Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Pakistan in 2023 – Overview

Top Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

Pakistan is a rapidly growing country in the fields of IT, the Construction sector, real estate, and industries, but in the last decade, the country has seen a boom period and touched the peak in the real estate industry. That was the result of some crucial influences reserved by the government and real estate developers to make the investment in this sector safe. Today, Pakistan is home to some tallest buildings in the world and top residential housing societies.  

If we look back on the history of skyscrapers in Pakistan, Karachi comes to mind because the first-ever tallest building in Pakistan was HBL Plaza which was constructed by Habib Bank Limited in 1963. There were several tall buildings in Pakistan at that time and before, but the new era of high-rise buildings in Pakistan started after 1963.

In comparison to Lahore and Islamabad, Karachi, the big city of Pakistan, has a noteworthy proportion of high-rise buildings. However, we are going through the 10 tallest buildings in Pakistan in 2023 which are taking the interest of tourists to explore, like the northern areas of Pakistan.

Top Tallest Buildings in Pakistan

With the increasing population of Pakistan and to save land for agricultural activities, the government of Pakistan directed the developers of the construction sector to focus on vertical routes of houses and buildings. This strategy helps to accommodate more families and people in limited space, whereas it also brings up the concept of towering skyscrapers and a skyline in major cities in Pakistan.

The following are the tallest buildings in Pakistan in 2023:

Bahria Icon Tower & Bahria Hotel

Bahria Icon Tower and Bahria Hotel in Karachi come first in number when we talk about the tallest buildings in Pakistan. These two buildings in Karachi are still under construction but gained tremendous admiration and great attention from overseas and locals. This is the exceptional mega project of the owner of Bahria Town, Malik Riaz.

The structure of these two towers is designed by world-class engineers and architects that won the best architectural award; in fact, these towers are inspired by the New York twin towers “standing side by side.” 

After its completion, the Bahria Icon Tower will be the top trade center in Pakistan. Whereas the second tower, “Bahria Hotel,” will be the tallest hotel in Pakistan.

The height of the Bahria Icon Tower is 804 ft with 62 floors, and the height of the Bahria Hotel is 684 ft with 46 floors. These twin towers are located on Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Block 3, Clifton Karachi

Ocean Tower

We all know that Karachi is home to several tallest buildings. The Ocean Tower Karachi was the tallest building from 2012 to 2014. This is the shiny structure “crystal tower” that is located in the heart of Clifton. It is among the few skyscrapers in Pakistan that have its own powerhouse, which is capable of generating 5 Mega Watt electricity.

Karachi is the best shopping center that is equipped with a first-class security system. The project is designed remarkably and hosts the following amenities:

  • Cineplex
  • Commercial offices 
  • Recreational spots 
  • Thematic parks 
  • Food courts with a comfortable dine-in area 
  • Shopping center 

The height of this tower is 393 ft, and it has 30 floors.

Dolmen Towers

Dolmen Towers are the tallest buildings in Pakistan that are located in the beautiful view of Marine Drive in Karachi. The well-known and reputable construction company Dolmen Group builds these towers; they are the leading builders in Pakistan and construct these towers in Clifton beach with proficient planning and engineering techniques.

The Dolmen Mall is considered an iconic mall of Karachi located in Dolmen Towers. Construction of the towers is almost completed; it is a place of top commercial activities of the wealthiest community of Karachi. 

There are multiple floors, residential and luxury apartments, a shopping center, and standard food hubs in Dolmen Towers.

The height of these towers is 656 ft, and it has 40 floors. 

Chapel Skymark

It might surprise you that Chapel Skymark is also located in Karachi and is among the tallest Buildings in Pakistan. In Pakistan, this tallest building is known as the giant residency building, which has 50 floors. The goal of the developers is to introduce a new architectural model in the real estate and construction sector of Pakistan.

The aim of the developer was to offer a top-class opulent living experience to residents of this skyscraper. The structure is going to complete soon, but the reason for its popularity among investors is the nearby landmarks and famous places to this skyscraper. 

The expected height of the tower is 210 m, and it has 50 floors. It is located in R2VG+QW8, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed Road, Civil Lines Kashmir Mujahid Colony Karachi.

Centaurus Mall

Centaurus Mall is located in the world’s second most beautiful capital Islamabad; it is among the several tallest buildings in Pakistan. That is designed with a unique structure and is located near Zero Point Islamabad. It has three towers and is connected to a mall. The construction of this mall started in 2006 and was completed in 20111. 

The vision of the owner Sardar Yasir Ilyas Khan is to make this mall the largest in Pakistan and Asia, and today the Centaurus Mall is home to an upmarket retail complex with 300+ stores & a food court, plus a cinema & amusement park. 

The Height of Centaurus Mall is 110 M (361 ft), and it has 26 floors. It is located at F8, 4 Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad Capital Territory 44220

Arfa Software Technology Park

It is a beautiful high-rise building in Lahore that is among the tallest buildings in Pakistan. The name of this tower was Software Technology Park, but later the name of the building was changed. The construction of this skyscraper started in 2006 and was completed in 2012. In terms of IT and technology, it is the tallest and most prominent building in Pakistan.

The Punjab information technology board owned this tower, and it is home to several top IT firms in Pakistan.

The height of the tower is 106 m, and it has 17 floors. This IT building is located on Ferozepur Road, Lahore.

Mega G4 Tower

Mega G4 Tower is the biggest commercial tower in Karachi and is among the tallest buildings in Pakistan. In this tower, there are the top commercial offices of Karachi; the building is famous for its unique structure. People rarely recognize the building by its name, but almost everyone in Karachi is familiar with the structure of this tower.

The regional head office of Habib Bank Ltd is located in this tower; the HBL logo could be seen from a distance of about 1 to 1.5 KM. 

The height of the Mega G4 tower is 354 ft, and it has 28 floors. It is located near Teen Talwar Karachi.

Bakht Tower

Bakht Tower is a famous tower in Karachi and is on the list of tallest Buildings in Pakistan. It is the skyscraper in Karachi of commercial and residential properties. The developers of the building designed it with a unique structure, and the construction was completed in 2015. Of the beautiful skyscrapers in Clifton Karachi, this tower is home to a number of corporate firms and beautiful apartments.

This tallest building is located in Clifton block 2 and is 132 m (433 ft) tall. It has 33 floors in total.

One Constitution Avenue

In the heart of Islamabad, it is the tallest tower of luxurious apartments.  It is true that this building is near Rawalpindi as well. In fact, it is located in the center of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. This is an elegant tower for residential and commercial purposes, which is approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA).

It is developed according to international standards and is a lucrative investment option in the real estate market.

The height of the One Constitution Avenue Tower is 105.5 m (346 ft), and it has 26 floors.

Ufone Tower Islamabad

The famous and well-known real estate developer NESPAK develop Ufone Tower Islamabad. It is home to the top commercial activities of Pakistan and is among the tallest buildings in Pakistan. This tower has 26 stories and is located in the Blue Area Islamabad

The exterior design and glass windows make the tower more prominent, which can be seen from a noticeable distance.

Final Words

The top tallest buildings in Pakistan have been discussed in the article; we hope the information will help you if you are looking for the tallest building structure in Pakistan. There are a number of tallest buildings under construction in top housing projects; the developers are concentrating on high-rise buildings because it is the only way to deal with overpopulation.

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