Cighu Country Farms Islamabad

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad is a residential project by Five Star Enterprises on the main Chakbeli Road to enable you to reserve your farmhouse at an affordable payment plan to enjoy a splendid lifestyle in the presence of all amenities and facilities.

Cighu Country Farms: With 80% Green Space

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad is an innovative residential project to give new dimensions to housing projects in Pakistan. This housing society is going to renovate the infrastructure of farmhouses to facilitate the customers. Cighu Country Farms in Islamabad offers a unique and luxurious lifestyle.

Cighu Farms Islamabad includes a magnificent infrastructure to ensure the natural environment. Most investors are attracted to this residential project because of the reasonable payment plan and premium location. The agile infrastructure and attractive view also have a great role in the popularity of this residential project.

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Owner & Developers

The ownership’s reliability of a housing society has the most important factor. The collaboration of owners and developers ensures the success of residential projects to facilitate the customers. It is always suggested to inquire about the management before purchasing a plot in a new housing society.

The owners and developers of Cighu Country Farms are Five Star Enterprises. Five Star Enterprises company is famous in the joint cities because of its phenomenal standards for exceptional and fast development. The developers execute the development plans in accordance with the world-class infrastructure.

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad owner and developer

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad NOC Status

The NOC of Cighu Country Farm Rawalpindi is under process as the management has submitted all required documents to the Rawalpindi Development Authority. Moreover, an approved housing society becomes a reliable option for investors and end-users. The NOC status of Cighu Farm Rawalpindi ensures that your reservation for a farmhouse is safe. 

NOC has the ultimate value in real estate because it ensures whether a housing society is legal or illegal. Every housing society applies for NOC after reserving land to include the various plot categories and amenities. The important factor is that a housing society requires legal approval when land exceeds 100 Kanals.

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Location: Chakbeli Road

The location of Cighu Country Farms Islamabad is on the main Chakbeli Road to enable the customers to reach their concerned properties easily without going through any hurdles. The destiny of Cighu Farms firmly depends upon its location. The giants and experienced real estate investors always consider location as a first factor before buying a farmhouse. A premium location also offers a lot of benefits to people who are searching for the best residency. Therefore, you can’t neglect the importance of location for a housing society.

People can easily visit this society from twin cities, which boosts its value in the city. You can access this society through the Rawalpindi Ring Road and GT Road. When you are traveling from Zero Point towards Rawat, Cighu Farms is located near Chountra-Bhaal Road. You can access this farmhouse society from Gujar Khan because it is situated in the vicinity of Rawat Fort. Moreover, you can reach the society from Saddar by using Islamabad Expressway.


The nearby places boost the value of your property in this residential project. It becomes essential for the customers to know about the famous nearby landmarks of this new farmhouse society in Rawalpindi.

Access Points

Flexible accessibility is necessary to make sure that you can reach your plot in this residential society easily without facing any issues. 

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad location

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Map:

The map of Cighu Farmhouse Society is available on Google which enables you to view the society and nearby landmarks.

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Google Map

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Master Plan

The master plan of Cighu Farms Islamabad reveals the total area along with the visuals of available farmhouses. Moreover, the layout plan of this farmhouse society consists of the available amenities and facilities. You need to visualize the location to reserve a farmhouse. 

An experienced and well-known group of engineers and designers have taken part in designing the master plan of Cighu Country Farms Islamabad. They have paid full attention to creating a layout plan that includes the magnificent development infrastructure. 

Total Land:

The total area of Cighu Country Farms Islamabad is around 8,000 Kanals. 

Farmhouse Plot Categories:

There are farmhouses for sale in Cighu Country Farms Islamabad in these categories:

  • 5 Kanal
  • 10 Kanal

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Payment Plan

The potential clients want to reserve a farmhouse because of the world-class facilities. The management of the farmhouse project has introduced installment schedules to help potential customers to buy their farm houses easily. 

The payment plan of Cighu Country Farms Islamabad is launched by the management to enable potential customers to buy their farmhouses as soon as possible. There are 5 Kanal and 10 Kanal farmhouses for sale in Cighu Country Farms Islamabad

5 Kanal Farm House Installment Schedule

There are 5 Kanal farmhouses for sale in Cighu Country Farms Rawalpindi:

  • The total price is 11,000,000
  • The down payment is 2,750,000
  • 9 monthly installments of 916,666

10 Kanal Farm House Installment Schedule

Cighu Country Farms Rawalpindi payment plan for 10 Kanal farmhouses will be launched soon by the management.

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad payment plan

How to Book a Plot in Cighu Country Farms Islamabad?

You also buy a farmhouse in Cighu Country Farms Islamabad because it is the perfect time to book a plot in society with the help of Makaan Solutions. The management has introduced a simple booking process for this residential project. The steps for Cighu Country Farms Islamabad are mentioned below:

  • Fill out the Cighu Country Farms Islamabad application form 
  • Attach the necessary documents
  • Pay the down payment 
  • Submission of the booking form

Required Documents

The management of Cighu Farms asks for important documents to confirm your booking. It is true that your plot booking can’t be completed without the necessary documents. Therefore, you need to submit these required documents to reserve your plot. 

