Top City Islamabad

Top City Islamabad is a residential project that is located near the junctions of M-1 and M-2 on the south side of the Kashmir Highway to enable customers to purchase their properties at cost-effective prices in the presence of installments. Makaan Solutions helps you to book a plot smoothly.


Top City Islamabad is a top-rated housing society similar to Capital Smart City. This housing project was started in 2012 to facilitate the residents of Pakistanis with the best residential properties. Moreover, this society has also brought amazing investment opportunities for investors.

Top City housing society has the best facilities, as it was promised by the management. This is the finest housing project with a prime location in the best part of this city. It means that you can easily access this top residential project in Islamabad from any desired access point. 

The Top City of Islamabad consists of a world-class infrastructure to facilitate customers with the best amenities. The management has ensured that every customer enjoys the best available services that are provided to bring advancement in the living standards.

The area of Top City is several acres surrounded by natural views. It is a dream place for business and residency. The location of Top City Islamabad includes an eco-friendly environment to become an irresistible housing project for potential customers. The good news about Top City Islamabad is that you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle at affordable rates.

Top City Islamabad Location

The Top City is being marketed as a smart and global city to complement its highly profitable nearby society for housing Capital Smart City, the first Smart City in Pakistan. The location of the housing society is along the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad International Airport.

The location of Top City Islamabad is on the south side of the Kashmir highway, near junctions of the motorways M-1 and M-2. Additionally, it is located within a vicinity of three kilometers of Islamabad Airport. Therefore, blocks such as H, G, and F of Top City are near the gate of the airport. G Block is the most intimate and is managed by the CAA because of security issues.

Access Points:

Top City is accessed via Kashmir Highway. Therefore, the way to access society is relatively simple for any person. 

  • Islamabad City is at a distance of 5km. 
  • Islamabad International Airport is at a distance of 3km. 
  • The extension of the Kashmir Highway is at a distance of 2km. 
  • The alternate route for the Fateh Jang Road is at a distance of 4km.

Nearby Places:

Top City is near the following housing societies:

  • Time Square Residence
  • Mumtaz City 
  • University Town
  • Airport Residencia
  • Airport Enclave
  • The Magnus Mall
Top City 1 loaction

Top City Islamabad Map:

Google map of Top City is given below:

Top City Islamabad Map

Top City Islamabad Master Plan 

The master plan of Top City Islamabad includes an area of more than 5906 Kanal. The master plan also shows the various blocks. However, CAA has taken over Block G because of the security concerns for Islamabad International Airport. There are farmhouses, residential, and commercial plots according to the Top City Islamabad master plan

Top City Blocks:

The blocks of Top City are given below:

  • Top City A
  • Top City B
  • Top City C
  • Top City D
  • Top City E
  • Top City F
  • Top City G (taken over by CAA)
  • Top City H

Residential Plots:

These residential plot sizes are given below:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots:

The commercial plot sizes are given below:

  • 5 Marla

High Rise Apartments:

Apartments are available in the following sizes:

  • 5,555 Square Yards
  • 6,805 Square Yards
  • 7,253 Square Yards
  • 7,483 Square Yards
  • 9,779 Square Yards
Top City Master Plan

Top City Islamabad Payment Plan

Top City plots prices are reasonable for customers. The specific payment plans of Top City for each block and plot category brings magnificent affordability for the customers. Therefore, a lot of local and overseas Pakistanis are ready to invest in the different plot sizes of this housing society. It is essential to know about the Top City Islamabad payment plan for residential and commercial plots.

Residential Plots Payment Plan of Top City

The Top City residential payment plan is affordable as compared to the Park View City payment plan. It is another promising real estate project within the CDA area of Islamabad.

The following residential plots are for sale in Top City Islamabad in the Blocks:

5 Marla Plot:

The Top City payment plan for the 5 Marla residential plot is given below:

  • Booking payment is 450,000
  • The confirmation payment is 450,000
  • The allocation payment is 450,000
  • 33 monthly installments are 1,485,000
  • 5 half yearly installments are 1,350,000
  • The allotment payment is 315,000
  • The total price for a 5 Marla residential plot in Top City is 4,500,000

10 Marla Plot:

The Top City payment plan for the 5 Marla residential plot is given below:

  • Booking payment is 800,000
  • The confirmation payment is 800,000
  • The allocation payment is 800,000
  • 33 monthly installments are 2,640,000
  • 5 half yearly installments are 2,400,000
  • The allotment payment is 560,000
  • The total price for 10 Marla residential plots in Top City is 8,000,000

1 Kanal Plot:

The Top City payment plan for 1 Kanal residential plot is given below:

  • Booking payment is 1,500,000
  • The confirmation payment is 1,500,000
  • The allocation payment is 1,500,000
  • 33 monthly installments are 4,950,000
  • 5 half yearly installments are 4,500,000
  • The allotment payment is 1,050,000
  • The total price for 1 Kanal residential plot in Top City is 15,000,000

