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The capital smart city launched its “Overseas block” in the public at London Dorchester in Feb 2018. Capital Smart City presented this uniquely planned block. For instance, saved for overseas Pakistani in abroad. 

Moreover, Capital Smart City has planned to bring significant mission opportunities for overseas Pakistanis. Additionally, to put resources into Pakistan. This Block has quickly become the core of Capital Smart City. Above all, to book a private or business plot in the Overseas block of Capital Smart City one should join a through Overseas National Identity card. 

Overseas Block 1

Overseas East (Overseas 1)

Overseas block 1 was announced in Feb 2018. This block is one of the first blocks of Capital smart city. Besides, its main purpose is to provide plots to overseas Pakistani.

Moreover, it is situated on the right side of the Golf court. For instance, a total of 12 bocks are in this block 1. Also, a total of 5 schools will be built there. In addition, 6 mosques and 2 hospitals will be built there. There will be commercial markets in every block. Above all, there is a central park in Infront of this block. The total area of this block is 200-300 kanals.

Overseas Central (Overseas 2)

Overseas block 2 was launched with executive block 2 in 2019-2020. Besides, the overseas block is for overseas Pakistanis.

Moreover, if we talk about this location, this block has the best location so far. It is situated on the left side of the capital smart city interchange’s entrance on the M2 motorway. Additionally, executive block 2 and overseas block 2 are the biggest blocks of the capital smart city. In conclusion, it has enough commercials markets, mosques, schools, and playgrounds according to the need of residents.


Overseas block 1 situated on the right side of Golf court.In addition, Overseas block 2 is situated on the left side of the capital smart city interchange’s entrance on the M2 motorway.Especially, It can easily be seen on Capital Smart City Map.

Master Plan of Overseas Block

Idea behind the Master plan of Capital Smart city overseas Block is to promote ecological destinations. Furthermore, at the same place, also easily available for working class families.

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Overseas Block Price Plan

The Capital Smart City Islamabad’s overseas block Payment plan 2021 is classified as per plot categories. In addition, please check Capital Smart city instalment plan.

Residential Plots

Plot Size Booking 10% Confirmation 10% Installment x12 Quarterly Total Price
5 Marla
Rs. 241,500
Rs. 241,500
Rs. 160,000
Rs. 2,415,000/-
7 Marla
Rs. 315,100
Rs. 315,100
Rs. 210,000
Rs. 3,151,000/-
10 Marla
Rs. 414,000
Rs. 414,000
Rs. 276,000
Rs. 4,140,000/-
12 Marla
Rs. 457,700
Rs. 457,700
Rs. 305,000
Rs. 4,577,000/-
1 Kanal
Rs. 621,000
Rs. 621,000
Rs. 415,000
Rs. 6,210,000/-
2 Kanal
Rs. 1,219,000
Rs. 1,219,000
Rs. 815,000
Rs. 12,190,000/-

Commercial Plots

Plot Size Booking 10% Confirmation 10% Installment x12 Quarterly Total Price
4 Marla
Rs. 1,053,000
Rs. 1,053,000
Rs. 702,000
Rs. 10,530,000/-
6 Marla
Rs. 1,404,000
Rs. 1,404,000
Rs. 14,040,000/-
8 Marla
Rs. 1,755,000
Rs. 1,755,000
Rs. 1,170,000
Rs. 17,550,000/-

Booking Procedure of Overseas Block

You can acquire this opportunity at any time, with the assistance of consistently accessible CSC’s experts.Most importsntly, there prices book is very reasonable compared to other societies. Capital Smart city development charges vary from Marla to Marla. Moreover,you can book any private business plot or farmhouse in CSCI at present. In conclusion, the booking procedure is referenced underneath:

  • Download and print out this Application Form. Please do add all the mention information.
  • Attach three visa size photos of the candidate
  • CNIC/NICOP duplicate of a candidate and closest relative (chosen one)
  • At the hour of booking, you need to submit 10% of an initial installment for “Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.”
  • Submit your structure, reports, and you may request us to affirm your booking.
  • Your case will be ready within 30 days and sent to your location.