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Rehbar Housing Society

Rehbar Housing Society Rawalpindi is a new housing project by Kashmir Builders and Developers Private Limited. It is a RDA-approved society situated on main Chakri Road to offer the easiest access from the nearby places. There is an affordable payment schedule for commercial and residential plots.

Rehbar Housing Society Introduction

Rehbar Housing Society Rawalpindi is the latest addition to the real estate industry that enables the local and overseas Pakistanis to purchase the residential and commercial plots at the ideal location of Chakri Road. 

Kashmir Builders and Developers started this new housing project to ensure the new investment opportunities for local and overseas investors. There are marvelous amenities and facilities in this residential project.

Rehbar Housing Society Location

The location of Rehbar Housing Society is on main Chakri Road. It is just a few kilometers away from M2 Motorway enabling the customers to access society from Chakri Interchange. Moreover, you can easily move from the Thalian Interchange towards this society and vice versa.

Rehbar Housing Scheme is located close to Rawalpindi Ring Road to allow people of Rawalpindi to access this housing society like Capital Smart City and Blue World City Islamabad. It is situated near the famous housing projects that ensures the worth of this society.

Nearby Places:

  1. Avalon City Islamabad
  2. Blue World City
  3. Capital Smart City
  4. Kingdom Valley 
  5. Faisal Town Phase 2
  6. Al-Haram City
  7. Rudn Enclave 


  • 2 minutes away from Rawalpindi Road
  • 4 minute away from Chakri Interchange 
  • 7 minutes away from CMH
  • 10 minutes away from Saddar Rawalpindi
  • 15 minutes away from M1 and M2 Motorways
  • 25 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport
  • 35 minutes away from GT Road
rehbar housing society location

Rehbar Housing Society Map

You can view Zaamin Town on Google Maps.

rehbar housing society map

Rehbar Housing Society Payment Plan

Ali Block – Cash Payment
Plot SizePrice
5 Marla 4,800,000
8 Marla 7,4000,000
10 Marla 9,900,000
rehbar housing society payment plan

Residential Plots Payment Plan

Plot SizeDown Payment Total price
5 Marla 550,0004,500,000
8 Marla 1,200,0006,400,000
10 Marla1,600,0008,600,000

The payment plan of Rehbar Housing Society has been launched for the available properties. There are different plots available for sale with a 5-year installment plan. You can book your plot by making the down payment to the management of the housing scheme.

There are monthly and half-yearly installments for available plots to enable middle-class people to own their properties. This payment schedule has been reasonably payable for customers with limited budgets.

5 Marla Installment Plan

  • The monthly installment is 30,000
  • The half-yearly installment is 200,000
  • The last installment is 790,000

8 Marla  Installment Plan

  • The monthly installment is 40,000
  • The half-yearly installment is 265,000
  • The last installment is 1,000,000

10 Marla  Installment Plan 

  • The monthly installment is 50,000
  • The half-yearly installment is 400,000
  • The last installment is 1,200,000
rehbar housing society payment plan

How to Book a Plot in Rehbar Housing Society?

  • Fill out the application form for Rehbar Housing Society
  • Attach the required documents 
  • Attach the receipt after the down payment
  • Submit the application form to the management 

You can book your plot in this affordable housing society on Chakri Road with the assistance of Makaan Solutions. You have to follow the crucial steps to own your property without facing any challenges. Moreover, our team assists the customers throughout the booking process.

Required Documents

  • Buyer’s 2 CNIC copies
  • Buyer’s 2 passport-size images
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC copies 

The booking process can’t be completed without the submission of required documents. It is recommended to the customers to come up with the important documents to book a plot smoothly.

Book a Plot

Benefits of Investment in Rehbar Housing Society

There are several benefits of investing in the Rehbar Housing Scheme, which play a crucial role to attract more potential investors. Therefore, you must be well-informed of the advantages of investment in this housing project to make the most profitable investments.  

High ROI

This residential project in Rawalpindi has become a new venture for investors who are searching for a goldmine for the higher profitability ratio. Therefore, you can also invest in your desired plot category to earn the maximum profit. 

Financial Security 

Financial independence is another advantage of investing in this housing scheme. The developers introduced this housing society to enable the customers to become financially independent without worrying about the financial crisis. 

Passive Income

The Rehbar Housing Scheme Rawalpindi is also a new option for passive income. The local and overseas Pakistanis can purchase their plots and develop them for renting purposes. It is crucial to remember that rental values increase on the yearly basis. 

Valuable Asset

Rehbar Society Rawalpindi has become an ideal place of valuable properties to attract the overseas and local Pakistanis. Therefore, you have the opportunity to own your valuable property in this project to get relaxed in the different financial situations.

