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Overseas Prime Block has been arranged and peculiarly planned by Surbana Jurong. Besides, the innovation of this block will be a model for the engineers of other societies in Pakistan. Moreover, it will set a very high example for many generations in real estate.

The overseas prime block is in the heart of the Capital Smart City Islamabad. It is based on the code of present-day design. Furthermore, this block will be very luxurious for residents. Residents will also be facilitated with top-notch facilities. Above all, the overseas prime block has been designed in such a way that will promote a more natural and ecofriendly environment.

Overseas Prime Location

The overseas prime block was launched in 2020. Moreover, the overseas prime block resides at a quite higher angle of Capital Smart City.

The overseas prime block was launched in 2020. Moreover, the overseas prime block resides at a quite higher angle of Capital Smart City.

Most importantly, the overseas prime block location is quite accessible to the public. It is the opposite of side Chukrey road. Also, the path which leads to overseas prime block is called Smart Broadway. The overseas prime block is adjacent to the golf course. A luxurious entrance indicates its fanciness. Overseas Prime block interchanged is inspired by Roman construction.

What is a Smart City?

Smart cities are not only based on providing luxury lives but also promote green destinations.Besdies, It collects data by applying different modern electronic methods. Later, these collected data help to make life and the environment more resourceful, green, and efficient. In conclusion, a better future needs these kinds of smart cities. Moreover, you can check Capital smart city Islamabad’s official website.

Master Plan of Overseas Prime Block

Surbana Jurong especially planned the Master Plan of Overseas Prime Block. Every one of the worldwide standard conveniences are acutely focused here. Since it is put at a high point from the remainder of the Capital Smart City. Therefore, best view can be enjoyed while being in Capital Smart City.

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Overseas PrimeBlock Price Plan

The payment plan of Capital Smart City Islamabad 2021 diverges according to plot categories.

Residential Plots

Commercial Plots

Booking Procedure of Executive Block

You can acquire this opportunity at any time, with the assistance of consistently accessible CSC’s experts.Most importsntly, there prices book is very reasonable compared to other societies. Capital Smart city development charges vary from Marla to Marla. Moreover,you can book any private business plot or farmhouse in CSCI at present. In conclusion, the booking procedure is referenced underneath:

  • Download and print out this Application Form. Please do add all the mention information.
  • Attach three visa size photos of the candidate
  • CNIC/NICOP duplicate of a candidate and closest relative (chosen one)
  • At the hour of booking, you need to submit 10% of an initial installment for “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.”
  • Submit your structure, reports, and you may request us to affirm your booking.
  • Your case will be ready within 30 days and sent to your location.