Capital Valley Islamabad

Capital Valley Islamabad is a new housing society by Urban Solutions Private Limited and Green Thumb which has a premium location on Airport Avenue Road near New Islamabad International Airport and M-2 Motorway. The plot prices are very affordable to enable the local and overseas Pakistanis to own the properties in this housing society.

Capital Valley Islamabad: Introduction

Capital Valley Islamabad is a new residential project in the real estate industry of Islamabad. This housing society is started with the purpose of enabling you to live on the premises of the beautiful capital city of Islamabad. 

The developers are focusing on the best infrastructure and ensuring Capital Valley Islamabad prices must be affordable for an exceptional lifestyle. Moreover, this residential project also enables the investors to get a high ROI because of the premium location and easy installment plan.

The most attractive feature of this housing society is its closeness to the New International Airport. Capital Valley location is attractive for the end-users, especially overseas Pakistanis who always want to buy a plot near the airport for their flexibility.

Capital Valley Islamabad Owner & Developers

Owners and developers of Capital Valley Islamabad are Urban Solutions Private Limited and Green Thumb. Urban Solutions is a famous company in the real estate market because of its best design services. Moreover, Green Thumb has earned a name in the real estate industry because of its landscaping services.

Developers and owners of Capital Valley Islamabad have a vision of developing the best housing society near Airport Avenue to fulfill all necessities for an exceptional lifestyle. The developers have a mission to fulfill the residents’ needs within the premises of this housing scheme. They want to facilitate the investors and residents with the commercial, corporate, and residential sectors.

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capital valley islamabad developers

Capital Valley Islamabad NOC Status

NOC of Capital Valley Islamabad is under-process by the Rawalpindi Development Authority. The officials of RDA are verifying the submitted documents to approve the NOC for this housing society. The legal status of Capital Valley plays a magnificent role in the value of the residential project.

Capital Valley Islamabad Location: New International Airport

Location of Capital Valley Islamabad is on Airport Avenue to enable you to access society easily from the various routes. It is important to consider that the Capital Valley Housing Scheme is located near the New Islamabad International Airport. Therefore, overseas Pakistanis prefer this society because of its closeness to the airport.  

Capital Valley Islamabad location is easily reachable from M-2 Motorway to enable you to reach your plot in this society without facing any traveling challenges. You can also visit this housing scheme when traveling on M-14 Motorway. 

You can easily access this housing society from Zero Point because Srinagar Highway ensures smooth accessibility. This is a valuable housing project because of the flexible accessibility from N5 and N80. The flexible accessibility from Thalian to Capital Valley enables you to reach society within a few minutes.

Nearby Places 

The nearby landmarks and housing societies of this society are listed below:

Access Points 

You can access society from the following routes.

  • Located on Airport Avenue Road
  • M-2 Motorway is almost 1 minute away
  • Thalian Interchange is almost 3 minutes away 
  • N80 is almost 12 minutes away 
  • Kohat-Rawalpindi Road is almost 13 minutes away
capital valley islamabad map
capital valley islamabad map

Capital Valley Islamabad Map

You can easily view the exact location of Capital Valley in Islamabad on Google Maps.

capital valley islamabad location map

Capital Valley Islamabad Master Plan

Master plan of Capital Valley Islamabad is decent work done by an experienced and professional group of architects and civil engineers to develop a society with the best living standards on the premises of the New International Airport. 

The master plan includes the luxurious facilities and amenities in the layout plan. It also consists of playgrounds and parks for families and children. Therefore, all available facilities will be easily accessible for you. 

Capital Valley layout plan consists of commercial as well as residential plots. There will be top-notch businesses and well-known brands in the commercial area.      

