Parkview Beach Resort


Parkview Beach Resort Karachi is another great project by Aleem Khan and Vision Group to allow potential clients to reserve their apartments on the main Seaview Road in a reasonable payment plan. It is a master-planned real estate project to ensure every facility for the customers.

Parkview Beach Resort: introduction

Parkview Beach Resort Karachi has become a beautiful society to offer a lavish lifestyle because of its ideal location and affordable payment plan. The residents in this resort society will be able to take an ideal view of sandy beaches and the blue water of the Arabian Sea. 

The fabulous properties alongside the elegant shores of Karachi ensure a memorable living experience in the presence of magnificent services and amenities. The facilities of the spa, sunbathing, and swimming offer an unforgettable experience.

Parkview Beach Resort Location

Park View Beach Resort is located on Sea View Road near Hotel Seaview. This amazing resort offers the guests to get a beautiful view of the sea from their bedroom as it is situated near the shores of the sea and Ibn-e-Qasim Park Road.

The location of Parkview Beach Resort Karachi has been premium for local and overseas Pakistanis who want to spend their vacations in the vicinity of the sea view. Moreover, it is just a few kilometers away from Dolmen City Circle.

Park View Beach Resort Nearby Places

  • Dolmen Mall
  • Mazar-e-Quaid 
  • Quaid-e-Azam House Museum
  • Shrine Hazrat Syed Abdullah Shah Ghazi
  • Clifton Art Gallery
  • Mohatta Palace Museum
  • Hilal Park
  • Cinepax
  • Indus Scuba
  • PAF Museum 
  • Empress Market 
  •  Three Swords Museum 

Park View Beach Resort Karachi Access Points

  1. Ibn-e-Qasim Park Road is 3 minutes away
  2. AK Khan Park is 5 minutes away 
  3. Fiere Hall is 6 minutes away 
  4. Zainab Market is 15 minutes away
  5. Nuplex Cinema is 17 minutes away
  6. Port Grana is 19 minutes away
  7. Jinnah International Airport is 20 minutes away
park view beach resort location

Parkview Beach Resort Payment Plan

Apartment TypeDown PaymentTotal Price
1-Bed (1348 SQ.FT)15,165,00060,660,000
1-Bed (1362 SQ.FT)15,322,50061,290,000
2-Bed (1714 SQ.FT)19,282,50077,130,000
2-Bed (1768 SQ.FT)19,890,00079,560,000
2-Bed (1777 SQ.FT)19,991,25079,965,000
2-Bed Type-B Executive (1839 SQ.FT)20,688,75082,755,000
2-Bed Type-A Executive (1904 SQ.FT)21,420,00085,680,000

Park View Beach Resort’s apartment price is 45,000 per square foot.

Park View Beach Resort Installment Plan

1348 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 45,495,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 5,686,875

1362 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 45,967,500
  • 8 quarterly installments of 5,745,938

1714 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 57,847,500
  • 8 quarterly installments of 7,230,938

1768 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 59,670,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 7,458,750

1777 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 59,973,750
  • 8 quarterly installments of 7,496,719

1839 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 62,066,250
  • 8 quarterly installments of 7,758,281

1904 Square Feet Apartment Payment Details

  • The balance payment is 64,260,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 8,032,500

Parkview Beach Resort Payment Details

You can pay a down payment to own your desired apartment in this fabulous apartment project. The two-year installment plan allows the customers to make eight quarterly installments. Moreover, a balance payment is also payable. 

The apartment payment plan of Parkview Beach Resort Karachi has been launched by the official management. You can purchase your apartment in this phenomenal resort near the Karachi sea view.

park view beach resort payment plan

Parkview Beach Resort Karachi Apartment Booking Process

  1.  Fill out the Parkview Beach Resort application form with the required information
  2. Affix the important documents with the form
  3. Affix the receipt after making the booking payment
  4. Submit the booking form to the management

Makaan Solutions has mentioned a step-by-step guide for customers who are going to invest in Park View Beach Resort. You need to follow these crucial steps to book an apartment in this apartment near Seaview Karachi.   

Required Documents

  •  Buyer’s 2 CNIC copies
  • Buyer’s 2 passport-size images
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC copies
  • NICOP for overseas Pakistanis

The clients who are ready to reserve an apartment in this new project by Vision Group must bring up the required documents. The booking process can’t be completed without the submission of important documents.

booking step

Benefits of Investment Parkview Beach Resort Karachi 

There are several perks of investing in Parkview Beach Resort Karachi that enable potential customers to become financially independent. You can also enjoy the magnificent advantages of making an investment in these apartments. 

Highest ROI

You can invest in this top-notch project by investing in this phenomenal residential project. The available apartments in this project offer the highest return on investment because of their premium location near the seashores.

