Shaheen Enclave Burhan

Shaheen Enclave Burhan is a world-class housing society by Shaheen Builders and Land Developers with a famous location on the Burhan Interchange to enable flexible access for people of twin cities. The payment plan for commercial and residential plots is very affordable, which enables you to reserve a property within your monthly budget.


Shaheen Enclave Burhan is a world-class housing society that started with a mission of bringing world-class facilities for the residents. The residents in this housing society can enjoy a magnificent lifestyle. It’s good that management is making sure to provide every commodity to residents’ doorstep.

The investors and residents will be able to enjoy the magnificent perks of investing in Shaheen Enclave Burhan. The residential and commercial plot prices are very reasonable to ensure the factor of affordability. The value of properties in Shaheen Enclave Islamabad is increasing with time to ensure magnificent profitability for investors with a splendid lifestyle for residents.

Shaheen Enclave Burhan Owners & Developers

The management always has the ultimate role in every housing society. No one can neglect the importance of owners and developers for a housing scheme. Everyone tries to know about the management before purchasing a property in a new residential project. Therefore, you must inquire about the developers and owners before booking a plot.

The owners and developers of Shaheen Enclave Burhan are Shaheen Builders & Land Developers. They are aimed to build a community to enable every member to live peacefully in this housing society. The management of Shaheen Enclave Islamabad has a vision of including world-class architecture to ensure the best features for the customers.

Shaheen Enclave Burhan owner and developer

Shaheen Enclave Burhan NOC Status

Legal status is a primary need for every housing society. The management of housing societies submits the required documents to the concerned government authorities for the approval of legal status. You also need to check out the NOC status of the desired housing society before buying a property.

The NOC status of Shaheen Enclave Burhan is under process for approval. RDA is the concerned government department that is checking the submitted documents by the management and will issue the NOC for Shaheen Enclave Wah Cantt. The legal status of this housing society brings exceptional and secure investment opportunities.

Shaheen Enclave Burhan Location: Burhan Interchange

The location is known as a fascinating factor for the residential projects because people want to live in the ideally located housing societies. Potential investors also consider the factor of the location before making an investment because they know that the value of properties is directly proportional to the location. 

The location of Shaheen Enclave Burhan is on Burhan Interchange to ensure that you can reach the society from the premises of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This housing society is also easily accessible from the CPEC Route and Burhan Railway Station. The Shaheen Enclave Islamabad location is also adjacent to GT Road to enable potential customers to visit the society from Hasan Abdal and Wah Cantt within a few minutes.

Overseas Pakistanis invest in twin cities because they want to access their houses easily after landing at Islamabad International Airport. The management has considered this factor to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis to enable you access society in a short period of time from the New International Airport.

Access Points

The accessibility for Shaheen Enclave on Burhan Interchange is a smooth way of enabling the investors and end-users to reach society from the following routes. 

  • Approximately 1 minute away from Burhan Motorway Interchange
  • Approximately 1 minute away from Burhan Railway Station  
  • Approximately 4 minutes away from Hasan Abdal 
  • Approximately 10 minutes away from Wah Cantt 
  • Approximately 12 minutes away from Attock 
  • Approximately 22 minutes away from the New International Airport of Islamabad

Nearby Landmarks 

The nearby places and housing societies also have a magnificent role in boosting the value of plots in Shaheen Enclave Burhan. These landmarks are near this project:

Shaheen Enclave Burhan location

Shaheen Enclave Burhan Master Plan

The layout plan of a housing society is necessary to enable potential buyers to view the different available properties. Every management launches the master plan for the housing society to enable you to view the available plots and amenities before finalizing your decision to own a plot in the housing scheme. 

The master plan of Shaheen Enclave Burhan is designed by famous designers to bring a magnificent layout plan to enable you to buy your plot in your favorite location. This layout plan allows you to make profitable short-term and long-term investments in society. Moreover, you can live the life of your dreams in the presence of all facilities. 

Residential Plots 

The basic purpose of every residential project is to offer the best living space to customers with the availability of modern facilities. You’re going to enjoy the world-class lifestyle by booking a residential plot according to your budget. The residential plot categories are mentioned for you:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla 
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal 

Commercial Plots 

The commercial plots are the goldmines for the potential investors because of returning the highest profit to them. You can invest in commercial plots to get a high capital gain through your investment. The premium architecture enables you to get profitable leads for your business in this society. 

  • 3 Marla 
  • 4 Marla 
  • 5 Marla 
  • 8 Marla

Shaheen Enclave Burhan Payment Plan

Everyone wants to buy a property, but it is also a factor that every society doesn’t fall under affordability. This is a primary reason that urges buyers to view the payment plan before buying a plot in society. The housing schemes offer a reasonable installment plan to enable you to own a property easily. 

The payment plan of Shaheen Enclave Burhan is highly reasonable that can be paid in installments. The affordable prices for properties in this society enable you to reserve a residential or commercial property easily. Shaheen Enclave Burhan plots for sale that can be bought through a minimal booking payment. 