Residential Plot Sizes

The Capital Valley residential plot categories are mentioned below:

  • 5 Marla 
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla 
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes

The Capital Valley commercial plot categories will be revealed soon by the management of this housing society. The expected commercial plot sizes are listed below:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla


It is expected that Capital Valley farmhouses will include world-class living standards for the residents. The farmhouses categories as follows:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 3 Kanal 
  • 4 Kanal 
capital valley islamabad master plan

Capital Valley Islamabad Payment Plan

Payment plan of Capital Valley Islamabad is very reasonable with the flexible installment plan. You need to pay 15% of the total payment as a down amount to reserve your plot in this housing society. After that, you have to pay 5% of the total payment as a confirmation amount. 

Capital Valley allotment charges are only 5% of the total payment schedule of a plot. You have to pay 10% of the entire payment as balloting charges. Moreover, you have to pay 10% of the Capital Valley Islamabad payment plan at the time of possession. There are 4 yearly and 48 monthly installments for every available plot in this society. There are plots for sale in Capital Valley Islamabad with affordable payment schedules.

Residential Payment Schedule  

There are residential plots for sale in Capital Valley at a reasonable price to enable the common people to live on the premises of Airport Avenue. You also visit Capital Valley Islamabad head office to inquire about the available plots.

Capital Valley Islamabad residential payment plan is as follows:   

5 Marla Plot

  • Capital Valley 5 marla plot price is 2,750,000
  • 15% down payment is 415,000
  • A 5% confirmation payment is 137,500
  • 5% Allotment charges are 137,500
  • 4 yearly installments are 197,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 13,000
  • 10% balloting charges are 275,000
  • 10% possession fee is 275,000

8 Marla Plot

  • Capital Valley 8 marla plot price is 3,850,000
  • 15% down payment is 575,000
  • 5% confirmation payment is 192,500
  • 5% Allotment charges are 192,500
  • 4 yearly installments are 290,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 19,125
  • 10% balloting charges are 385,000
  • 10% possession fee is 385,000

10 Marla Plot

  • Capital Valley 10 marla plot price is 5,500,000
  • 15% down payment is 825,000
  • A 5% confirmation payment is 275,000
  • 5% Allotment charges are 275,000
  • 4 yearly installments are 396,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 22,000
  • 10% balloting charges are 550,000
  • 10% possession fee is 550,000

14 Marla Plot

  • Capital Valley 14 marla plot price is 8,400,000
  • 15% down payment is 1,260,000
  • A 5% confirmation payment is 420,000
  • 5% Allotment charges are 420,000
  • 4 yearly installments are 1,155,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 40,000
  • 10% balloting charges are 840,000
  • 10% possession fee is 840,000

1 Kanal Plot

  • Capital Valley 1 Kanal plot price is 9,900,000
  • 15% down payment is 1,490,000
  • 5% confirmation payment is 495,000
  • 5% Allotment charges are 495,000
  • 4 yearly installments are 640,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 30,000
  • 10% balloting charges are 990,000
  • 10% possession fee is 990,000
capital valley islamabad payment plan, capital valley islamabad prices
capital valley islamabad prices

Commercial Payment Schedule  

There will be commercial plots for sale in Capital Valley that ensure the highest profitability for potential investors. You can also get a handsome return on your investment by purchasing the Capital Valley Islamabad files. The investors have another opportunity to get the maximum profit by investing in the upcoming society near New International Airport. Capital Valley Islamabad commercial payment plan will be launched very soon. 

What is Plot Booking Procedure in Capital Valley Islamabad?

Makaan Solutions helps potential customers with the Capital Valley Islamabad booking procedure. Moreover, the management has kept the booking process very simple to enable you to reserve a plot easily. 

  • Fill out Capital Valley Islamabad application form
  • Attach the necessary documents 
  • Pay the down amount 
  • Submit the form with the required documents to get the payment receipt

Required Documents

The required documents for booking a plot in Capital Valley are mentioned below:

  • Two passport-size images of the applicant 
  • Two copies of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the applicant 
  • Two copies of the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of Next to Kin
  • National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistan (NICOP)
booking step

Benefits of Investment

A plot in Capital Valley ensures the most appealing benefits of investment, such as profitability, to potential investors. Therefore, you can purchase a residential or commercial plot at the pre-launch rates to get the highest ROI. 

