Nova City Peshawar is an affordable NOC-approved housing society that provides a better living experience to residents. Located on M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway. The Nova Group has been in real estate since 1957 and developing a chain of Nova cities around Pakistan.

Nova City Housing society Peshawar

After grabbing the spotlight from Pakistan and overseas Pakistanis, through Nova City Islamabad and Nova One, Nova Developers are set to launch another hit project, Nova City Peshawar. This initiative by Nova Developers is getting the entire highlight in Peshawar among other available options.

One of the prime reasons to consider a housing scheme is the location. Nova City Peshawar is located at Charsadda Interchange and next to M-1 Motorway. Hence, due to its noteworthy location, Nova City Peshawar is the choice of many investors. As per the management, different sizes of plots will be available at extremely premium rates. Before investing in any real estate project, investors are concerned about legalization. Nova City Peshawar, a new venture of Nova Developers is a legal housing society. The NOC of the housing scheme has been approved by Tehsil Municipal Authority with approval number 7021-TMA.

Citizens of KPK were waiting for a good investment opportunity for so long and now a great investment opportunity in the form of Nova City Peshawar for the people of Charsadda, Swat, Rawalpindi, Mardan, and Peshawar. So, the central idea of the developers is to provide a housing society with promised business opportunities and comfortable residential options.

Nova City Peshawar Owners and developers

Nova City Peshawar is the latest project under the tag of Nova Developers. They are very famous in the real estate world as they have targeted multiple successful projects. With the expertise of ten years, Mr. Junaid Afzal is the head of Nova Developers. Among the Nova projects; Nova City Schools, Nova One Lahore, and Nova City Islamabad are included.

A developer is a key factor for any investor to measure how authentic the project will be. In an event held in May 2022, MAAKSONS Engineering Corporation Limited was announced as the developer of the housing project. MAAKSONS has gained the trust of investors through their previous projects which are a big hit. So, the six decades-old construction business by M.A Aleem Khan and Sons has a remarkable history. In addition to Nova City Peshawar MAAKSONS have numerous ongoing projects.

As per the developer’s reputation, the project will flourish with a unique infrastructure, intricate designs, and the latest technology.

Nova City Peshawar NOC Status

No Objection Certificate, NOC, is very essential for any investor to trust any housing scheme. NOC-approved housing societies attract investors as NOC-passed housing societies are always legal and authentic. The great news for investors is that Nova City Peshawar has been certified with NOC by concerned authorities.

TMA has approved the NOC under 7021-TMA and declared Nova City Peshawar as a legal housing scheme. The NOC of around 1000 Kanal of land has been passed. So, investors can invest in this housing project without any fear of money loss or scams. Hence, Nova City Peshawar NOC-approved housing society is a great investment opportunity for generating long-term and short-term profits.

Nova City Peshawar Location

As mentioned above, location is one of the main reasons to attract investors to a housing scheme. Nova City Peshawar is located at Charsadda Interchange of Peshawar, next to the M-1 Islamabad Peshawar Motorway. M-1 Motorway provides an easy route to various cities. It is just a few minutes drive away from cities like Islamabad, Mardan, Charsadda, Rawalpindi, and Swat.

Also, the prime location of the housing project provides easy access to nearby places like restaurants, educational institutions, commercial areas, shopping spots, and much more. Hence, Nova City Peshawar location is ideal by considering two factors; accessibility and feasibility.

Nova City Peshawar total land

The Nova City Peshawar total land is about 4000 Kanal, and this piece of land is designed to provide residential and commercial plots.

Nova City Peshawar Accessibility

The housing scheme is designed to provide accessibility to many important places. It provides an easy route from:

  • 19 min drive to Peshawar City
  • 13 min drive to Charsadda Road
  • 5 min drive to M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  • 7 min drive to Mardan City
  • 12 min drive to Charsadda City
  • 10 min drive to DHQ Hospital Road
  • 7 min drive to Mardan Road
  • 19 min drive to N-5/G-T Road

Nova City Peshawar Adjacent Places

The neighborhood is also a supreme factor before considering a housing society. An approachable locality facilitates saving time and traveling fatigue. Nova City Peshawar has several nearby landmarks. Some of the nearby landmarks are as follows:

  • Peshawar City
  • Charsadda
  • M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
  • Bacha Khan University
  • Bacha Khan International Airport
  • N-5 National Highway
  • Paradise City Nowshera
  • Nowshera 
  • Mardan
  • Risalpur
  • Risalpur Airbase
  • Charsadda Cemetery

Nova City Peshawar Master Plan

As the housing society is in its initial stages, the master plan is still under some legal requirements. However, the master plan of Nova City Peshawar is designed by a team of professionals in real estate. Under qualified architectures, skilled engineers, and famous developers a master plan has been outlined. The prime focus of the master plan circulates modern infrastructure and possible luxuries.

Nova City Peshawar Phase 1

The development procedure started in phase 1 of the housing society. Total land in the custody of phase-1 is around 4500 Kanal. Mr. Junaid Afzal, the chairman and head of Nova Group has listed further developments while speaking to the audience in the commencement ceremony of phase 1. He also highlighted the balloting results of Nova City Peshawar. 