  • Customer’s 2 CNIC copies 
  • Customer’s 2 photographs in a passport-size format
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC copies
booking step

Why Buy a Farmhouse in Cighu Country Farms Islamabad?

You want to know about the potential reasons for buying a farmhouse in Cighu Country Farm Islamabad because of a eco-friendly environment. Therefore, you must consider the benefits of buying a farmhouse in this project. 

Economical Farm Houses

The management of this exceptional residential project offers economical farmhouses to facilitate customers who want to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. 

Valuable Investment 

You can buy a property in Cighu Country Farms Islamabad because it is a new valuable investment option for investors. Your investment in this residential project can easily become valuable because of the premium location that ensures flexible accessibility.  

Exceptional Living Standards

Cighu Farms include exceptional amenities and facilities to ensure exceptional living standards for the residents. You will be able to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in the presence of an eco-friendly environment. 

Financial Independence 

The investment in this residential project enables financial independence. Moreover, the value of properties is increasing in the housing scheme because it is the latest addition to residential projects. 

High ROI

Investors want to get the highest ROI through their investment. The management has considered the premium location with a reasonable payment schedule to ensure maximum profitability.

Facilities & Amenities

A residential project becomes heaven for the residents because of the available amenities and facilities. Every housing society includes the basic as well as the unique facilities to bring comfort to every resident. Therefore, the management is aimed to include world-class facilities for the residents. 


The management ensures the smooth and non-stop supply of electricity to every plot in this society. Therefore, this basic facility ensures that you’ll not face any problems related to electricity in this society.  


Sui gas is also one of the basic utilities that bring ease in residents’ lives by allowing them to cook their food at a minimal cost by saving their money on cylinder usage. Therefore, you can get a smooth supply of gas at your farmhouse. 


The basic need of every person is the supply of purified water. Therefore, the management of the Cighu farmhouse scheme ensures that residents can easily get filtered water within their homes.  


A mosque is an ultimate need for a Muslim community living in Pakistan. Every housing society. The developers are initiated to construct a grand mosque that facilitates the residents by allowing them to offer their religious duties in a peaceful and Islamic environment. 

Solar-Powered Street Lights

The management is aimed to remove the darkness from the residents’ lives by installing street lights that are based on solar panels. It’s an innovative idea of facilitating the customers with natural resources of sunlight. 

Security System 

Safety matters a lot for every resident. Every housing society brings an exceptional level of security to the communities. Therefore, the management of this residential society is also aimed to include experienced security staff with advanced technological security equipment. 

Country Club

Sports are necessary to keep the residents active and healthy. The developers are working to include a country club to make sure that residents enjoy the best gaming experience within the premises of this society. 

Golf Club

The golf course is becoming an exceptional trend in Pakistan because a lot of societies are introducing this facility for the residents. You will be able to experience the best golf course within this farmhouse society.   


Parks are part of the available amenities in this housing society to enable the residents to refresh their minds after a hectic day. These magnificent parks bring the ultimate refreshment for customers. 


Every person loves different types of sports and games. It’s a fact that sports have the ultimate role in everyone’s life. Therefore, these playgrounds enable you to play your favorite sports within the premises of this society.  

Wide Streets & Roads

The smooth flow of traffic also brings comfort to the residents’ lives. Therefore, the developers are working to include wide roads and streets to facilitate the residents in a magnificent way.

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of buying a property in this society are as follows:

Reliable developersA little away from twin cities
Excellent location
Modern master plan
World-class infrastructure
Smooth development
Flexible installment plan 

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Development Status

The reliability of developers is analyzed through their development standards. People always want to buy their properties in housing societies where developers do exceptional development work. The development status of Cighu Country Farms Rawalpindi shows that developers have started the groundwork. 

Cighu Country Farms Islamabad Latest News

The management of the housing scheme is waiting for the NOC approval, according to Cighu Country Farms Rawalpindi latest updates.


Cighu Country Farms Islamabad is a modern farmhouse society on Chakbeli Road to offer flexible access to the residents. Moreover, the reasonable payment plan for the modern infrastructure of farms enables you to own your property easily. You can contact Makaan Solutions to own a farmhouse in this society. Our experienced team also assists customers in booking their plots in New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin and New City Paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which is the new farmhouse society in Islamabad?

    Cighu Farms is a new residential project in Islamabad to offer a new lifestyle to the residents.

  • Is Cighu Country Farms an illegal society?

    The RDA has not approved the NOC for this society because of some legal problems.

  • Why did RDA not approve Cighu Farms?

    RDA did not approve the Cighu Farms because of some land issues that will be resolved soon.

  • What types of farms are available in society?

    There will be different types of farms in this housing scheme to fulfill the residents’ requirements.

  • When will Cighu Country Farms be launched?

    The management will launch this society in the upcoming days to enable you to buy your plot quickly at a reasonable payment schedule.

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