Paragon City Lahore

Paragon City Lahore is a project by Paragon City Private Limited on the main Barki Road in the vicinity of Allama Iqbal International Airport. There are plots and houses for sale in Paragon City Housing Society. It is a master-planned society that includes residential and commercial zones.

Paragon City Lahore: Introduction

Paragon City Lahore was started in 2003 to facilitate the people of Lahore with modern living standards. This is one of the reliable housing societies that enables you to upgrade your lifestyle in the presence of all necessary services. This residential project also facilitates investors with a high ROI. 

Paragon Housing Society Lahore has become the most in-demand housing society over the years because of considering the requirements for an eco-friendly environment to ensure a healthy lifestyle for the customers. This housing scheme has become the reality of clients’ dreams who are searching for an affordable housing society with luxurious amenities and facilities.

Paragon Housing Scheme Lahore is situated in the beautiful premises of the capital of Punjab. The location is always considered the first parameter to calculate the value of this housing society. You can access your property in this society due to the convenient location of Paragon City Housing Society.

Paragon City Lahore Owner & Developers

Owners and developers of Paragon City Lahore are Paragon City Private Limited. This company is owned by Engineer Nadeem Zia Pirzada, who is serving the nation in the industry of real estate. The owner of Paragon City Housing Society has a vision of providing high-end living standards to the common citizens. He also committed to ensuring high-quality construction at a reasonable price.

Developers of the Paragon City Housing Scheme are focused on developing a noise-free society with the availability of a serene environment. The developers are implementing their development strategies in accordance with the master plan to complete the project in time to enable you to live peacefully in an environment-friendly society.

Paragon City Lahore Location: Barki Road

Location of Paragon City Lahore is located on Barki Road to enable you to access society from the different places of Lahore. The easy-to-access location has increased the value of this society in the real estate industry of Lahore. You need to travel only a few minutes to reach Paragon City in Lahore from the Lahore Ring Road.

Airport Road and Rashid Minhas Road also enable the residents and investors to access their residential and commercial properties easily. Paragon City Lahore is located near Jallo Road and Shabbir Sharif Road to ensure easy accessibility for the respective customers. Paragon Society Lahore is also situated a few minutes away from Canal Road to offer flexible access to you.

Nearby Landmarks 

Paragon City Lahore Punjab is located near these famous places and housing schemes:

  • Lahore Smart City
  • Allama Iqbal International Airport
  • DHA Lahore
  • Green City Housing Society 
  • Jallo Park
  • Lahore Cantt
  • Shalimar Bagh
  • Mughalpura
  • UET Lahore 
  • LUMS
  • University of Punjab 


Paragon Housing Scheme Lahore can access from the following routes with the estimated time:

  • Located on Barki Road
  • 3 minutes away from Rashid Minhas Road
  • 4 minutes away from Airport Road
  • 5 minutes away from Allama International Airport
  • 6 minutes away from Shabbir Sharif Road
  • 8 minutes away from Canal Road
  • 10 minutes away from Jallo Road
  • 14 minutes away from Lahore Ring Road

Paragon City Lahore Master Plan

Master plan of Paragon City Lahore is designed after the magnificent collaboration of the management. The architect designing team has utilized years of experience to design the modern master plan for the society with the involvement of the owner.

The layout plan of Paragon City Society shows residential and commercial zones are the most prominent part of this society. There are different plot categories and modern facilities in every zone.  

Paragon City Lahore NOC Status 

NOC of Paragon City Lahore is under process and will be approved soon by the Lahore Development Authority. The management of the society already submitted all the required documents to get the legal status of Paragon City Housing Society. It is a fact that legally-approved societies have immense value for the residents and investors. Therefore, it is expected that Paragon City will become an LDA-approved society in the upcoming days.  