Residential Plots Payment Schedule 

There are residential plots for sale in Shaheen Enclave Burhan to enable you to enjoy a comfortable residency in society. You have a chance to enjoy a world-class lifestyle by booking a residential plot. Shaheen Enclave residential payment schedule is mentioned below: 

3.5 Marla Plot

  • The total price is 850,000
  • The down payment is 85,000
  • 60 monthly installments are 8,500
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 20,000
  • The possession charges are 55,000

5 Marla Plot 

  • The total price is 1,190,000
  • The down payment is 120,000
  • 50 monthly installments are 12,000
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 47,000

7 Marla Plot 

  • The total price is 1,350,000
  • The down payment is 135,000
  • 50 monthly installments are 13,500
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 54,000

10 Marla Plot

  • The total price is 1,800,000
  • The down payment is 180,000
  • 50 monthly installments are 18,000
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 72,000

1 Kanal Plot

  • The total price is 3,000,000
  • The down payment is 300,000
  • 50 monthly installments are 30,000
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 120,000
Shaheen Enclave Burhan residential Payment Plan

Commercial Plots Payment Schedule 

Investors always want to invest in the commercial plots of a housing society. Therefore, the management also prioritizes commercial properties to get the investors’ attention. There are commercial plots for sale in Shaheen Enclave Burhan. These commercial plots enable you to get a good ROI by reserving the plots at the installment plan. Shaheen Enclave commercial plots payment plan is mentioned below:

5 Marla Plot

  • The total price is 4,000,000
  • The down payment is 400,000
  • 50 monthly installments are 40,000
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 160,000

8 Marla Plot

  • The total price is 6,000,000
  • The down payment is 600,000
  • 50 monthly installments are 60,000
  • 10 bi-annual installments are 240,000
Shaheen Enclave Burhan commercial Payment Plan

Shaheen Enclave Islamabad Farm Houses Payment Plan 

Farmhouses enrich your living experience in Pakistan. The management has considered including the best farmhouses in this housing society. There are farmhouses for sale in Shaheen Enclave Burhan to enable you to own a farm with a flexible installment plan. The management has launched a Shaheen Enclave farmhouses payment plan.

2 Kanal Plot

  • The total price is 4,500,000
  • The down payment is 450,000
  • The confirmation payment is 450,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 45,000
  • 8 bi-annual installments are 117,500
  • The possession charges are 500,000

4 Kanal Plot

  • The total price is 8,500,000
  • The down payment is 850,000
  • The confirmation payment is 850,000
  • 48 monthly installments are 75,000
  • 8 bi-annual installments are 275,000
  • The possession charges are 1,000,000

How to Book a Plot in Shaheen Enclave Burhan?

Everyone searches for a smooth method of booking a plot in the housing scheme. It is a fact that every person isn’t familiar with the booking procedure and needs the assistance of a real estate firm like Makaan Solutions to confirm a plot reservation in this society. 

Shaheen Enclave Islamabad booking procedure is very flexible to enable you to purchase a plot easily. You must go through these steps for plot booking in this society. 

  • Fill out the Shaheen Enclave Burhan application form 
  • Attach the essential documents
  • Make the down payment 
  • Forward the booking form

Required Documents:

The management of this residential project informed you about the necessary documents. You need to submit these documents: 

  • Buyer’s 2 CNIC copies 
  • Buyer’s 2 passport-size pictures
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC copies
booking step

Why Invest in Shaheen Enclave Burhan?

The benefits of investment in Shaheen Enclave Burhan are very crucial to know for potential customers. Therefore, you must read about the maximum advantages of investing in this society.  

Affordable Plot Rates

Shaheen Enclave Burhan plot rates are very reasonable enabling potential buyers to reserve a property in the presence of a flexible installment plan. Therefore, you own a plot in this society without facing any financial issues. 

Profitable Investment 

The management has considered the profitability for the investors. The affordable rates for plots in this society enable potential investors to make profitable investments to earn a profit within a few months. You can also get a huge ROI by purchasing a plot in this society. 

Financial Security

Your investment in this society also brings financial security because plot rates are increasing on a daily basis. Therefore, the value of your plot will increase over time to make you financially independent.

Facilities & Amenities

The facilities and amenities are a necessary part of a housing society. The management of Shaheen Enclave knows the importance of amenities and facilities for the residents and investors. Therefore, we have listed down the available facilities in this society for you:

  • Mosque 
  • Education
  • Community Center 
  • Commercial Zone
  • Darange System
  • Fitness Area 
  • Green Belts 
  • Healthcare
  • Parks and Playgrounds 
  • Security
Shaheen Enclave Burhan facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of this residential project are mentioned below:

Reliable DevelopersA little away from Twin Cities
Affordable Payment Plan
Premium Location
Modern Architecture
World-class Master Plan
Best Amenities and Facilities

Shaheen Enclave Burhan Development Status

The reliable developers are doing phenomenal development work in the Shaheen Enclave Housing Scheme. The pruning and leveling of the land have been completed. The developers have started to plant trees to ensure a green environment, according to the latest development update of Shaheen Enclave Buurhan.  

Shaheen Enclave Burhan Latest News

The developers have started the development work, whereas management also launched the new payment plan for the commercial and residential plots. Moreover, they have submitted essential documents for NOC approval.


Shaheen Enclave Burhan is an ideal housing scheme for middle-class communities because of the affordable payment schedule. Moreover, this housing society is situated on Burhan Interchange to enable the customers to reach the society easily. Let’s contact Makaan Solutions to book your plot in this society because it is a platinum sales partner of several societies, including New Metro City Gujar Khan and Capital Smart City.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the NOC of Shaheen Enclave not approved yet?

    The RDA is still reviewing the submitted documents and will approve this society in the upcoming days.

  • Why is Shaheen Enclave an ideal society?

    It has become an ideal society because of its premium location on the Burhan Interchange.

  • What is the total area of Shaheen Enclave?

    The management hasn’t revealed the total area of this housing scheme.

  • When will development be started in Shaheen Enclave?

    The development work will be started after getting NOC approval.

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