Launching of Property verification Center by Islamabad Management

Property Verification Center

As per DC Islamabad Mr. Hamza Shafqat, Islamabad management has inaugurated a property verification center in Islamabad. The purpose of this center is that the people who want to buy property in Islamabad, invest in any building or housing society, can verify from the Property verification center, if they are investing in an authentic place or not. 

Property Verification Center

This center has been started for only a few days. Up till now, the Property verification center has received many applications and out of those, 80% of the societies were not in Islamabad or do not have LOP submitted to the concerned department. People were going to invest in it but, those societies were not even in Islamabad.

To avoid this kind of incident, the Property verification center of Islamabad acts a lot. MCI and CTI have sealed many false societies. They also closed the buildings and have submitted FIR against them. With all this hard work by Islamabad management, these illegal societies are still in this domain. Property verification Centers urge the common public to verify any housing society and apartment building before any investment. Verify if their map has been passed by any concerned department or whether they have submitted their LOP to the department like RDA, CDA, or TMA.

Property Verification Center - Online System

To avoid any discrepancy or fraud, the Property verification center Islamabad has also provided online verification. Just go to their official website and enter your name, number, email, and any housing society in which you want to invest. You will get the complete information on your mobile within 24 hours. You can also visit the Property verification center office of Islamabad

Address: M285+MP2, G-11 Mauve Area G 11/4 G-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Phone: 0318 4161712

Through this 80% of scams will be ended in no time. Not only, but there will also be a lesser load on courts, but also public will save themselves from frauds.

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