Paragon City Lahore Zones

Paragon City Society zones are mentioned below:

  • Residential Zone
  • Commercial Zone

Residential Zone

The following are Paragon City blocks

  • Imperial Block 
  • Executive Block
  • Wood Block
  • Grove Block 
  • Imperial Home
  • Imperial Extension 
  • Orchad 
  • Mounds
  • R Block
  • Parkland Homes

Commercial Zone

  • Broadway Block
  • High Street Block
  • High Street Mall
  • Imperial Cineplex Mall 

Residential Plots

The following residential plot categories are available:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The following are the commercial plot categories:

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
Paragon City Lahore map

Paragon City Lahore Payment Plan

Payment plan of Paragon City Lahore is launched by the management to enable you to buy your desired property in this evergreen housing society. Paragon City Lahore plot prices are very economical for the residential and commercial plots to ensure that everyone can reserve a property in this society. 

Paragon City Society payment schedule for the different residential and commercial zones has become affordable with the availability of installments to facilitate you in this era of the high inflation rate. You can book your plot in this with a reasonable booking amount. After that, you will be required to pay a confirmation payment to confirm your plot in this society. Apart from plots, there are also houses for sale in Paragon City Lahore

Residential Plots Installment Plan

There are residential plots for sale in Paragon City Lahore that enable you to build your beautiful house in this society to enjoy premium living standards. The society has announced the payment plan for Paragon City residential plots that allows potential customers to reserve their properties in easy installments. 

5 Marla

  • There are 5 marla plots for sale in Paragon City with a booking payment of 212,500
  • The confirmation payment is 212,500
  • An allocation payment is also 212,500
  • The allotment payment is 425,000
  • 3 quarterly installments of 425,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 212,500
  • The possession charges are 212,500
  • Paragon City 5 marla plot price is 4,250,000

10 Marla

  • There are 10 marla plots for sale in Paragon City with a booking payment of 364,500
  • The confirmation payment is 364,500
  • An allocation payment is also 364,500
  • The allotment payment is 729,000
  • 3 quarterly installments of 729,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 364,500
  • The possession charges are 364,500
  • Paragon City 10 marla plot price is 7,290,000

1 Kanal

  • There are 1 Kanal plots for sale in Paragon City with a booking payment of 550,00
  • The confirmation payment is 550,000
  • An allocation payment is also 550,000
  • The allotment payment is 1,100,000
  • 3 quarterly installments of 1,100,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 481,000
  • The possession charges are 1,102,000
  • Paragon City 1 Kanal plot price is 11,000,000

2 Kanal 

  • There are 2 Kanal plots for sale in Paragon City with a booking payment of 1,000,00
  • The confirmation payment is 1,000,000
  • An allocation payment is also 1,000,000
  • The allotment payment is 2,000,000
  • 3 quarterly installments of 2,000,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 1,000,000
  • The possession charges are 1,000,000
  • Paragon City 2 Kanal plot price is 20,000,000

4 Kanal 

  • There are 4 Kanal plots for sale in Paragon City with a booking payment of 1,875,00
  • The confirmation payment is 1,875,000
  • An allocation payment is also 1,875,000
  • The allotment payment is 3,750,000
  • 3 quarterly installments of 3,750,000
  • 8 quarterly installments of 1,875,000
  • The possession charges are 1,875,000
  • Paragon City 4 Kanal plot price is 37,500,000
paragon city lahore plot prices
paragon city lahore plot prices

Commercial Plots Installment Plan 

Society has announced the categories of commercial plots. There are commercial plots for sale in Paragon City Lahore to enable potential investors to get a significant ROI. Investors can make long-term and short-term investments to earn a huge profit on their investments. The payment plan for Paragon City commercial plots will be launched soon by the management.

How to Book a Plot in Paragon City Lahore?

Paragon City Lahore booking procedure is necessary to know before stepping towards buying a plot. This process enables you to reserve a plot in society without facing any challenges. The management has announced a smooth booking process for Paragon City Housing Society for the customers. You can contact Makaan Solutions to reserve your property in this housing society smoothly. The step-by-step guide is given below:

  • Download the Paragon City Lahore application form
  • Fill out the form with the required information
  • Attach the required documents
  • Pay the booking amount 
  • Submit the form with the required documents

Required Documents

The required documents for booking a plot are listed below:

  • Two duplications of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Applicant’s two passport-size images
  •  Two duplications of Next to Kin’s CNIC
  • NICOP for overseas customers
booking step

Benefits of Investment in Paragon City Lahore

There are many perks of investing in Paragon City Lahore that enable investors to make their investments quickly. You can become financially independent through your investment in this current era of high inflation.  