According to the developers, working on a spacious university and a well-equipped hospital will start this year. In addition, all possible sports facilities will be provided for the proper functioning of indoor and outdoor sports. Another target on the list is to construct more than 300 houses by the end of this year. Soon possession will be guaranteed to the phase-1 land.

On the development side of the land, 90% of the land has been leveled for further procedure. On the construction bank, almost 10% of work has been done on building development. As soon as the master plan of Nova City Peshawar is released an increment in the development status will be seen. For now, Nova City Peshawar plots are up for sale.

Nova City Peshawar Phase 2

Phase 2 of Nova City Peshawar is still waiting for land ownership and some legal conditions. Soon approval will be licensed for the housing scheme and further procedures will start. After an approval development will kick off on this phase in the year 2023. The total land under the custody of phase-2 is 16000 Kanal. Phase 2 of this housing society will be as developed and luxurious as phase 1.

Nova City Peshawar Layout Plan

In Nova City Peshawar, plots are available at notably exceptional rates. It is a great investment opportunity for investors in KPK to take hold of the property. It will entertain both residential as well as commercial plots. Prices are kept quite economical in both plots category.

– Residential Plots

As society is in its pre-launch phase, Nova City Peshawar residential plots are available for sale on the first come first serve principle. A variation in the size of residential plots is:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

– commercial Plots

The commercial plots of Nova City Peshawar are still in the process. Nova City Peshawar is a top-notch investment opportunity for the developers and residents of the area. The main goal of developers is to provide abundant luxuries and comforts. Along with residential plots, investors will also enjoy the perks of commercial plots at extremely affordable rates. Commercial plots are expected to be released by the last quarter of this year. As soon as any statement regarding commercial plots will be released Makaan Solutions will update it. Finite plot sizes are available at the commercial block:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Nova City Peshawar Payment plan

Nova City Peshawar owns a flexible payment plan with an easy installment option. An average earning Pakistani can easily invest in a property in this housing scheme. They can pay easy 30 monthly or 8-yearly installments to get hold of the property. A crucial element that attracts investors to this housing scheme is affordability. The payment plan is not only for investors seeking long-term benefits but also for those having an urge for a short-term asset.

Bookings for residential plots are available in Nova City Peshawar. Pre-launch prices are released, but after the official ceremony of the housing project, the perk of the pre-launch payment plan will end. Then Nova City Peshawar payment plan will be analyzed and somehow will increase after the official statements.

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Let’s explore Nova City housing scheme’s Residential plots payment plan with Makaan Solutions;

– 5 Marla

  • In 5 Marla plot size, the price of a plot is about 2,550,000/- with a down payment of 510,000/-
  • Easy 30 monthly installments of 21,500/- are available
  • One can also enjoy 8 half-yearly installments of about 132,500/-
  • A total cost of 120,000/- should be submitted as possession of the property.

– 10 Marla

  • In 10 Marla plot size, the price of a plot is about 4,600,000/- with a down payment of 460,000/-
  • The Confirmation price is 460,000/-
  • Easy 30 monthly installments of 29,500/- are available
  • One can also enjoy 8 half-yearly installments of about 287,000/-
  • A total cost of 200,000/- should be submitted as possession of the property.

-1 Kanal

  • In 1 Kanal plot size, the price of a plot is about 7,650,000/- with a down payment of 765,000/-
  • The Confirmation price is 765,000/-
  • Easy 30 monthly installments of 44,500/- are available
  • One can also enjoy 8 half-yearly installments of about 492,000/-
  • A total cost of 404,000/- should be submitted as possession of the property.
Nova City Peshawar Payment Plan

Nova City Peshawar Salient Features

Nova City Peshawar is offering its investors many facilities that are needed for a secure and reliable living, like:

  • Alluring and beautiful entrance
  • Strict security
  • Active CCTV cameras
  • Operative cinemas
  • Quick access to mosques
  • Fitness hub
  • Indoor and outdoor sports arena
  • Gymnasium
  • Kids playing area
  • Jogging and walking tracks
  • greenbelts
  • Proper waste and sewage disposal system
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Ventilation system 
  • Spacious roads with street lights
  • Gated housing society
  • Up-to-date infrastructure
  • Educational facilities
  • Medical facilities in developed hospitals and dispensaries
  • Important places like; shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, ATMs 
  • Essential facilities such as; internet, water, gas, and electricity 24/7

Nova City Peshawar Facilities

The housing scheme offers some amenities. Let’s dig into the details of those privileges:

– Mosques

As a Muslim people always prefer housing societies with mosques to conduct their spiritual activities. Nova City Peshawar housing scheme has multiple mosques in its layout plan so that people can offer their daily prayers. The perk of numerous mosques is to provide quick and easy access to the nearby mosque. Construction of a Jamia Masjid is also on the list that will be accomplished soon.

