Smart City Community Meet up and Latest announcement about Capital Smart City

Smart City Community Meet up 2021 by Capital Smart City

Smart city community meet up was held on 16 Oct 2021 between 11 am to 3 pm. All the community members, dealers and plot holders attended this Smart city community meet up at the beautiful venue of the Capital Smart City site. Makaan Solutions expert team and prestigious CEO Rizwan Cheema also attended this event to gather all the updates for the public.

Capital Smart City Latest News/Announcements

  • Harmony Park Balloting: This balloting is for those plots whose owners did not convert these plots by paying 45%. This means those plots which are other than overseas conversion. Because, according to management, there will be two harmony park blocks; one will be located near Silicon Valley while the other block location will be disclosed in the new master plan of capital smart city 2021. 3.5 marla,2.5 marlas and four marla Commercial plots,3.5 marla apartment villas (G+2 building) and five marla apartment building’s balloting will be done in the first week of May 2022. Those exact members who have paid all instalments will be allocated with their plot location at that time.
  • Oversea Prime Balloting: In 5 to 6 months, precisely in the first week of May 2022, overseas prime block balloting will be done.
  • Harmony Park overseas Balloting: Recently, the society launched a new map of capital smart city 2021, in which it has been revealed that on the opposite side of Overseas East, which is the new name of overseas 1, harmony park overseas location will be located. Harmony Park overseas location is the prime location of all the blocks. Most of the developments is happening in this block. Most importantly, its balloting will be done in the first week of February 2022.
  • Villas Balloting: According to GM sales & marketing of Capital Smart City, Mr Majeed Ahmed Khan, more than 1000 villas have been constructing on site, whose balloting will be done in the first week of February 2022.
  • Overseas East (New Name of Overseas 1): New name of overseas 1 will be Overseas East from now on.
  • Overseas Central (New Name of Overseas 2): Overseas 2 will be called from now overseas Central. Also, its balloting will be done by the first week of February of 2022.

The Capital Smart City, Islamabad

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  • Overseas West: New name of Overseas 3 could be Overseas West according to the some resources.
  • Overseas Central Possession: Overseas Central possession will be handed over in the 3rd quarter of 202(July, Aug & Sep).
  • Executive Block 1: This block possession will be handed over in the 2nd quarter of 2022.
  • 5% Discount: 5% discount will be given on advance payment of instalments till 13 Nov 2021. This will be for those who have given all the instalments up till now. It’s a pretty little and nominal discount, but Capital Smart City has provided it. 

Makaan Solutions: Rizwaan Cheema, CEO of Makaan solutions, is the oldest sales partner of Capital Smart City and Lahore smart city. Our team and, most of the time, our CEO Rizwan Cheema visit the sites of Capital Smart city and Lahore Smart City to gather the development updates for the members and plot holders of the site. For any query, information, update, and consultation, you can always call 0345-9999881 or WhatsApp us at 0344-5535354. Makaan Solutions will always provide you with the most acceptable advice and information.

Smart City Community Meet up

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