Rehbar Housing Society Master Plan

The master plan of Rehbar Housing Society Rawalpindi has been designed by the experienced designers. They have utilized phenomenal skills to incorporate the modern infrastructure in the layout plan for this housing scheme.

The layout plan for this housing society includes the wide roads and streets with the perfect cutting of plots. There are several amenities and facilities in the master plan to ensure the ultimate relaxation for customers. 

Residential Plots:

  • 25 X 40
  • 25 X 45
  • 25 X 50
  • 30 X 60
  • 35 X 70
  • 35 X 75

Commercial Plots:

  • 30 X 40
  • 50 X 40
rehbar housing society master plan

Rehbar Housing Society NOC Status 

The NOC status of Rehbar Housing Society Rawalpindi has been granted by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The legal status for this residential area is approved for more than 175.04 Kanals on Chakri Road in Mouza Ranyal. 

Rehbar Colony Rawalpindi has become a RDA-approved housing scheme to enable the potential customers to own their legal properties without facing the legal challenges. Therefore, you can own your plot in this NOC-approved housing society.

Rehbar Housing Society Owners & Developers 

The owners and developers of Rehbar Housing Society Rawalpindi are Kashmir Builders and Developers Private Limited. They have been devoted to develop this new housing society in the ideal location to ensure an eco-friendly environment. 

The mission of starting this exceptional residential project is to offer new investment opportunities with a world-class lifestyle. This luxurious project is aimed to ensure a better future than the present.

rehbar housing society owners

Rehbar Housing Society Development Status

The latest development updates of this society show that developers are focused on offering magnificent living standards in the presence of excellent development standards. KBD has a vision of developing this housing scheme to facilitate the customers. 

Rehbar Housing Society Latest News

The latest updates of Rehbar Colony show that developers are dedicated to allow the potential customers to purchase the available residential and commercial plots at an affordable payment schedule. Moreover, plot prices will be increased with the status of development work.   

Facilities & Amenities 

The management of this residential project offers phenomenal amenities and facilities to serve the potential clients. It is important for every customer to explore the available services to live comfortably in this world-class housing project. 

Sui Gas, Water, and Electricity

The management is focused on supplying the Sui Gas to every resident in this society. It is ensured to provide supply of Sui Gas in the presence of stand-alone meters. There is also a supply of filtered water in this residential project to facilitate the customers.

Electricity has a crucial role in everyday life and management knows the importance of providing electricity to every plot. There is a smooth supply to ensure the peaceful living experience in this housing society. 


There is a recreational space in this housing scheme to offer a secure place enabling parents to bring their kids to play in the green environment. It is the recommended source of relaxation for every member in this elegant society. 

The presence of parks in this society shows the image of the luxurious lifestyle to facilitate the members. There is a sense of identity for every resident in this residential project. The parks have a green environment to facilitate residents.


The management is aimed to offer the physical institutes in this residential project to ensure the world-class education to residents. These institutes have been secure and safe with the easy access to enable residents to get the best education within this society.

There are the best training programs to ensure the best learning experience for residents. These schools also have a phenomenal surveillance system with the presence of learning equipment and outdoor learning opportunities. 


The management is also dedicated to ensure the brilliant healthcare facilities to ensure the healthy living standards for the residents. There are qualified staff with the best medical equipment to facilitate the residents in the presence of a 24/7 facility. 

Grand Mosque 

There is a secure environment in this housing scheme allowing Muslims to perform the religious duties. It has become the best place for Islamic education enabling you to learn about Islam. You will be able to learn Islamic knowledge.


Graveyards have an important role in every community. The developers are aiming to develop a fabulous graveyard allowing members to bury their loved ones after their death. Moreover, you will be able to visit the graves easily without facing any issues. 

Modern Commercial Area

There are different advantages of living close to the modern commercial area. This society includes the business areas and shops to facilitate the customers with the exceptional business opportunities without facing any challenges. 

Best Security System 

The 24/7 security system is the best facility available in this housing society. There is an experienced security staff with the presence of a modern technological system. The developers have installed the best security software to ensure the ultimate safety for members.

rehbar housing society facilities

Pros & Cons


  • The experienced and qualified developers
  • The ideal location to ensure the easiest access to different landmarks
  • A legal housing scheme to offer the legal properties
  • An affordable payment plan for the residential and commercial properties
  • A master-planned housing scheme
  • The smooth development to ensure the balloting and possession on time
  • The presence of magnificent amenities and facilities ensure the best living experience 


  • A little away from Blue Area and Faizabad 


Rehbar Housing Society Rawalpindi has become the best residential project to set new standards for investments and luxurious lifestyle like Oasis Farms Islamabad and New City Paradise. Therefore, you must own your plot in Rehbar Colony with assistance of Makaan Solutions.

Oasis Farms Islamabad limited offer

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