DHA Bahawalpur

DHA Bahawalpur is a master-planned and legal housing society with a premium location on the southern bypass. There are different commercial plots, residential plots, and villas for sale at the most affordable payment plan. You buy your plot in this housing society with the assistance of Makaan Solutions.

DHA Bahawalpur: Introduction

DHA Bahawalpur is a famous and top-notch housing project in the beautiful surroundings of Bahawalpur. The management of DHA started this fabulous housing society to offer splendid living standards to the residents.

DHA in Bahawalpur has become a lucrative society to allow clients to purchase their properties. This real estate project by DHA is located on the southern bypass to enable real estate customers to reserve valuable properties. 

DHA Bahawalpur Location

The location of DHA Bahawalpur is on the southern bypass to ensure the easiest access from the various landmarks. This housing society is located close to the airport to allow overseas Pakistanis to make profitable investments.

The premium location of Defence Housing Authority Bahawalpur is just a few kilometers away from the Islamic University of Bahawalpur. Moreover, the different markets are situated near this top-notch housing society.

Nearby Places

  1. Umar Colony
  2. Mohajir Colony
  3. Noor Mahal

Access Points

  • 5 minutes away from Hotel One Bahawalpur
  • 10 minutes away from Lal Suhanra National Park
  • 15 minutes away from Yazman Mandi
  • 20 minutes away from Sutlej River
DHA Bahawalpur location

DHA Bahawalpur Map

You can open Google Maps to search out the exact location of this government-based housing society.

DHA Bahawalpur Payment Plan

Residential PlotRegistration FeeDown PaymentTotal Price
5 Marla5,000300,0003,000,000
8 Marla10,000450,0004,500,000
10 Marla12,000550,0005,500,000
1 Kanal15,000800,0008,000,000

The dedicated management launched the payment plan of DHA Bahawalpur to allow the clients to own their properties. The plot prices have been very affordable for everyone who is searching for valuable properties at a reasonable payment schedule. 

The installment plan for available plots allows middle-class people to purchase their plots in this government residential project. There are commercial and residential plots in this best housing society in Bahawalpur to ensure the highest returns on investments.  

DHA Bahawalpur payment plan

How to Book a Plot in DHA Bahawalpur?

  • Fill out the application form for Defence Housing Authority Bahawalpur
  • Attach the required documents 
  • Attach the receipt of the paid down payment
  • Submit the application form

Makaan Solutions has mentioned the crucial steps to ensure the smoothness of the plot booking process for potential customers. You need to follow these important steps to book your plot in this exceptional housing society that has become the first-ever choice.

Required Documents

  • The buyer’s 2 CNIC copies
  • The buyer’s 2 passport-size images
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC copies 

The management announced the required documents, which are compulsory for the ownership of properties in this modern housing society in Bahawalpur. Therefore, you need to come up with the required documents to book your property in this brilliant housing project.

booking step

Benefits of Investment in DHA Bahawalpur

The ideal location and reasonable payment schedule ensure a lot of perks for investors who are looking to make investments. Therefore, you must know about the potential advantages of investing in DHA Bahawalpur.

High ROI

The residential and commercial plots are available for sale in this high-quality and secure housing society to ensure the maximum profitability ratio. The management has a legacy of offering the highest ROI to every customer who wants to make short-term and long-term investments.  

Financial Independence 

The management offers financial security to the clients who are looking to become comfortable in the different financial conditions. You reserve your property to enjoy financial freedom in the inflation and economic crisis. 

Passive Income

The available plots in society are also great sources of passive income for customers who want to earn money on a regular basis. You can rent out your constructed properties to the tenants for passive income. Moreover, rental income increases on a yearly basis.

Valuable Asset

Every plot in this society has become a valuable asset for customers who are looking to live or invest in this magnificent housing society. Therefore, properties in this residential project have become the ultimate source of dealing with the different financial situations. 

DHA Bahawalpur Master Plan 

The master plan of DHA Bahawalpur is designed by qualified designers who have ensured an elegant layout plan to include a variety of commercial and residential plots. Different blocks in society offer better opportunities for investment and residency. 

The layout plan for Defence Housing Society Bahwalpur consists of spacious roads and streets. There are attractive amenities and facilities in this residential project to ensure the ultimate comfort for the investors and residents.

