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Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is the 2nd smart city in Pakistan. For instance, modern houses demands are getting higher in  Lahore. Recently, it has received its NOC. Also, it has been approved under LDA. Moreover, this mega project by FDHL and HRL has proved that Pakistan is on the right track of technology and modern means.

Lahore Smart City

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Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore Smart City Overview

This beautiful Smart City is made by two famous firms Future Development Holdings Pvt. Ltd. and Habib Rafiqe Pvt. Ltd. Both firms are very respectable in the field of real estate. Further, FDHL and HRL also launched Capital smart city few years back.

It has two main blocks i.e. overseas block and executive block. Moreover, the overseas block is for locals and overseas Pakistani. On the other hand, the executive block is for only local Pakistanis. Further, there are many other blocks to i.e. sports districts, healthcare, silicon valley, theme park, etc

The Executive block is the first block of Lahore smart city. Further, Pakistani can get their plots and properties in this block. Moreover, it is located near railway line.This the Proposed location of Executive Block. Lahore smart city location map and pictures below show the complete address of this marvelous lifestyle.

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Overseas Block is the fanciest block of Lahore Smart city. Moreover, Local Pakistani and Overseas can get plots and properties in this block. Overseas Block located near railway line. This is the proposed location of Overseas block. Lahore smart city location map and pictures below show the complete view of this amazing lifestyle.

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