High ROI 

You also expect a high ROI like the potential investors in Pakistan. Moreover, the desired returns are the most likely factor for every investor. This best housing society near New Islamabad International Airport ensures the maximum profit for you. 

Stable Income

Stable earning is another potential concern for every Pakistani in the increasing rate of inflation. Real estate investment in Capital Valley Islamabad enables you to have a source of stable income. 

Financial Independence 

The investment in this upcoming housing scheme of Islamabad ensures the best financial security for you. You can easily become financially independent by investing in this new residential project. 

Valuable Asset 

The reservation of property in Capital Valley is a great way of having a valuable asset. The property value in this society increases over time.

Facilities & Amenities

capital Valley has become the most in-demand housing society because of the available amenities and facilities. This housing society also includes world-class features to bring comfort to residents’ lives. 

Global Gateway 

This housing facilitates the customers as a global gateway because of the excellent location. The overseas Pakistanis will be able to reach their houses in Capital Valley as it is located near International Airport. Moreover, the presence of world-class hotels in this society also facilitates you with an exceptional residential experience.  

Games & Sports Zone

The developers are aware of the trends in the developing country. Sports and games have become an essential part of this residential project. Therefore, the development team has a plan for a gaming zone to enable you to play your favourite games. This gaming zone also creates job opportunities for IT experts. 

GIS-Based Smart Infrastructure 

The developers are using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the sustainable development infrastructure. This smart infrastructure ensures a secure environment for residents and investors.  

Renewable Energy 

The management is ensuring the housing society is a zero-waste society in the capital city of Pakistan. Therefore, the developers will install advanced technology to renew the energy through the recycling process. 

Social Community 

There are residential plots in different categories. People with distinctive backgrounds will become a part of this housing society. Therefore, this society will become a hub of a mixed social community. 

Basic Facilities 

The residents in this society will be able to enjoy basic facilities such as purified water, electricity, and gas. These facilities will be provided as a first priority without any breakdown.  

Education & Healthcare

The developers know the importance of healthcare and education in this housing society. They are focused on dedicating the plots to the amenities of education and healthcare. The international standards of healthcare and education will be available for every resident. 


The housing society is located in the high-end security as it is situated on the premises of the International Airport. Moreover, they also include a technological security system to ensure the best safety for the residents.

capital valley islamabad facilities
capital valley islamabad facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of housing society are mentioned below:

Reliable DevelopersNOC unapproved
Affordable Payment Plan
Flexible Installment Schedule
Premium Location
Modern Infrastructure
Master-Planned Society

Capital Valley Islamabad Development Status

The developers are focused on starting development in a society with a fantastic infrastructure. The development status of Capital Valley shows that development is in its initial stage as developers have started the groundwork. It is a good update that developers are including international urban town planning to facilitate the customers effectively. You can contact the Capital Valley Islamabad office for more updates on development work.

Capital Valley Islamabad Latest News

NOC of the society is unapproved by the RDA, according to recent updates. There are also Capital Valley Islamabad plots for sale at the pre-launch rates as the society in the initial phase.


Capital Valley Islamabad is an upcoming project in the vicinity of the M-2 Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport. The payment plan for the residential plots enables you to enjoy the best living standards at an affordable lifestyle in this highly-secured housing society. Makaan Solutions helps you to reserve your plot in legal housing societies such as Capital Smart City and New Metro City Gujar Khan. You can consult with our experienced team to make a profitable investment in the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Capital Valley located in Islamabad?

Capital Valley is located on Airport Avenue road near M-2 Motorway and International Airport.

What is the legal status of Capital Valley?

The housing society is currently unapproved by RDA.

How is Capital Valley an ideal housing society in Islamabad?

Capital Valley is an ideal housing society in Islamabad because it is located on the premises of the New International Airport.

Which airport is near the Capital Valley?

New Islamabad International Airport is the nearest airport to the Capital Valley.

Who is the owner of Capital Valley Islamabad?

Urban Solutions Private Limited is the owner of Capital Valley in Islamabad.

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