Silk Valley Abbottabad

Silk Valley Abbottabad is a NOC-approved and master-planned housing project by Silk Builders and Developers near Shimla Hills and Hazara Motorway to ensure easy access. Moreover, the payment plan of society has been very affordable to allow the potential buyers to own the valuable properties

Silk Valley Abbottabad: Introduction

Silk Valley Abbottabad is a beautiful residential project that provides the ultimate investment and residential experience by offering affordable plots in an ideal location. It is a modern and durable society with great infrastructure.

The management of society is committed to offering high-level development to provide exceptional amenities and facilities to the customers. Therefore, you will be able to experience a magnificent lifestyle in a secure environment.

Silk Valley Abbottabad Location

The location of Silk Valley Abbottabad is near Shimla Hills Motorway Road to allow the people of KPK easy access. This housing scheme in Abbottabad is located near Hazara Motorway to enable you for easy movement. 

Silk Valley is situated on Sherwan Road in the premium location of Abbottabad to offer a peaceful environment for a luxurious lifestyle. You can visit the ideal location of society from the different landmarks of Abbottabad and nearby cities.

Nearby Places and Landmarks

  1. Abbottabad Smart City
  2. Citi Housing Abbottabad
  3. Kaghan Colony
  4. Police Officers Colony
  5. Askari Housing Abbottabad

Access Points

  • Research Star Education Complex is 1 minute away
  • Abbottabad Heart Center is 3 minutes away
  • COMSATS Abbottabad is 4 minutes away
  • Shimla Pahari Park is 5 minutes away
  • AUST Pakistan is 6 minutes away
  • Ayub Medical Complex is 7 minutes away
silk valley abbottabad location

Silk Valley Map

The location map of Silk Valley provides the exact directions for the customers.

silk valley abbottabad map

Silk Valley Abbottabad Payment Plan

Residential Plot SizeBooking Payment24 Monthly InstallmentsTotal Payment
5 Marla212,50026,562850,000
10 Marla425,00053,1251,700,000
15 Marla637,50079,6872,550,000
20 Marla850,000106,2503,400,000

The payment plan of Silk Valley Abbottabad is announced by the management to enable you to book your plot by making a reasonable booking amount for your selected plot. Silk Valley plot prices have been very reasonable to facilitate the middle-class people.

The management has announced 36 monthly installments to allow you to make an installment every month after the reservation of your plot. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase the available plots at reasonable rates.

silk valley abbottabad payment plan
silk valley abbottabad payment plan

How to Book a Plot in Silk Valley Abbottabad?

  1. Fill out the booking form for the Silk Valley
  2. Attach the needed documents 
  3. Attach the payment proof (receipt) after making the down payment
  4. Send the filled Silk Valley plot booking form to the management 

The purpose of listing the important steps for the plot booking procedure is to allow potential customers to reserve the properties easily. Therefore, you can take these crucial steps to own your favorite property.

Required Documents

  • Buyer’s 2 CNIC duplicates
  • Buyer’s 2 passport-size photographs
  • Next to Kin’s 2 CNIC duplicates
booking step

Benefits of Investment in Silk Valley Abbottabad

There are several advantages of investing in Silk Valley. You can also own your plot in this housing scheme of Abbottabad to get a high-profit ratio and other benefits. The most lucrative benefits of investment are mentioned below.

High ROI

Commercial properties always ensure the highest return on investment for the investors. However, residential properties have become another source of getting a good amount of profit on your investment. 

Passive Income

The properties in Silk Valley are also the best way of making passive income by purchasing them at affordable rates. You can lease or rent your plot to earn monthly rental money that increases by at least 10% yearly.

Financial Freedom

The available residential and commercial properties in society offer financial independence to potential customers. Therefore, you can purchase a property in this profitable housing society of Abbottabad to become financially independent.  

Profitable Asset

Silk Valley has become a society that includes profitable properties. Therefore, you can earn a good amount of profit by buying a plot in this society. The value of property increases with the passage of time.

Silk Valley Abbottabad Master Plan 

The master plan of Silk Valley Abbottabad is designed by a dedicated team of designers who are focused on including magnificent amenities to facilitate the users. The layout plan depicts that society offers the new infrastructure for development. 