Value Appreciation 

The value of real estate property appreciates with the passage of time to enable the potential investors to get the capital gains. It means that you can get a good profit by selling your property after a significant time. 

Investment Diversification 

You can invest in Paragon City Lahore to have an investment diversification that is the best option because of reduced risks. It also helps you to build your portfolio with a high-profit ratio. 

High ROI

The purpose of every investment in real estate is maximum profitability. You can invest in this residential project because of the high ROI due to the fast development and premium location in Lahore. 

Full Control 

You have full control of your property because it is a secure society, and no one can seize it. Therefore, you don’t need to visit daily to take care of your property. 

Steady Income 

Your investment in this society is a source of steady income for you when every person is struggling to earn money with the increasing rate of inflation. Therefore, you can earn continuously by renting your property.

Facilities & Amenities

The management has offered world-class facilities to the residents. The availability of amenities has brought comfort to the residents’ lives. Let’s overview the available amenities and facilities.

Grand Mosque

Mosque is the first and most necessary amenity in society. The developers built a grand mosque with separate mosques for every block in the society. It enables you to perform your religious duties peacefully. 


Education is the basic need to build a community that plays an important role in the progress of a country. This society includes the schools and colleges within the premises of society to offer international standards of education to the residents.


The society also includes the best healthcare facility in the form of hospitals and clinics to deal with different medical emergencies. You can get the best medical treatment within society in the presence of modern medical equipment. 

Recreational Places

Recreational places such as playgrounds and parks are available in society to enable you to relax from a hectic routine. You can enjoy the beautiful environment along with the various sports. 

Underground Supply of Utilities 

The developers have done phenomenal work by making sure that necessary utilities such as electricity, gas, and water must be supplied through the excellent underground system. Therefore, society has become a safe place for business and residency.  

Drainage System 

The society has also installed the best drainage system to ensure a high level of cleanliness in society. The high-quality pipelines of the sewerage system ensure the smoothness of drainage in this housing scheme.

paragon city lahore facilities
paragon city lahore facilities

Pros & Cons

The pros and cons of this Paragon City are as follow:

Reliable developershigh Plot Prices
Best location
Modern master plan
Advanced infrastructure
Developed society
Availability of basic and advanced facilities
Commercial Zone & Grid Station
Hospitals & Educational Institutes
Community Center


Paragon City Housing Society is a developed housing society that offers developed houses and plots. There are different types of houses for rent in Paragon City Lahore that enable tenants to live in this society at a reasonable monthly rent. Makaan Solutions assists you in buying, selling, or renting a property in this housing society. We also help the local and overseas Pakistanis to invest in New City Paradise and Park View City.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Paragon City Lahore Plot Prices?

    The plot prices in Paragon City vary from block to block.

  • Is Paragon City approved by LDA?

    Paragon City isn’t approved by LDA yet. However, it will get legal status in the upcoming days

  • Where is Paragon City in Lahore?

    Paragon City is located on the main Barki Road.

  • How to contact the management of Paragon City?

    Paragon City Lahore contact number and official website are the best sources for contacting the management.

  • How can I buy a plot in Paragon City?

    You can buy your plot in Paragon City with the help of Makaan Solutions.

  • How to find a house for rent in Paragon City?

    You can get the services of Makaan Solutions to find a house for rent in Paragon City Lahore.

  • Can overseas Pakistanis buy plots in Paragon City?

    Yes, overseas Pakistanis can buy their plots in this housing society on Barki Road.

  • How far is Allama International Airport from Paragon City?

    Allama International Airport is just 3-4 minutes away from Paragon City.

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