2 Kanal Plot:

The Top City payment plan for the 2 Kanal residential plot is given below:

  • Booking payment is 2,500,000
  • The confirmation payment is 2,500,000
  • The allocation payment is 2,500,000
  • 33 monthly installments are 8,250,000
  • 5 half yearly installments are 7,500,000
  • The allotment payment is 1,750,000

The total price for 2 Kanal residential plot in Top City is 25,000,000

Top City Residential Payment plan

Top City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

Wise investors always want to get maximum profit by investing in Top City commercial plots. Therefore, investors are always curious about the commercial plots for sale in the Top City of Islamabad. Let’s check out the payment plan:

5 Marla Plot

Top City payment plan for 5 Marla commercial plots is given below:

  • Booking payment is 2,670,000
  • Confirmation payment is 2,670,000
  • The allocation payment is 2,670,000
  • 11 quarterly installments of 16,500,000
  • Allotment payment is 2,156,000
  • The total price for 5 Marla commercial plots in Top City is 26,666,000

Top City Highrise Apartment Tower Plots Payment Plan

High Rise Apartments in Top City have added great value to society by enabling people to upgrade their lifestyles. These plots are available at a reasonable price for the middle-class community. High Rise Apartments Tower plots for sale in Top City Islamabad.

5,555 Square Yards:

  • Booking payment is 33,000,000
  • Confirmation payment is 33,000,000
  • The allocation payment is 33,000,000
  • 11 quarterly installments of 209,000,000
  • Allotment payment is 25,300,000
  • The total price for a 5,555 square yards apartment in Top City is 333,300,000

6,805 Square Yards:

  • Booking payment is 40,800,000
  • Confirmation payment is 40,800,000
  • The allocation payment is 40,800,000
  • 11 quarterly installments of 253,000,000
  • Allotment payment is 32,900,000
  • The total price for a 5,555 square yards apartment in Top City is 408,300,000

7,253 Square Yards:

  • Booking payment is 43,500,000
  • Confirmation payment is 43,500,000
  • The allocation payment is 43,500,000
  • 11 quarterly installments of 269,500,000
  • Allotment payment is 35,180,000
  • The total price for a 7,253 square yards apartment in Top City is 435,180,000

7,483 Square Yards:

  • Booking payment is 44,900,000
  • Confirmation payment is 44,900,000
  • The allocation payment is 44,900,000
  • 11 quarterly installments of 278,300,000
  • Allotment payment is 35,980,000
  • The total price for a 7,483 square yards apartment in Top City is 448,980,000

9,779 Square Yards:

  • Booking payment is 58,700,000
  • Confirmation payment is 58,700,000
  • The allocation payment is 58,700,000
  • 11 quarterly installments of 363,000,000
  • Allotment payment is 47,640,000
  • The total price for a 9,779 square yards apartment in Top City is 586,740,000
Top City Apartment Payment Plan

How do I book a plot for Top City Islamabad?

Understanding the current booking process is essential to buy your plot with ease. The administration has established an easy top city Islamabad booking procedure for customers. Additionally, you can contact Makaan Solutions for the booking procedure.

The steps to book plots are listed below:

  • Complete the form to apply to book plots
  • Upload photos of the customer
  • Copies of the buyer’s CNIC
  • Attach the proof of paid down payments.

Required Documentation for Plot Booking:

These documents are required to purchase the plots with confidence and in a secure manner. So, the most important documents needed to buy a property located in Top City Islamabad:

  • Passport-size Photographs
  • CNIC Copies
  • CNIC Copies of Next to Kin
  • NICOP for Overseas Customers
booking step

Top City Islamabad Owners & Developers

The owners and developers of Top City Islamabad are KMKC (Kunwar Moeez Khan Constructions), which is led by Mr. Kunwar Moeez Khan. This real estate construction firm has significant input in the real estate market. The CEO, Kunwar Moeez Khan, has introduced the best strategies to improve the life of the respective customers.

The NOC Status of Top City Islamabad

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approved the NOC of Top City. The NOC status matters a lot in the value of this society. A housing project becomes trustworthy in the presence of legal status. Top City Islamabad NOC approval status ensures that customers enjoy the best services within society.

Top Facilities & Amenities

The facilities in Top City Islamabad are available to upgrade the living standards at an affordable price. The available amenities highlight the efforts of owners and developers to facilitate the customers. 

The management has included the best entertainment area within the society to provide a lavish living experience to the community. Therefore, you can experience a modern lifestyle in this top city of Islamabad.  

The basic purpose of making sure the primary facilities in the society is to enable the residents to have a better lifestyle. Let’s have a look at the different facilities and amenities. 

Peaceful Environment:

The community will promote a healthy lifestyle in the presence of a modern and natural environment. The natural, enclosed setting would provide a unique experience that is not possible in different societies.

Health Care: 

The developers paid close attention to the socially available healthcare facilities. The architects intend to construct cutting-edge, multilingual clinics and hospitals around the world. The emergency room is accessible around-the-clock, and there is always staff and medical assistance available.