Valuable Property

The properties in this amazing project on Seaview Road have become valuable assets for clients because of the installment plan. Therefore, an apartment is a valuable property because property rates are increasing daily. 

Financial Security

Parkview Resort Karachi also ensures financial freedom for the customers who purchase real estate properties with the prospect of being financially secure. You can reserve your apartment at the pre-launch rates to enjoy financial security.   

Passive Income

The apartments offer a splendid view of the sea. It means tourists from different countries will love to live in the beautiful apartments close to the seashore during their tours. You can make a lot of money by renting your apartments.

Parkview Beach Resort Master Plan

The master plan of Parkview Beach Resort is designed by a group of qualified and experienced designers. They have designed this fabulous project to ensure luxurious and international living standards for the customers.

The designers have included the latest infrastructure in the layout plan to ensure a 5-star lifestyle with the fusion of hospitality, leisure, retail, and residential options. They have a vision of redefining the world-class lifestyle on the seashores of Karachi.

Park View Beach Resort Karachi’s interior design is also part of this magnificent residential project. This sightseeing project in Karachi includes a fabulous apartment layout plan to offer room services to customers. 

Apartment Categories

  1. 1348 Square Feet
  2. 1362 Square Feet
  3. 1714 Square Feet
  4. 1768 Square Feet
  5. 1777 Square Feet
  6. 1839 Square Feet
  7. 19004 Square Feet

Parkview Beach Resort NOC Status 

The NOC of Parkview Beach Resort Karachi is not yet granted by the Karachi Development Authority or any other relevant authority. The legal status of this apartment project will be approved in the upcoming days. 

This upcoming luxurious project will become a hot cake for investors with the approval of a No-Objection Certificate. Therefore, you can book your apartment because developers are preparing the necessary documents for approval of legal status.

Parkview Beach Resort Owner & Developers 

The owner and developers of Parkview Beach Resort are Aleem Khan and Vision Group. They have initiated this project to allow people to spend their vacations in the beautiful location of Seaview.

Vision Group is a phenomenal company in the real estate industry to offer the best apartments to clients who want to enjoy a fabulous lifestyle. They have a mission to ensure phenomenal facilities and amenities for the residents. 

Projects by Vision Group

  1. Park View City Islamabad
  2. Park View City Lahore
  3. Park View Icon
  4. Park View Signature Apartments 
  5. Park View Villas
Park View City Developers

Parkview Beach Resort Development Status

The development status of Park View Beach Resort shows that developers are in the initial phase to start the development of this project. They are on a vision to utilize the latest infrastructure in development.

Parkview Beach Resort Latest News

The latest news of Park View Beach Resort Karachi reveals that the payment plan has been released by the management to allow the customers to reserve their apartments easily. Currently, the management is busy getting the NOC approval. 

Facilities & Amenities 

The developers are focused on offering the best facilities and amenities to the customers to ensure an excellent living experience. Therefore, overseas Pakistanis will be able to experience an international lifestyle.


The presence of a cafe ensures a serene experience with the beauty of the neighbourhood. This cafe in the resort offers a tranquil escape from the culinary delights. 

Terrace Restaurant

The restaurant on the elevated terrace allows the guests to experience a panoramic view of blue water and the sandy beaches of the Arabian Sea. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious food with your friends and family.

Poolside Baer

The pool bar in this resort has become a haven of entertainment and refreshment. Therefore, you can enjoy your snacks and drinks in the presence of the sun bask. 


The world-class gym in the resort offers top-notch and modern facilities to inspire customers to work out.


The availability of an elegant spa in this beautiful project ensures the refreshments ranging from body scrubs to soothing massages.


The management also offers the ultimate surveillance system for guests and residents within this phenomenal project. The advanced security system in the presence of qualified staff offers a secure environment.  

park view beach resort ameneties

Pros & Cons


  • The experienced and famous owners and developers
  • The ideal location is near the seashore
  • An affordable payment plan for the available apartments
  • A master-planned project to offer the different amenities
  • The modern infrastructure for smooth development


  • NOC is not approved yet


Parkview Beach Resort is another elegant real estate project in Karachi because of its premium location and installment plan. You can reserve a beautiful apartment with the help of Makaan Solutions. You can also own an apartment in Capital Smart City or New City Paradise.


Where is Park View Beach Resort located in Karachi?

It is situated on Seaview Road.

Is ParkView Beach Resort a KDA-approved project?

The NOC status is not approved for this project to date.

How to invest in Park View Beach Resort?

You can make profitable investments with the assistance of Makaan Solutions.

What is Park View Beach Resort’s price?

The apartment price per square foot is 45,000.

Which is the best beach-view resort in Karachi?

Parkview Beach Resort is the best beach-view resort in Karachi.

Who is the owner of Park View Beach Resort?

Aleem Khan is the owner of this marvellous project in Karachi.

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