Sports complex

Sports activities are an important part of a healthy life and environment. There is a sports complex for different sports activities and entertainment. It will include playgrounds for different sports, walking and jogging tracks.

– Waste management plant

Waste management guarantee’s a clean and healthy environment. This housing project has a proper waste management system where waste within the society will be properly collected through an appointed staff and shifted to another place.

– Security and face recognition

Security is a top priority while living in a housing society. This housing project has 24 hours security services with a face recognition mechanism. The entrance gate and other access points are secured with CCTV surveillance. It is a gated community where residents can have a secure life.

Sialkot motor city facilities

Merits & Demerits 

Sialkot Motorway City is one of the fast-developing housing projects compared to many projects. But it has certain merits and demerits listed below:

Prime LocationPerception of faraway location
Fast developmentCrowded area
Possession within 6 months
Affordable prices
3 years easy installment plan
NOC approved
Easy access

Development Status

Interestingly, the society launched within a few months got its NOC approval, and started its development work.

As per the latest information, the society has completed the construction of 600 meters main boulevard road, and the development work of 2 commercial buildings is in the final phase.

The cutting is in the completion phase, and the boundary wall and land leveling are in process. Taking such steps shows that the developers of this housing society have strongly committed to their promise of timely delivering their projects and providing the best living for the investors.

The cutting is in the completion phase, and the boundary wall and land leveling are in process. Taking such steps shows that the developers of this housing society have strongly committed to their promise of timely delivering their projects and providing the best living for the investors.


Sialkot Motorway City is a TMA-approved housing society in one of the prime locations of Sialkot. Pakistan’s famous real estate company Maz Developers has developed this beautiful society in Sialkot. This society is a very profitable opportunity for real estate investors in Sialkot City due to its location, access, and development status.

The market analysis shows that it has a high return on investment. Until now, it offers very affordable prices, so book your plot today and build your dream house. You can collaborate with Makaan Solutions to buy your own plot at an affordable price in this top-rated society of Sialkot. Our real estate firm is also providing services in Prime Valley Islamabad, Nova City Islamabad, Capital Smart City Islamabad, and New Metro City Gujar Khan.

Faqs about Sialkot Motorway City

1. Why buy a plot in Sialkot Motorway City?

It is a newly launched housing society in Sialkot that aims to provide investors with a modern living. It is a new addition to real estate that can change the residents’ lifestyle due to affordable plot rates.

2. Where is Sialkot Motorway City located?

It has a location at the junction of M11 Motorways or Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. Wazirabad Road is on its Northern side and M11 Motorways is on its western side.

3. Who are the developers and owners of Sialkot Motorway City?

Maz Developers is the owner and developer of this society. It is a sister company of Techno engineering Services, Pakistan’s leading engineering company.

4. Is Sialkot Motorway City a legal housing society?

It is a 100% legal housing project. The investment here is safe and secure because Sialkot Tehsil Municipal Authority has approved its NOC. Its NOC approval has a registration No. TC/SMB/21/217.

5. What are the plot categories of Sialkot Motorway City?

At present, society offers four plot categories, including residential plot sizes of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal at affordable prices and an easy installment plan.

6. What are the facilities for residents in society?

This society has many modern-day facilities that can provide a luxurious lifestyle for the residents. Its facilities include a sports complex, community center, zoo, parks, commercial areas, and education and healthcare facilities.

7Is Sialkot Motorway City an affordable project?

Plots are available at a reasonable price in this housing project. It offers a 35-month easy installment plan. For instance, the price of a 5 Marla plot is Rs 4,250,000 with a booking confirmation of Rs 850,000.

8. Is Sialkot Motorway City approved by TMA?

Yes, it is a TMA-approved society that offers residential and commercial plots at a reasonable price with an affordable monthly installment plan.

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