Introduction to Nova City Islamabad

You always need to consider some major factors to invest in real estate. We will exactly discuss these points upon which you can decide whether your decision of investment can help you get a good return on investment, sooner or late. These key points will be a major help to secure your investment. 

Nova City Islamabad location

Today we will talk about one of the most prominent societies of twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi and that is Nova City Islamabad. We will discuss major factors like Nova City Islamabad Location, Developers (who will receive your money, after you invest in the society), Pre-launch Prices, Current prices, and current development status. These 5 points will help you in your homework if you want to invest in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. These points will clear your thinking that where your investment will stand in the coming years.

Nova City Islamabad Location

“The most misunderstood concept of all real estate is that the key to success is location, location, location” Donald Trump, Real Estate Tycoon.

From the above quote, we can understand the vital role of Location in real estate. Your investment depends on your selected location’s futuristic demand. If you buy a plot of land in the most prominent place of society, in the most prominent society, then its market demand will never get low. Because people will always prefer to buy a plot which is accessible to center city.


Nova City Islamabad is exactly at the backside of New International airport Islamabad. Also, the front of Nova city Islamabad is at the D.I Khan Hakla, motorway. There is no other society at the Hakla motorway. Nova City Islamabad will be the first society ever to have an interchange on Hakla Motorway.

On the other hand, the advantage of being on the premises of new international airport is that the societies who are in this premises, got 1000% to 1500% appreciation in last 10 years in terms of investment. There was a time when people don’t buy plots in famous Mumtaz city of 15 lakhs to 20 lakhs, because of the high price and distant area. But now these locations are the most demanded and plots there, are of 3 crores. The people who in the premises of new international airport in early days have got an investment of 2000%.

Secondly, Nova City Location is also prime because to access this premises, Government is providing commute. If you want to commute from the new intentional airport or M2 Motorway to Rawalpindi Sadar, zero Point and internal city, metro bus available. Apart from all these advantages, Nova City is a very big and megaproject compared to other housing societies on this premises. Large, acquired lands play a vital role in the future of the real estate.

Nova City Islamabad Developers

Most of the investors rely on the past projects of developers of any project. Anybody can start a housing society if he is given by a 300 Kanal land. Past experiences and background can tell us that if that developer can transform any project in the right and profitable direction. 

Just like that, Nova City Islamabad is developed by “Nova City Developers”. Owner name is Muhammad Junaid. A project by the collaboration of Nova City Developers was “New City Wah Cantt”. This is the most highlighted project held in Islamabad-Peshawar M1 Motorway. This project on the ground situation is most organized and ordered. This project has strengthened the situation of Nova City Developers and the place of Nova City Islamabad because the same developers are giving us the Nova City Islamabad. Developers have proved themselves and are providing another marvelous Project.

Moreover, there was an airport with the name of Walton airport in Lahore which was moved by the Government to the outer side of the city. The old place of that airport will be replaced by NOVA One, a mall which will be developed by Nova City Developers. It will be the biggest mall and flagship of Lahore. This will be a joint venture between Nova City developers and Turkish developers.

Nova City Islamabad Pre-Launch Prices

Pre-launch prices are as follows:

Plot Size

Principal Amount

Booking Price (20%)

5 Marla



10 Marla



1 Kanal



Nova City Islamabad Current Prices

Current prices of Nova City Islamabad are as follows:

Plot Size

Principal Amount

5 Marla


10 Marla


1 Kanal


Once the NOC will be approved, plot owners will gain a much larger profit.

Nova City Current Development Status and Charges

Nova City Islamabad 80% to 90% ground is leveled up already, so the groundwork will be finished soon. If you go see the groundwork, will notice that the groundwork for the Sports complex, some main and sector roads have already been completed. Gym construction has been started too. It is expected that in the next 1 & 1/5 years there will be a boom in Nova City Islamabad, in terms of Development.

Most importantly, Mr. Junaid, Owner, and developer of Nova City Islamabad have offered a payment plan, in which members will pay 75% of the principal amount in 4 installment years and 25% after they get the procession.25% is a huge figure in terms of the developer. But it’s also showing the confidence and loyalty of developers towards its business and members.


Other plots in this premises of 5 marlas to 1 Kanal are of 50,60 lakhs to 25 million to 30 million. respectively. Compare to these plots Nova city Islamabad is providing profitable and reasonable deals. In this offer development charges will also be included. Means you don’t have to pay any extra development charges.

With the offer of no hidden or development charges, easy installments & payment plans, Nova city Islamabad is providing you a clear sight of business. For any consultation, information and booking contact us Now! 

What is the name of Nova City Islamabad Owners & development?

Nova City Developers

Where is Nova City Islamabad Located?

Nova City Islamabad is exactly at the backside of New International airport Islamabad. Also, the front of Nova city Islamabad is at the D.I Khan Hakla, motorway.

What is the previous project of Nova City Developers?

"New City Wah Cantt”, This is the most highlighted project held in Islamabad-Peshawar M1 Motorway.

What were the pre-launch prices of Nova City Islamabad Plots?

Pre-launch prices are as follows: 5 Marla was of 1995000,10 Marla was of 3750000 and 1 Kanal was of 7250000.

What is the current price of Nova City Islamabad Plots?

5 Marla is of 275,0000,10 Marla is of 50,00,000 and 1 Kanal is of 90,00,000.

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