– Security Guarantee

Nova City Peshawar ensures a guarantee of security by targeting some aspects. First, it is a gated community. Second, it has 24/7 active CCTV Cameras installed all over the housing society. On top of that, security guards with essential weapons are always on duty. So, residents can enjoy a safe time with their families as security is one of the main aims of the developers.

– Amusement

Nova City Peshawar will provide multiple recreational activities for the residents. A variety of leisure spots for instance; a zoo, huge playgrounds, kids’ playing areas, parks, and sports complexes will feature in the housing society. Residents can spend some quality time with their families to find relief from their hectic daily routine.

– Natural Resources

A housing society with natural views is always a yes from investors and residents. Nova City Peshawar provides the perk of scenic beauty and breathtaking natural scenes. Along with greenery, water and gas are crucial for sustaining a living. The developers of the housing society make it possible to supply both these resources in every house.

– Educational And Medical Facilities

Top-notch educational institutions will be provided in Nova City Peshawar. Best schools, colleges, academies, and universities will be provided soon. In fact, according to resources, working at a splendid university will start by this year. For medical resources, spacious wards, well-trained staff, a specialist in the respective field, up-to-date hospitals, and the latest equipment will be provided to supervise the health of the residents. No compromise will be made in terms of the health and education of the residents of the housing scheme.

A housing society with such facilities and affordable investment options is nothing less than a dream in the premises of Peshawar. So, invest in the best housing scheme in Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City Peshawar Facilities

Nova City Peshawar Booking Procedure

Booking forms of the housing society are available with some documents required for the procedure. 

– Booking Forms Availability

You can get booking forms for Nova City Peshawar from the following options:

  • BOK, The Bank of Khyber
  • HBL, Habib Bank Pvt Ltd
  • JS Bank

For more information feel free to contact Makaan Solutions, we can help you out in the booking process

– Booking Forms Essentials

Some essential documents that are required at the booking office are as follows:

  • Passport size pictures-2
  • CNIC copies-2
  • Identity Document (ID) copies of next kin-2
  • NICOP-only for overseas clients
booking step

– Guidelines for Application Forms

Nova City Peshawar has announced the guidelines about the application forms that are noted in the fragments below;

  • For consumers/candidates with more than two forms, if one or two forms are passed out for the balloting procedure then Rupees 30,000 per form will be returned back to them.
  • For consumers/candidates with one or two forms only, if they couldn’t stand out in the balloting process then they will receive a cashback of Rupees 10,000 perform. 

Why Should you Invest in Nova City Peshawar?

A question that arises in the mind of every other investor is, ‘why this housing society’? ‘Why select this housing scheme out of all other options? ‘Why Nova City Peshawar for my real estate investment potential?

– Trusted Developers

First, the name of a trusted developer is mandatory for any housing scheme. Nova Developers have received a lot of positive feedback due to their previous projects. Lately, the projects of Nova Developers that receive a lot of praise from the audience are Nova City Islamabad and Nova One. Due to the previous hit and authentic projects, Nova Developers have strengthened their bond with investors. 

– NOC Approved Housing Society

Another reason to select Nova City Peshawar is that it is a NOC-approved housing society. NOC approval plays an essential part to win the confidence of any investor. So, this housing project has a license of NOC by TMA to proceed further.

– Prime Location

Also, we cannot neglect the location factor of the housing society. Nova City Peshawar is at an ideal location. It is next to M-1 Motorway and adjoining Peshawar and Charsadda City. So, the housing society is accessible to nearby areas.

– Affordability

Last and one of the most important reasons to invest in Nova City Peshawar is profit potential. Affordable plots with all necessities are available in this housing project. Flexible installments option is also available for investors. So, invest in this housing project to obtain a higher Return on Investment, and ROI.

Nova City Peshawar- an affordable and luxurious housing project. A dream of many investors!

faqs about Nova City Peshawar

1.  What is the price of 5 Marla plots in Nova City Peshawar?

As Nova City Peshawar is an affordable housing society so rates of the plots are quite economical. It owns a 5 Marla plot at 2,550,000 with flexible monthly and yearly installment options.

2.  What are the sizes of the plots offered in this housing scheme?

For now, only residential plots are available in the following sizes:
– 3.5 Marla
– 5 Marla 
– 7 Marla 
– 10 Marla
– 1 Kanal

3.  What is the location of Nova City in Peshawar?

Nova City Peshawar is a newly launched housing society. It is expected that its development work will start in the last quarter of 2022. The owners and developers have assured that once the development work starts, it will continue at a fast pace.

4.  What is Nova City Peshawar? How is it different from other housing societies?

Nova City Peshawar is an emerging housing society aimed to provide an up-to-date and unique infrastructure at economical rates. It is one of the most affordable and luxurious housing societies of the time in Peshawar. Nova City Peshawar booking forms are available at BOK, HBL, and JS bank. The price of Nova City Peshawar booking forms is 5000 PKR.

5.  Who are the developers of Nova City Peshawar?

Nova City Peshawar has been new in the real estate market, but its drafting is expected to start after Ramadan 2022. A significant event is planned to launch its first drafting ceremony officially.

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