Residential Plots

  1. 5 Marla
  2. 8 Marla
  3. 10 Marla
  4. 1 Kanal
  5. 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

DHA Villas

  • 6 Marla 
  • 9 Marla
  • 12 Marla
DHA Bahawalpur master plan 65188d8a09216

DHA Bahawalpur NOC Status 

The NOC status of DHA Bahawalpur satisfies the customers who are looking to purchase properties in the legally approved housing society. It is a legal and secure housing society under the umbrella of the government housing society.   

It is an NOC-approved housing society in Bahawalpur that allows local and overseas Pakistanis to buy residential and commercial properties. The legal status offers secure investment opportunities to investors because it is a government housing scheme in Bahawalpur.

DHA Bahawalpur Owner & Developers

The owners and developers of DHA Bahawalpur are the Defence Housing Authority, which is a government authority that offers international living standards to Pakistanis at reasonable plot prices. Moreover, the owners aim to ensure an eco-friendly environment for customers.

The developers are known for developing the housing society in accordance with modern architecture and infrastructure. The development team is known for its brilliant and smooth development to offer balloting and possession within the deadline.

Projects by DHA

DHA Bahawalpur owners

DHA Bahawalpur Development Status

The development updates show that the construction of villas in DHA Bahawalpur is in the final phase, with the development work in blocks A, B, C, D, and F. The development team includes qualified engineers to ensure the development is in accordance with the master plan. 

DHA Bahawalpur Latest News

The latest updates of the Defence Housing Scheme show that people have started to reside in this phenomenal housing society. The plot prices have been increased over time to ensure the highest returns on investments to the investors. 

Facilities & Amenities 

The management is known for offering top-notch amenities and facilities to the customers who live in the residential properties and own the businesses. The world-class services in society offer a boost in business growth and a comfortable lifestyle.

Education Institutes

The developers are focused on including tech-based education institutes to ensure the best education system. There are video tutorials and projectors to enhance the learning experience for the students. 

National University of Modern Languages and National Development University (NDU) are part of this world-class residential project to ensure the international education system for the people of South Punjab. 

Healthcare Facilities

There are several hospitals with the incorporation of modern technology to ensure the best treatment services for patients. The qualified staff with the advanced medical equipment shows the management’s commitment to healthcare.

Gas, Electricity, and Water Resources

The developers have made sure to supply the purified water, electricity, and gas to all plots in this society. Moreover, the management aims to provide these basic amenities without any interruptions. 

Playgrounds and Theme Parks

There are different playgrounds in this residential project to ensure that residents will be able to play their favorite games and sports. Moreover, the theme parks allow the residents to refresh themselves in an eco-friendly environment.

Golf Course

An international-level golf course in this housing scheme allows the players to enjoy the game with local and international players. Therefore, you will be able to play golf with your family and friends in your free time.


The management has brought a surveillance system to ensure a safe and secure environment for residents. The developers used advanced technology to install the CCTV cameras with the presence of security staff to ensure the ultimate safety of every resident within society.

DHA Electronic System

There is an excellent electronic system that allows the residents to pay their bills. Every resident has a unique username and password to pay his gas and electricity bills. Moreover, the E-system allows the residents to book their rides through Careem or Uber.

DHA Cancer Hospital

There is Shoukat Khanum Hospital in society in the presence of imported machinery and advanced technology. This hospital offers free medical services in the presence of qualified doctors and nurses. 

DHA Mall

The society has a famous and excellent super Mall in the heart of society. This spacious shopping mall offers phenomenal investment opportunities to investors. There are local and international brands in this society to fulfill residents’ commercial needs.

DHA Bahawalpur ameneties

Pros & Cons


  • The qualified and experienced owners and developers
  • The premium location in Bahawalpur
  • A legal housing society for secure investment opportunities
  • A master-planned housing project 
  • An affordable payment schedule for available plots
  • The presence of modern facilities and amenities 


  • A little away from the center of the city


DHA Bahawalpur is a legal housing society in the ideal location of Bahawalpur to offer the different plot categories at a reasonable payment plan. You can also purchase your commercial or residential plot in Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City.

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