The Silk Valley master plan also allows the members to know the location of available plots with the connectivity of roads. Therefore, it is suggested that every potential user may view the layout plan of Silk Valley. 

Residential Plot Sizes

  • 10 Marla
  • 15 Marla
  • 20 Marla
  • 30 Marla
silk valley abbottabad master plan

Silk Valley Abbottabad NOC Status

The NOC status of Silk Valley Abbottabad is granted by the Abbottabad Development Authority (ADA). The management of the society has submitted the necessary documents, including the layout plan, to the ADA for the approval of legal status. 

Silk Valley has become an NOC-approved housing society, and developers are dedicated to offering legal investment opportunities to investors. Moreover, the end-users can reserve their plots in this ADA-approved housing society. 

Silk Valley Abbottabad Owner & Developers

The owners and developers of Silk Valley Islamabad are Silk Builders and Developers. The developers have significant experience in developing successful housing projects. Now, they have started this exceptional housing project to ensure a magnificent living standard.

The owners have a vision of utilizing the modern infrastructure to develop this world-class housing society. Moreover, the developers have a mission of maintaining high-quality development. 

Projects by Silk Builders and Developers

  • Green City Mansehra 
silk valley abbottabad developers

Silk Valley Abbottabad Development Status

The development status of Silk Valley shows that developers have completed almost 98% of development work in society. The developers are focused on speeding up the development process in society to complete the development process to facilitate the customers.

Silk Valley Abbottabad Latest News

The latest updates of Silk Valley reveal that management is hoping for the legal status approval within a few days. Moreover, the management has also launched a payment plan for the different plot sizes. 

Facilities & Amenities 

The management of Silk Valley offers top-notch facilities to serve the members in a better way. The availability of world-class amenities also ensures a magnificent ROI for potential investors.

Smart Home

The management ensures the facility of the smart house in Silk Valley. The developers include the latest development standards to ensure that residents can live in the smart houses.

Swimming Pool

There is also a swimming pool in this housing scheme to ensure the best swimming experience for the customers. Therefore, you can access the swimming pool that is available at walking distance.

Food Court

A food court in the heart of society also offers a variety of food to the foodies. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite food from your desired cafe or restaurant. 

Fitness Hub

The availability of a fabulous fitness center in society allows the residents to maintain high standards of health by using the available equipment of the gym.

Shopping Mall

The management is also fulfilling the craze of shopping by developing a magnificent shopping center in society. Therefore, you can find the best product from the top-notch brand within Silk Valley.

Electricity & Gas

The presence of gas and electricity are basic needs that are being fulfilled by the management. Therefore, you are not going to face any problems related to gas and electricity. 


The world-class security system includes experienced security staff with a surveillance system to ensure the ultimate safety of the users.

silk valley abbottabad ammenities

Pros & Cons


  • Qualified developers with fabulous experience in development
  • The ideal location in Abbottabad to ensure flexible access
  • It is a legal housing society in Abbottabad
  • The pocket-friendly payment plan for the commercial and residential plot categories
  • A master-planned housing project to offer all amenities and facilities
  • The easy booking procedure for plots 


  • A little away from the center of Abbottabad


Silk Valley Abbottabad is an ideal housing society for every Pakistani because of its reasonable payment schedule and premium location. You can reserve your plot with the help of Makaan Solutions. You can also buy your plot in Aiwa City Attock or New City Paradise with the assistance of our team.


How affordable is Silk Valley?

The available minimum plato size is 10 Marla with a total payment of 6,300,000.

Which is the best plot for high ROI?

The commercial plot category is recommended for investment because of high returns.

How do I buy a plot in Silk City?

You can buy your plot in Silk Valley with the help of Makaan Solutions without facing any problems in booking your property.

What is the legal status of Silk Valley?

The NOC status for this residential project is approved by the relevant government authority.

Who are the developers of Silk Valley?

Silk Builders and Developers are the official developers of this new housing society in Abbottabad.

Where is Silk Valley located in Abbottabad?

Silk Valley is situated on Shimla Hills Road near Hazara Motorway.

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