To guarantee that the kids receive international standard education. To guarantee that the students receive the greatest education possible, teachers will be knowledgeable and experienced in their fields of expertise.

Additionally, it is the top priority for those living in Top City Islamabad, where the administration has allotted the entire region for the construction of a top-notch educational complex.

Business Hub:

The developers have considered all residential and business needs. Therefore, management offers a wide-ranging business zone in society. Residents can fulfill all of their demands for the community’s commercial sector in these places.

Grand Mosque:

The demands of society’s citizens, especially their religious needs, shall be met. The developers have developed a majestic Jamia mosque. This Jamia Masjid will be a high-end mosque with contemporary architecture and technology.

Water Resources:

There is a demand for water that has been considered by society. To store a significant volume of water that the population may use for everyday tasks, water reservoirs will be built. Filtration facilities will also be a feature of society to guarantee residents’ access to clean water.

Community Center:

Communities will operate as a beacon for social engagement to keep residents engaged. They can participate in different activities.

Secure Community:

A society with safe homes needs to feel secure. The safety of a gated community is guaranteed. A security system with advanced CCTV cameras and other security equipment provides residents a complete safety 24/7. A boundary wall ensures the highest level of security will surround the entire neighborhood.

Superior Architecture and Design:

The developers of Top City Islamabad worked tirelessly to provide accommodations that are unmatched. The housing society also has a number of impressive modernist structures that blend nature and modernity to provide the best infrastructure.

top city-1 Islamabad Facilities

Benefits of investment in Top City

Top City is a model housing community that ensures residents with the best living standard and facilities. The developers want to create a ground-breaking housing complex in the Capital Territory that offers houses, industrial sites, private villas, and apartment complexes.

Eco Friendly:

The housing society has given the best environment to the residents. The residents of the city have suffered a lot as a result of natural disasters in the form of air pollutants, water, and land. As a result, people turn to house societies outside the cities.

Near to the Federal Capital:

Top City is conveniently located apart from Islamabad, a 21-minute drive away on the Srinagar Highway. The residents will have the opportunity to benefit from a peaceful lifestyle needing to travel a great distance. Moreover, investors prefer to invest in real estate near Islamabad because of the outstanding value that the money gives to the property.

NOC Approved:

Compared to a few other housing projects in the area, the housing society is a contract that was officially approved. No Objection Certificate for development and planning approval from the Capital Development Authority. Top City is one of the authorized housing societies that investors take into consideration. A NOC from RDA in the Federal Capital is required for a housing scheme to be legally approved.

Exceptional Security

The residential organization is a secure community that provides a secure environment. You can guarantee this level of security while living in the city.

Outstanding Architecture and Design

Top City Islamabad’s developers worked late at night to provide facilities that are unmatched. The housing society also has a number of impressive architectural structures that blend nature and modernity to provide residents with the ideal of both.

Top City Islamabad Development Status:

The development is in the completion phase according to Top City Islamabad latest news. The developers have completed more than 80% of the development in society. 1 Kanal plots are ready for possession in Block B and fast development is being done in blocks C, D, E, F, and H. 

The installation of signboards for the directions of streets and roads. Therefore, it has become easier for you to visit the different blocks. The developers have also completed the work of waste management, sewerage, and underground electricity. 

Pros and Cons

Electricity 24/7High plot rates
Gas 24/7
Purified Water
Luxurious lifestyle
Safe and premium location
Reasonable installment plans
Serene Environment
Pollution-free Atmosphere
Appropriate infrastructure
Health care
Educational institutes

Final Words

Top City Islamabad has a fantastic combination of superb locations, features, and amenities. The strategy is to use all benefits arising from this area due to the outstanding presence of a new airport. It is exactly what sets this society apart from the other housing societies in the neighborhood such as University Town and ICHS Town.

Top City Islamabad is an ideal project located near Islamabad International Airport to give a significant investment in Islamabad. The society is well-planned and has all the characteristics to provide a bright future for its residents. We recommend this housing society for long-term and short-term investment opportunities.
To book your plot in Top City, you should contact Makaan Solutions, which is a top sales and marketing firm in real estate in Islamabad. Our team is also ready to provide services in other housing societies such as Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City.

Faqs About Top City -1

1. What will be included in the Top City commercial district?

The society’s commercial district will have a sky strip, a five-star hotel & resort, business centers, malls, Markaz, and small markets, as well as gaming spaces, parks, movie theaters, and a community center to meet the needs of all age groups.

2. Will Top City Islamabad have subsurface utilities?

Yes, the management has constructed underground facilities for gas, water, and electricity.

3. How far away is the airport from society?

The New Islamabad International Airport is three kilometers distant from Top City.

4. Is living in Top City safe?

Yes, Top City is indeed a gated and secure housing community.

5. Will long-term investments work well with Top City?

Yes, you can make both long-term and short-term investments with Top City.

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